Sports often serve as the platform in which society rallies behind one of its own.

For instance, the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon was kickstarted by former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, whose ALS diagnosis effectively put an end to his baseball career, but also served as the catalyst for a worldwide trend that reached heights rarely seen.

And while “#1More4Lauren” isn’t nearly approaching the expansive reach of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it is a positive and uplifting story about a young woman, Lauren Hill, aiming to make the most of the time she has on this earth.

According to doctors, that time is short…

Read Hill’s inspirational story here.

It’s a story of faith, as Lauren continues the quest to achieve her dreams despite her illness. And in recent weeks, Bishop Blake and others that have delivered the message, just as Bishop Darrell Hines, have expressed the importance of realizing God’s plan for you and pursuing that plan. And though the plan might not always make sense to us, it’s the plan that’s been prescribed to us by a perfect God. Our job is to execute the plan to the best of our ability.