Bishop Charles E. Blake Prays as Disaster Hits the Mid-West

Psalm 33:18-19 New King James Version (NKJV) Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, On those who hope in His mercy,To deliver their soul from death, And to keep them alive in famine.


Hurricane Debby reached the shores of Florida, Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Debby showered more than 2 feet of rain on the grounds of Florida, infiltrating thousands of homes, down closing down roads before moving off the Atlantic cost Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

As Florida is in the restorative process, less than 2,000 miles away Colorado Springs is engulfed with wildfire. Almost helplessly the nation has watched more than 30,000 people airlifted out of Colorado by the Air Force Academy.  As ash drifts down the city, sirens wail and thick smoke permeates the air, Colorado Sprints Fire Chief Rich Brown says, “This is a fire of epic proportions.”

Bishop Charles E. Blake has taken to twitter saying; “Our hearts are touched as thousands have been displaced in Colorado, Florida, and other areas in the Mid-West where. We extend our sincere and deepest prayers in this time of need.”

Stay tuned as we bring more updates to you.

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Spirit Led Father

A thief doesn’t mind stealing, but doesn’t want anyone stealing from him. A murderer doesn’t mind killing, wants mercy from a judge. In this sermon, “Spirit Led Father,” learn how Bishop Charles E. Blake teaches “There is a need for an upward climb morally for our entire world and our entire society.”

Here is a snippet of a sermon that will teach you how to unlock the treasures of living a harmonies life through the grace and love of God! Download coming shortly.

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God Knows Where You Are

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How To Be A Person After God’s Own Heart

When we are diligently seeking God, we open ourselves up to His blessings and his favor. In this sermon, Bishop Charles E. Blake gives us the example of Saul, a person who never changed even though there were elements of evil in his character that he was aware of. Bishop Blake tells us that when we change our attitudes and depart from the things that separate us from God, we can change our destiny and fully receive His blessings. We must strive to be more like God and truly become a person after God’s own heart; those that do are prosperous and, as Bishop Blake says, get moved to the front of the line.

We all have times where being a person after God’s own heart is difficult. What are some things you try to remember in those times? Share with us below!

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