The Words of a Dreamer

God is who He says He is and who He was He will always be, says Young Adult Ministry Pastor, Elder Manuel Thomas.   Just like Joseph’s brothers hated him because of his favor, people are going to hate you because God favors you.  It is truly a wonderful thing to admonish and rest on that if God has given you a dream no devil and no person can get in the way!  Your dream shall come to pass!

Listen to the snippet below and stay tuned for the bundle package including:

  • Elder Lawrence at 8AM service
  • Elder Manuel Thomas at 11AM service
  • Elder Nelson Jackson at 6PM


Raise the Bar

 ATTENTION LADIES!!!! Tired of letting Hollywood tell you what a “Real” woman should be? Tired of letting the media dictate the standards by which you should live? Then it’s time for you to RAISE THE BAR and become the REAL WOMAN GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE!

“Raise the Bar” is a one day young women’s SUMMIT that is designed to remind each woman of her irreplaceable value, inspire her to achieve the dream that God has written on the pages of her heart and equip her to have the meaningful and fulfilling relationships she’s always longed for.

Join us for dynamic praise and worship, original skits, thought provoking messages and our annual relationship panel.  Speakers to include Evang. Renee Weathersby, Dr.Tonya Lewis Precious UmunnaEvang. Sylvia V. Reid! And you certainly don’t want to miss our panel: Eld Mitch & Sheeba Mitchell, Min. Donnie & Kimberly Briggs, Eld.Nelson Jackson. And a special performance by our very own Sens Musiq!  Tickets are on sale for $15.  Have a group of 8? Consider purchasing a table at a discounted rate of $100.

This year, for the first time, we will offer vendor space to those business owners who would like to showcase their business or products.  The cost for vendor space is $25.

For more information on tickets or vendor space, please call the YAM office at 323-733-8300 x2610

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What Dreams May Come

Many times, we question our abilities to be great, never realizing that greatness formed us, called us and is performing a great work within us. The politician was born with charisma, social awareness and compassion for others. Engineers have a natural affinity for math and science, it is most likely that teachers  were babysitters for most of the children on the block growing up. God always places special ability on the inside of us…it is just up to us to nurture it and allow it to manifest

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” He fashioned us into the people we are today and he plans to bring to life all the dreams within us, but we have to work on the side of God. We must put into action the necessary plans and steps in order for God to create a miracle. We never know what dreams may come until we take the single step into the direction God is leading.

What Will Become of Your Dreams

Elder Lawrence Blake, Adjutant Apostolic to Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr delivers a power packed sermon on New Generation Sunday entitled “What will Become of Your Dreams.” Often times we deal with the aspect of trying to understand where God is going to take our dreams. Listen to the snippet below and stay tuned for the bundle package including:

  • Elder Lawrence at 8AM service
  • Elder Manuel Thomas at 11AM service
  • Elder Nelson Jackson at 6PM

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Young Adult Ministry Presents: 15 Minutes

Taught by Young Adult Pastor, Elder Manuel Thomas, The West Angeles Tuesday Night Bible study seeks to be a biblical ministry that edifies, comforts and empowers Young Adults to become mature believers in Christ Jesus. We are a place where you can experience Godly fellowship and concern for one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

On this Tuesday, September 25th, the DRAMA ministry will go forth with their stay play entitled 15 minutes written by Sam Johnson and directed by Meiko Taylor.
15 Minutes is a story about a struggling actress waiting for her “breakthrough” in the entertainment industry. When tragedy occurs she contemplates if the decisions she made in the past will be beneficial for her future. Now with a golden opportunity at hand, she will discover “For what profit is it to a man/woman if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Our DRAMA ministry seeks to bring real life issues that Christian face to the stage.  Come out and be blessed and see if YOU could handle your 15 minutes of fame.

Follow onto Know

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Pastor of West Angeles Church, delivers a power packed sermon entitled, “Follow onto Know.” We know God through Jesus Christ. If you want to get to know the heart of God, FOLLOW Jesus to know God. Seek God by faith and know God through the word of God.

God Prepares a Way for You to Dream

Isaiah 32:18 (NKJV)
New King James Version
My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation,
In secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places,

The polls are in and you have selected Isaiah 32:18 as  the most cherish goodnight scripture across the blogosphere.  As we at West Angeles are encouraging believers to DREAM AGAIN , it is such a pleasure to know that God lays a foundation of protection, in fact–He sets the stage for us to truly  relax and dream of God’s wonders and all that He wants our lives to become.

Don’t forget to visit our newly released website, and share your dream!

Education and Enrichment Ministry Hosts College Fair

The Education and Enrichment Ministry, in conjunction with Biola University, will be hosting the 2012 National Christian College Fair at the 30th Street Parking Lot. Over 30 Christian Colleges from across the country will be participating, providing students with information as they prepare for the next stage in their lives. There will also be a FREE Financial Aid Workshop taking place, giving parents and students invaluable information on what aid is available and how to pay for college.

God Can Be Trusted

Sooner or later we all face changes that come into our lives that we did not choose and cannot understand. We struggle to find out all we can so we can understand what is happening to us. But we can never seem to get all the facts and, even if we could, we probably couldn’t put them all together in a way that makes sense. Sometimes when changes come, it’s difficult to figure out what God has planned, but Dr. Kevin Cosby Pastor of St. Stephen Church delivers a sermon that reminds us believers how important it is to trust the Lord.

Let the Church Say Amen

Take comfort in knowing that nothing takes God by surprise. Bishop Harold Calvin Ray is Founder and Senior Pastor of Redemptive Life Fellowship church of West Palm Beach, Florida, and Senior Pre-Late of The Kingdom Dominion International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries.