What Are You Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving only a few days away there’s so much excitement to be felt. I already went grocery shopping earlier in the week to avoid headaches and chaos and I know exactly what I am cooking this year.  But despite the yummy food that’s on the agenda, I can’t wait for what I call, “Roundtable Thanking.” It’s a tradition of my family to eat and then sit around our dining room table while we take turns saying what we are thankful for.

For many like me 2012 has proved to be a hectic year combined with a few beautiful surprises.  Restraint was held when a few choice words wanted to slip out to a boss and somehow rent was made, bills paid, and children kept healthy and happy.  I promised myself a worry free Holiday Season! I will not worry about portion control or my waist line as I pretend that I only had one slice of pecan pie when really I’m on my second. I will not worry about spilling my grandma’s treasured stuffing on the floor. I will not worry if my crab mac-n-cheese may not sit right with someone because I know it’s the BOMB. This year, for the first time in my life—I feel that I am truly on the path that God has called of me. I’m content in multiple areas of my life and I can sleep peacefully without worrying about tomorrow.

This year I am:

I’m thankful for forgiveness.
I’m thankful for peace.
I’m thankful for healing both physically and emotionally.
I’m thankful for grace and mercy.

As you are preparing meals for Thanksgiving or making flight preparations-what are you thankful for? What were you able to overcome with the power of the Lord? This year I’d like to call Thanksgiving “Testimony Thanks.” I invite you to share with us below.

Reminder: West Angeles Offices will be closed for the Holidays for us to spend time with our family in friends. We would however like to invite you to our Thanksgiving service in the North Campus Sanctuary on Thursday, November 23rd at 10:00AM

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Get Right or Get Out!

This 105th Holy Convocation proved to be an inspirational mediums of sorts. Not only was this election year and members were campaigning for their leaders auxiliary leaders but the air of anticipation was tangibly thick as both seats for United States Presidency and the Holy Seat of Presiding Bishop elections ran parallel.

Perhaps one of the most memorable high lights is Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle’s declaration against pedophila. In a daring and commanding way on Official Day, November 11, before more than 15, 000 members in the Edwards Dome and over 1 million viewers online at COGICISLIVE.COM, Bishop Blake served notice saying, “this will NOT be tolerated.  Our Children should be safe in our churches…either GET RIGHT OR GET OUT!”

Members stood to their feet and agreed with a resounding roar. Now is the time to lift our beliefs to another standard and “shake the world for Jesus Christ!”  Catch a quick snippet below!