Elder Henderson preaches determination, will at New G Sunday

Elder Henderson couldn’t have said it any better.

“They want to be all up on Facebook but can’t put their face in this book,” said Elder Uleses Henderson, motioning to the Bible in front of him as he preached the 8 a.m. service on New Generation Sunday.

New Generation Sunday, held this past weekend at West Angeles, was dedicated solely to uplifting the next generation of worshippers. The New Generation Choir ruled the day musically. The message, delivered by Elder Henderson and Elder Lawrence Blake at 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., respectively, was aimed at pumping life and inspiration into every youngster that walked through the doors on Sunday.

Henderson’s message was entitled, “The Making of a Champion.” It served the purpose of confronting many of the youth’s most popular vices, encouraging the young generation to stray away from its fascination with scandalous social media techniques and television that paints a negative depiction of black people, and actively seek a stronger relationship with God.

Henderson’s message was highlighted by a number of references to the Bible and popular culture. Here are a few that stuck out to me:

“It’s hard to get kids to focus. They rather keep up with the Kardashians than keep up with their schoolwork. Society is teaching our kids that the quickest way to get to the top is to lay on your bottom.”

“Young girls can relate to Rihanna, but not to church. The youth can do the Shmoney dance but can’t read scripture.”

“Satan is busy. Society isn’t doing a good job of teaching the youth that Satan is real.”

“It amazes me that God believes in us but we struggle to believe in him.”

“Even when we’re backsliding, he’s still right there to say, ‘I believe in you.'”

“There’s a difference between being knocked down and being knocked out. If you’re knocked down, you get back up…Young people, you have to refused to be knocked out.”

“The devil is a dirty fighter. He’ll hit you with everything he’s got. But with God on your side, you’re always going to come away victorious…You might walk away with a few scars, but a scar is nothing but a healed wound.”

“Don’t compare yourself to others. God has something for me and he has something for you. Stay in your lane and on your own course.”

“Don’t disqualify yourself. The only way to lose the race is if you quit. God called you to the race for a reason. You’re already a winner before you got in the race.”

“We need a few haters around. God says in the Bible, ‘You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.’ If you don’t have any haters, maybe you’re closer to Satan than you think.”

“Young, black men have enough energy to make a baby but not enough energy to take care of one…We need to teach our kids to be finishers.”

New Generation Sunday was truly a blessing, and the energy in the church, anchored by a mixture of young and veteran worshippers, was a sight to behold.

Until next year!

Member Testimony: Elder Edward & Cozette Bradley

Marriages, especially in today’s world, are subject to many challenges.

Our society seems to offer more hindrances to true love and lasting fidelity than it does support. Add the role of parent to the equation – of not one, but three African American young men – and you might expect an especially challenging situation.

Married for 34 years, Elder Edward Bradley and his wife Cozette are long-time  West Angeles members who’ve gracefully raised three wonderful sons. They’ve been involved in several ministries, including Connections To Care, and the Fatherhood class at the West Angeles Counseling Center.  Elder Bradley’s book, “Fatherhood: The Role of a Father” (Tate Publishing) explores what it’s like to be a man in today’s society where balancing the roles of provider, protector, and head-of-the-household can be difficult, to say the least. He explores reconciling manhood and fatherhood from a biblical perspective, while challenging men to become all that God has asked them to be.

Elder and Mrs. Bradley recently shared with us some of their wisdom, insights, and a funny story or two about maintaining a strong marriage and raising sons into strong men in a new millennium.

Q: Elder and Mrs. Bradley, thank you for sharing your story with us. How did you meet, and how long have you been married?

We were both born in California. We met on June 1st, 1980, on a Sunday afternoon at West Angeles Church of God in Christ. We were married five months later on November 22, 1980.

Q: Wow-a whirlwind romance! Through Him, anything is still possible. We’ve all heard it said that “Marriage is work.” As a wife myself, I do find that to be true – but not necessarily in the way society describes. Can you please share a challenge that you have overcome as a couple, which you transcended and became stronger because of it?

There are books on marriage, but every couple has a different makeup. Learn to work on your strengths and determine what will enhance the relationship. We really did not have any problems coming together. Yes, we had to work on logistics; moving my wife from another city to Los Angeles. We then worked on our finances. But overall it was pleasantly smooth. We were – and are – very happy; that took care of a lot of problems that may have derailed another couple. We made plans for our marriage; and yes, we made mistakes. But through it all, we trusted in the Lord. For our marriage, going to mid-week bible study (at West Angeles) was key. We learned so much as Pastor Blake (as he was known back then) ministered to the congregation. Both Sunday morning and evening services were excellent, but those services in the middle of the week handled life’s issues that may have tested us between Sundays.

Q: Elder Bradley, you’ve written a book on parenting, and you’ve been successful at raising three African American boys into men. Looking at today’s world and the challenges we face, what tips can you share that may help other parents who are struggling to keep their children on the right path?

In parenting, we must live what we preach. Parents should not live a double life at home; another at church, and another out in public places. Your children lose respect for you. Parents, be a person of your word; be “on one accord.” And do not be afraid to discipline your children. “Yes” is yes and “no” is no! Show them love and affection, and tell them you love them, even if you never heard it from your own parents. Teach them the word of God at home. Come to church together and sit as a family.

Q: Has purpose factored into the work you’ve been chosen to do? If so, how?

I was a Correctional Officer. I worked behind prison walls. Seeing people incarcerated and seeing that side of existence gives you another perspective on life. You determine through prayer and hard work at home not to see your children caught up in any negative lifestyle that the world is offering through outside influences. You educate them and other young people on the vices that would pull them down. We must lift them up continually! That is what helped me make the decision on how to raise our family. Also, being married since 1980, we have seen many couples go astray. But couples need to know that Jesus can keep them happy, elated, and satisfied with their own spouse! We would say that our gifts are for the purpose of encouraging young men and women. We minister to couples and try to implant the Lord into their lives. Our purpose is to fulfill the dreams and goals of our church. Wherever we can assist is where we want to be.

Q: How did you come to be members of West Angeles, and how has West Angeles been instrumental in your Christian growth?

I came to West Angeles in November of 1979 out of obedience to God. After 8 months He added a wife to my life, then years later, 3 sons. Coming through the doors of this ministry was a profound move of the Lord, and hearing the Word coming from Bishop Blake was phenomenal, mesmerizing, challenging and encouraging. He taught us young men how to be men of God; good husbands and fathers. As my wife and I grew as a couple, we started to share what we were taught. We had many who told us we were having children too fast because they came 3 years in a row! I told my wife that if they had a question about that to come see me! We are married and we are doing it right and we can afford them. Many others felt that raising 3 sons would be hard. Some said, “Yeah they’ll probably end up in gang activity”, or that they were “not going anywhere”; always giving us negative feedback. We knew that we had – and still have – faith in God for their protection. We decided to listen and reflect on God’s word and accepted Psalm 91 as our family scripture. So faith comes by hearing, and we heard and read God’s word. We put faith into action. Do not allow anyone to cast a negative shadow over your family! Always remain optimistic and positive and put the word of God over every situation.

Q: Are there any stories or lessons you’d like to share from your experiences as parents which may help others?

One story we want to share about raising children is, years ago, we went with several members of our extended to an out-of-town wedding at a hotel by the sea. We had a good time with family and friends. At the end of the weekend, as everyone gathered in the lobby to check out of the hotel, we suddenly heard the fire alarm ring and everyone panicked! The Fire Department and EMS came, but there was no fire, and no one knew who pulled the alarm. For a few minutes there was confusion and questions, but still no answers. As we left the hotel, we asked the kids where they’d been during all of the excitement. As we continued our trip home, we still could not get an answer, and we believed them…somewhat. But my wife kept asking. As we continued to ask them questions over the next week or so, we finally found out that one of them had done it and the others covered for him. We dealt with the untruthful son and the two “cover-up brothers” – in a nice way of course – and with a warning about deceit and dishonesty. The interesting part is it hurt them more to cover up the story than it did for any punishment we as parents could dish out.

Q: That’s a great lesson in using discernment and persistence as parents. In closing, is there anything you’d like to share about how the ministry at West Angeles has blessed you both?

West Angeles Church is a church which flows through the Holy Spirit, in a vertical relationship with God who moves spiritually through its members. Those members who are bold enough grab hold of that Spirit through prayer and supplication. With that, the Holy Ghost flows out of each of us and we are commanded to compel men, women, boys, girls, families and marriages through the power of Jesus Christ. We have to tap in and connect to the spirit of this ministry to make world-wide change. So be encouraged to stop sitting on the sidelines and use the talents and gifts God has given you. Yield to the Holy Spirit; for, as Bishop Blake says, “We are called to minister and witness to a deeply distressed and troubled world.”

Elder and Mrs. Bradley, thank you for setting a wonderful example, and thank you for blessing us with your story.


The WEST ANGELES COUNSELING CENTER offers classes on marriage, parenting and more.  CONTACT 733-8300 ext. 2360, or email [email protected]

New Generation Sunday Final Rehearsal on Saturday

Transformation is imminent! Get ready, as the children, youth, and young adults take over Sunday, September 28 during the 8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. services. This year’s theme is “Triumphant Through The Detours Of Life.”

We have a vision to see 100 youth and young adults participate in this year’s New Generation Choir! The final rehearsal will be held at the Cathedral on Saturday, Sept. 27 at 10 a.m.

We will close out the day with Baptism during the evening service!

Any youth or young adult between the ages of 12 and 35 that need to be baptized? This night is for you! To sign up, please call the Church Office.

New Generation T-shirts and hoodies are now available on the Cathedral Concourse. Get yours while supplies last. Come out expecting a life changing experience.

Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project

Hello Community Stakeholder,

Please be aware that there are a number of major work activities scheduled for this weekend beginning September 12, 2014. Construction work for all three underground stations will be occurring throughout the weekend, where Crenshaw Bl will be closed for each location of construction. See attached construction notices for details. The three operations are as follows:

Weekend closure of Crenshaw Bl at the Expo Station Area
· Crenshaw Bl between Exposition and Rodeo Pl. will be closed from 9 pm Friday, Sept. 12, until 6 am Monday, Sept. 15

· Rodeo Rd will be open during the weekend operation

· The same closure is anticipated to occur on the following weekend of Sept. 19-21

Leimert Park Station Construction
· A traffic reconfiguration will be implemented to begin construction of the Leimert Park station

· This work will take place late Friday night, Sept. 12, through early Saturday, Sept. 13

· A work zone will be temporarily established on the west side of the street between Vernon Av and 43 rd St.

· After the completion of the work, two lanes of traffic will remain open in each direction during construction

MLK Station Area Stage B
· A traffic reconfiguration will be established to support Stage B construction of the MLK Station

· This work will take place late Saturday night, Sept. 13, through early Sunday, Sept. 14

· The work zone will be relocated to the west side of the street and remain there until the remainder of construction

· After the completion of the work, two lanes of traffic will remain open in each direction during construction

Metro Construction Relations, Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project

Stay connected to get the latest information about construction activities in your area:
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Announcement: Metro fares are changing on September 15. Find out more at metro.net/newfare

See Attached Documents For Details:

Expo Wall       Vernon Stage       MLK Station 

Breakfast With The Presiding Bishop

The Brotherhood Organization is pleased to present Breakfast With The

Presiding Bishop September 20th at 8:30 am in the beautiful Crystal

Room. West Angeles Crystal Room men AND ladies are welcome to

come out for a time of fine food, wonderful fellowship and an inspiring

word from our Presiding Bishop, Charles E. Blake. Tickets are available

at The Brotherhood tables on the Concourse and through the Church