Bishop Charles E. Blake Says #PrayforCharleston

The Church of God In Christ extends truly deep and sincere condolences to the families of the 9 innocent victims who lost their lives during a Bible study at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church on Wednesday, June 17th in Charleston, South Carolina.

We join with the millions of voices throughout the world in decrying the senseless shooting of worshippers at Mother Emanuel Church. Sadly, we are living in an increasingly perilous time.

We believe this particularly egregious hate crime to be indicative of the bitter fruit that hate always produces.

Hate crimes against the African American community are instigated by powerful voices that misinform susceptible individuals about the desperate plight of our community. Instead of honestly addressing the systemic causes, voices of ignorance and hatred attribute problems within the African American community to race. Buying into this lie justifies actions such as we witnessed in Charleston, SC last night.

The tragedy at Mother Emanuel Church is yet another wake up call to the entire African American Church, calling for effectual prayer coupled with sustained action. In this moment, our hope is that the Body of Christ will come together in unity, as never before, to address the violence, the poverty, the racism, the economic disenfranchisement and inequality that is ripping the fabric of our communities and indeed the entire nation apart.

While it is certainly difficult to comprehend such senseless acts of hate and terror, we stand in solidarity with Christians everywhere, believing that the peace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, surpasses all of our understanding. May the hearts of the victims’ families be comforted by this sustaining truth alone.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
Presiding Bishop
Church of God in Christ, Inc.


SERMON: Bishop Blake says, “Encourage yourself”

1 Samuel 30:6 (NKJV) – Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. took inspiration from the magnificent life of King David, and his power to overcome in 1 Samuel 30 in his inspirational sermon titled, “Encourage Yourself.” In the scripture, David’s town had been burned and his family and possessions taken away by his enemies, but he strengthened himself, praying to God for guidance.

“He was the least likely son, in the least likely family, from the least likely tribe in all of the kingdom,” said Bishop Blake. “Yet God commanded His prophet Samuel to anoint David as the future King of the Jews.

“The devil will tell you what is not going to happen, and what can’t happen. But God lets us know that all things are possible.”

Please CLICK HERE to see this sermon in its entirety at West Angeles’ Gospel-On-Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“The life of David is one of the most spectacular adventure stories ever recorded in the annals of history.”

“David ascended from the care of his father’s flock to the rulership of the flock of almighty God – Israel and Judah.”

“There are many elders who dislike young people just because they’re young…So many young people have no use for their elders and think that they know more than their elders do.”

“David was aware that promotion comes neither from the east or the west, or from the north or the south. It’s God that takes down one, and puts up another.”

“Those who take things into their own hands soon find out how weak their hands really are.”

“Put yourself in God’s hands and you’ll find no better place to be in all of the universe.”

“The Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord…He had lost everything: he had lost his wives. He had lost the loyalty and support of his men. But when folk let you down, you can still turn to God” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“David had to be discouraged. He had to be sick at heart. David had to be depressed but these are feelings that are common in our day.”

“There are very few people who are genuinely happy in the world today.”

“Men today respond in many different ways when they’re faced with trouble. Some people resign themselves to trouble…Some people blame other people for their distress.”

“When everything is going wrong, when everything is too hard to handle, too much to deal with, don’t just sit there in your predicament. Have a talk with Jesus!”

“Each of us has a battle with ourselves.”

“How many of you know that you would not have made it this far without the goodness of the Lord? How many of you know that you would not be here if God had not taken care of you?”

“Our God is a God of power. Our God is a God of might.”

“David reminded himself, ‘My God is a mighty God, and if He is a mighty God, there’s nothing He cannot do, nothing that He cannot overcome, nothing that he cannot deal with.'”

“You need to remind yourself that your God is not a weak God, your God is a mighty God. Taught the wind to blow. Taught the birds to fly. Come on, say, ‘Our God is a mighty God!’”

“As long as God has something for me to do, I can’t die until I get it done…As long as God has a purpose for my life, I’m going to live on.”

“Child of God, when you’re feeling low, just remember that God is in your life. He’s a mighty God. He’s a wise God. He’s a loving God. He cares about you.”

“The Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord…He had lost everything. He had lost his wives. He had lost the loyalty and support of his men. But when folk let you down, you can still turn to God.”

“The Lord will not let you down. He’ll be with you through thick and through thin.”

“You might have lost your relationship with God. You might have lost your fellowship with God. But God did not leave you.”

“There are things that we as believers ought to make up our minds that we don’t want to lose.”

“If you’ve lost anything, there’s a determination on God’s heart to restore that unto you. Halleluiah!”

“Don’t let good things slip away.”

“Spiritual health and vitality can be lost if it’s not nourished by prayer.”

“We can lose our fervor and become lukewarm if we don’t stay in love and in contact with Almighty God.”

“If you wake up in the morning with your mind… on Jesus, you can make it throughout the day, and He’ll stand guard over your mind and over your mind.”

“Take back your determination. Stop letting the devil push you around!” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“The devil and the Holy Ghost cannot coexist in the same space. When the Holy Ghost shows up, the devil has got to go!”

“Whatever the Lord says is Yes, and Amen! I’ll say yes to Him, because He keeps on saying yes to me.’”

“You can still catch them; you can still overtake them. They may have a head start, but don’t you give up! Don’t you wave the white flag. Run after them! Pursue them! Halleluiah!”

“Child of God, you may have said, ‘It’s useless. It’s hopeless. I’m too old. It’s too late.’ But you’ve got to make up your mind that it’s never too late as long as God is involved.”

“There’s not a devil in Hell that can run fast enough to outrun God.”

“Overtake; walk in, in the name of Jesus!”

“Pursue! Overtake! You shall recover all!”

“Whatever it is, God can turn it around! It’s turn-around time!”

“God is going to give you more than you ever had before! Tell two people, ‘God is going to give you double for your trouble!’”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: 1 Samuel 30; Matthew 18:11; Luke 15:4-8, 11; Hebrews 2:1; Philippians 4:4-8; Jude 20; Psalm 46:1; Luke 10:19; 2 Timothy 1:7, Isaiah 40:31; Philippians 4:19; Ephesians 3:20; Galatians 6:9; Psalm 30:5

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Pursuing Higher Education

The Christian Education Department and the Education and Enrichment Department are joining hands to untie all adults who may be interested in pursuing higher education. If you are an adult and are interested in going to college or returning to college and want to know how to make it affordable, please plan to attend this seminar! Representatives from reputable institutions such as Azusa Pacific University and Student Resource USA will be present for your interest.

Date: Saturday, June 27
Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
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SERMON: Bishop Blake Preaches “Baptism In The Holy Ghost”

“To live a righteous life in this wicked world, you need the power and the help of Almighty God” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake and the West Angeles congregation celebrated Pentecost Sunday, “the day that the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples,” said Bishop, who prayed that everyone in the congregation also be refilled with God’s power.

Acts 2:13 tells us that some who witnessed this event mocked the disciples by saying they were “full of new wine.” But  in verses 15 -17, the Apostle Peter said:

15 “For these are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is only the third hour of the day. 16 But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams.

“That includes everybody in the room,” Bishop said, “You’re in one of those categories! Tell your neighbor, ‘God wants to Bless everybody in this room!’”

See this entire Pentecost Sunday service at WestA Gospel-on-Demand. Highlights from Bishop’s sermon titled “Baptism In The Holy Ghost” follow:

“After you’ve turned away from a life of sin and unrighteousness, God has in store for you one of the most Blessed experiences that is available to man. That experience is baptism in the Holy Ghost, or baptism in the Holy Spirit.”

“’Ghost’ and ‘spirit’ are translated from the same Greek word, ‘pnuema.’”

“If you’re saved, the Holy Ghost has already played a significant part in your life.”

“Jesus gives us the right and the authority of becoming sons and daughters of God. But it is the Holy Spirit that does the work of regeneration, and imparts new life to the believer.”

“The Holy Ghost implants the nature and the life of Jesus Christ into the believer.”

“To live a righteous life in this wicked world, you need the power and the help of Almighty God.”

“When you’re really, really saved, you don’t need anybody to tell you you’re saved. There’s a release, and the Holy Ghost speaks within you…that’s it!”

“It was R.A. Torrey who said, ‘A man may be regenerated by the Holy Spirit, and still not be baptized in the Holy Spirit.’”1

“In regeneration (in the Holy Spirit), the is an impartation of life…but in baptism in the Holy Spirit, there’s an impartation of power. And the one who receives that is fitted for service and battle for the Lord.”

You need Him more than you need water… it is in Him that you live, and move, and have your being – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“The Lord is asking somebody in this room today, ‘All I want you to do is just ask, what do you want Me to do for you?’ I pray everyone will lift up their hands and say, ‘Lord, I want you to fill me with Your Holy Spirit!’”

“If Jesus needed the power of the Holy Ghost, how much more do you and I need the power of the Holy Ghost?”

“I hope you’ll be so filled with the power and the might of Almighty God, that the world will come to you and say, ‘What can we do for you so that your God won’t be mad at us?’”

“If you’ve got your Holy Ghost weapons in place, you can withstand any attack of the enemy!”

“Come on, tell somebody, ‘I am an overcomer!’ Clap your hands and give praise to God!”

“The prophet Joel had already promised that the day was coming when God would just pour out the Holy Ghost, rather than giving it out in portions and in measures… as He did in the Old Testament. God is now ready to pour it out!”

“You ought to be yearning for God…God is the most essential element of your existence! There’s nothing more important than God!”

“It’s all about Jesus!”

“You need Him more than you need water. You need Him more than you need food. You need Him more than you need the beating of your heart. It is in Him that you live, and move, and have your being!”

“Come on, lift up your hands and say, ‘Lord, fill me with the Holy Ghost!’”

“He’s already here!”

“The Holy Ghost has already been sent; He only needs now to be received by faith.”

“That’s what faith does…faith assumes that what has been prayed for has been done!”

“Baptism in the Holy Ghost is not the same as being born again.”

“What God does is good. And if it was good then, it’s good now.”

“Whatever’s on the menu, God, I want it!”

“We are commanded as believers to receive the Holy Ghost!”

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1 Reuben Archer Torrey, What The Bible Teaches. 1 Edition (Whitaker House, 2004), Book 3, Chapter 7, pg. 3. Google Books Edition, accessed June 4, 2015.



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At the 2015 edition of Kids Sports Camp, the kids will experience that God is everywhere! They will learn and discover that God is in the things they do and the places they go, because God is in them!

Parents can rest assured that the KUC staff will nurture their kids in a safe environment, as they learn to cooperate with their peers, and be a team player and a source of encouragement for those around them. This will enhance each child’s spiritual growth and accountability.

Each day will will include physical warm-up sessions, arts and crafts, biblical application, snacks, and a variety of sports activities at a local park. Snacks will be provided, but each child will need to bring their own sack lunch or money to purchase food from local vendors.

We are looking for adult volunteers ages 18 and over. Volunteers must have a love and understanding of children, a willingness to mentor and a creative spirit.

This year’s Sports Camp is sponsored by West Angeles KUC Ministry and will be contingent upon the number of kids enrolled by the pre-registration date of Friday, July 17.

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