SERMON: Uleses C. Henderson, “There’s A Miracle On the Other Side of Your Storm”

As hurricane season commences around the United States, storms and strong winds cause many to lose power, while floods leave many others stranded. But as Elder Uleses C. Henderson preached to the West Angeles congregation on October 11, 2015:

“Your ship may be battered, your stern may be compromised. Your rudder may be broken, your sail may be ripped to shreds. But I just want to encourage you this morning to hang in there. Stay in the ship, don’t go overboard because Help in on the way.”

Elder Uleses Henderson is general counsel of the Church of God in Christ, and partner at One LLP, a Los Angeles law firm which provides a broad range of intellectual property advisory and litigation services in areas such as patents, trademarks, copyright, entertainment and new media. He is on the Board of the Jubilee Broadcasting Network, and is also a quarterly columnist for COGIC’s Whole Truth Magazine. Elder Henderson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, an Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and his Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School, where he also served as executive editor of the Loyola Law Review.

Elder Henderson’s sermon “There’s A Miracle On the Other Side of Your Storm” can be found HERE, on West Angeles’ Gospel on Demand.

Highlights from the sermon follow:

“We are all survivors of some kind of shipwreck, and we have all experienced storms.”

“What matters is not the storm, but what you do in the midst of the storm.”

“Storms are a part of life.”

“Every storm will eventually run out of rain. Look at somebody and tell them, ‘Your storm is almost over.’”

“Hearing God’s Word is intended to produce faith, and faith must always be tested.”

“It’s one thing to see a miracle. It’s another thing to need a miracle.”

“Jesus wanted to teach…how to live not just in a storm, but through a storm.”

“What matters is not the storm, but what you do in the midst of the storm.” – Elder Uleses C.Henderson

“The seeds of faith that Jesus planted…had to be tested before they could be trusted.”

“Satan doesn’t care how big the bible is that you tote, how many scriptures you can quote. Satan doesn’t care if you hear the Word, so long as you don’t live by the Word.”

“Unbelief produces fear.”

“Faith is not just asking and receiving. Faith is trusting God despite the outcome.”

“In order to survive the storm, the first thing you must do is rely on His promise.”

“When God gives you a command and a destination, He’ll always make and give you a promise.”

“You may be holding onto broken pieces of your life; broken dreams, broken relationships. You may be hanging by a wing and a prayer, but hold on anyhow!”

“Where you are, is not who you are.”

“If God sends you into a storm, He’ll never send you by yourself. He’ll always get into the storm with you.”

“If God brings you to a storm, He’s already given a strategy to get you through the storm.”

“If God sends you into a storm…He’ll always get into the storm with you.” – Elder Uleses C. Henderson

“Somebody here today has been thrown into the fire, but look at your neighbor and tell your neighbor, ‘I may have been thrown in bound, but I’m coming out loosed!’ God uses the fire to destroy the things that have held you bound.”

“Life is not determined by what has happened to you. Life is determined by what God has said about you.”

“God has spoken to us and given us some dreams and some visions. He’s told us to start businesses. He’s said go forth in ministry. He has told some of us to go back to school.”

“What I’ve learned about the film industry is that you don’t cut a trailer until the film is already finished. God has already given some of us a preview of things to come.…Tell yourself, ‘My script is already written!’”

“A faith that can’t be tested is a faith that can’t be trusted.”

“If prayer is the engine, then faith is the transmission.”

“Faith puts into action in the earthly realm what God has already performed in the spirit realm.”

“It’s already done!”

“Our greatest problems are not around us, but within us. It’s the spirit of unbelief.”

“If you want to make it through the storm, then you need to take God at His Word.”

“It takes a storm to know that God is a healer. It takes a storm to know that God is a deliverer…He is our refuge and our strength because it takes a storm to answer the questions about who God really is.”

“Faith requires trust in God: not just in some things, but in all things.”

“Get in the boat with Christ!” – Elder Uleses C.Henderson

“Faith is the only way to stop the devil from stopping you.”

“You don’t have to wait until the battle is over, you can shout right now.”

“Same God right now, same God back then.”

“You already have on the inside of you what you need to handle any storm.”

“When we’re going through a storm, some of us look to our family and friends: those who lack the ability to affect change in our situation. Some of us look to our internal ability; our intellect…our money: only to discover that some storms we’re just not equipped to handle.”

“Somebody needs to look at their situation and tell it to ‘Sit down and to shut up!’”

“A storm represents a changing of season…God told me to tell you that your storm is almost over, and your miracle season is on the way. And what comes after a storm? The rainbow: a sign and a promise from God.”

“Is there anybody here who will lift up the name of Jesus; who will praise God through your circumstance? He’s going to bring you out of the storm: come on and give God the praise!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Mark 4:34-39, John 16:33, Mark 3:14, 2 Timothy 1:7, Psalm 34, Philippians 1:6, Isaiah 43:2, Daniel 3:25, Genesis 37, Romans 10:17, Hebrews 4:2, 1 Thessalonians 2:13, Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalm 25:15, Romans 8:18, 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, Romans 5:3-4, , Romans 8:28, Mark 6, Psalm 23:4, James 1:8, John 15:7, Psalm 1:3, Is 59:19, Psalm 145, 1 John 4:4, Mark 1:25, Genesis 1, Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 30:5, Mark 5:1-20.

Komedy Explosion, ‘Beautiful Poison’ set for November


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Elder Oscar Owens: How to Connect with God in 7 Simple Steps

By Elder Oscar Owens

Are our lives busy, and getting busier day by day, or what? These days, most of us are:

  • Driving rush hour-packed freeways and highways in nerve-racking traffic to work and home, shuttling our kids, here and there.
  • Trying to keep our home clean and in order while running the household errands
  • Striving to keep ourselves healthy by eating right and exercising.
  • Working long, hard hours of exhausting activity on our jobs.
  • Staying connected to the ever-present digital world of social media, online-publications, shopping, entertainment and even work, through the internet and our “smart devices.”

This whirlwind of activities, noise, information, attractions and distractions of our post-modern lives can leave us feeling exhausted, confused, and disconnected from God. How do we find calm centers in the storm to stop and focus on God?

There’s a simple method of 7 easy biblical steps I have found which will give any Christian the power to connect with God at any time – even in the middle of chaos. We can “log in” to God’s transforming power by learning the simple disciplines of Scripture meditation and prayer.


Our society, through various media channels, provides answers to just about everything. The one media source we’re staying connected to more and more is the Internet.

What is the Internet? The Internet, also known as the “world wide web,” is a system of interconnected computers which enables us to connect to other people and devices. The Internet is always active; its information sources are always available. We can connect to the Internet anywhere, if we have the right tools. We can ask any question, and it seems to have the answer.

The Internet has now consumed a large place in our lives, but has the time we’re now spending connected to social media and the Internet become a distraction?  Is it replacing the precious time meant to be spent communing with God?  Would our lives be different if we were hearing from God, following His Will and His Word for our lives?

Unless we take action, the business of our lives, the concerns of daily life, and the temptations of Satan, will pull our mental attention away from God’s good news in Jesus

Our Bible tells us in Romans 12:2 that we must not “conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed” by the renewing of our minds. Connecting to God’s renewing, transformative Word in the Holy Bible gives us:

  • Power – God has given us the Spirit of “power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).  “Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones (Proverbs 3:7-8).
  • Direction –As Bishop Blake always says, “God protects where God directs; God provides where God guides (Psalm 23).
  • Faith – Learn to trust in God. Romans 10:17 tells us that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”
  • Prosperity – One of the greatest and most inspiring things about the African American Christian journey is the ability to OVERCOME. We learn how to get into God’s Word; encouraging one another through the Word. Prosper physically, spiritually, mentally – this is God’s prosperity (Joshua 1:8).
  • Courage – There are all sorts of negative things happening in the world, but we must believe in our hearts that we can be strong!  Have courage; be strong in the Lord (Psalm 46:1).

Colossians 3:2 says to “set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” Therefore, we must discipline our physical minds to think on and thereby connect with the amazing spiritual blessings we have in God, through Christ Jesus.


God’s Good News about Jesus is that the power of His Holy Spirit is always available, always ready. We’re always connected to the Lord, even if we feel we are not! There are 7 simple biblical steps to easily connect with God, at any time, in any place:

  1. Find a space – Find a quiet place at work or in your home where you’ll go to pray daily, without distractions.  Matthew 6:6 – “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” This is the best advice, but additionally, because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), then where you are, Jesus Christ is within you. Therefore, turn your focus to Him in you and you in Him, whether you are in the grocery line, caught in traffic, involved in work or with your family.
  2. Choose a time: or choose “now” – Set aside time to encounter God in the scripture. Before you start your day can be a great time to start (Psalm 63:1; Matthew 6:33); turn off the television, computer, and phone. Again, this is best, but, wherever you are in your life’s activities, stop – and take a few moments to connect with God through a small verse of Scripture, God’s Word. God is the “I AM”; always present in the eternal “now.”
  3. Read the Word – Find the Words of Jesus and His Good News (Gospels and Epistles). Read a small section of Scripture until something grabs your attention. TIP: Read slowly! Read out loud! Read so you can hear it and your eyes can see it. Read that small section over and over. It’s like eating something good: chew on it and savor the flavors. Read it over and over, while listening to God speak it to you, through His Holy Spirit.
  4. Meditate on the Word – Mentally reflecting and imaginatively pondering is the powerful aspect of Scripture meditation. Reflect on what you’ve read, and begin to think about what God is saying. Biblical meditation begins with thinking God’s Word continuously to ourselves. We begin to internalize God’s Word inside our mind and our heart. Now, God starts downloading! Listen to God’s voice…God is now talking to you personally!
  5. Respond: Talk to God in prayer through the words and images in that Scripture. Thank the Lord for what He is revealing to you! Praise and worship the Lord for His goodness! Ask God to touch you, to form and conform you to be more like Jesus! Tell God, “I’m reading because I want You to read me; form me change me, make me like You.”
  6. Receive from God – Jesus said, “Come unto me and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).” Abide and rest in the Lord; contemplate Him. Now it is the time for the Lord to communicate within you. Listen. Enter into a deeper place with God. A place of intimacy; in His presence. This is a special time between you and the Lord. One-on-one with God. Give Him room; this is the time that God is blessing you. Let the Lord Bless you. Receive from the Lord and receive the Lord Himself, who is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! God is now working within you, renewing your thoughts in the knowledge of Jesus, activating the mind of Christ in you. You are actively connecting with God and God with you.
  7. Take action – Ask Father God to give you the power of the Holy Spirit to help you do what Jesus, the Living Word, has revealed to you. For example, in relation to God, the Lord may be asking or reminding you to trust, love, believe, obey or stop disobeying Him. In relation to other people, the Lord may be asking you to forgive, love, pray for, accept, help or bless them. Ask our Holy Helper, the Holy Spirit, to give you the help, our Lord Jesus has promised. Now continue in your day, walking by faith and connected to our loving Lord who is with you and in you, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Keep on meditating on the words of Scripture that the Lord has drawn you to, throughout the rest of your day, wherever you are. Keep meditating, praying, thanking, praising, rejoicing and worshiping the Lord in your spirit, heart, mind and soul: whatever you are doing in your life. Do this until the next time you stop, to center in on the presence of the Lord in His Word!

God is now working on your mind. Your thoughts are renewed in the mind of Christ. You’re now “logged in” to God through Scripture meditation and prayer! Hallelujah!


John 3:16, John 1:1, Hebrews 1:1-2, Matthew 4:4, Psalm 1, Psalm, Joshua 1:8, Matthew 11:28-30, Deuteronomy 31:6, Ephesians 2:8-10, Psalm 119, Philippians 4:8, Timothy 4:15-16, Romans 10:17, 2 Peter 1:21, Ephesians 1:15; Ephesians 3.


Elder Oscar Owens has a passion for helping others deepen their connection to the Bible and to the Lord! He currently serves as West Angeles’ Minister of Christian Education, as well as President of the West Angeles Bible College, where he teaches Systematic Theology. He is currently studying for his Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Spiritual Formation at Azuza Pacific University’s Seminary in Los Angeles, where he also teaches Urban Spirituality. He’s been married to the powerful singer and Tony-nominated playwright Lita Gaithers Owens for 31 years. Read more about Elder Oscar Owens HERE.


PRAY WITH COGIC! Presiding Bishop has called us to join with the saints in prayer for our nation, our leaders, and for Christians around the world. Download the 11/11/40 Prayer Guide HERE.

LET’S TALK ABOUT HOLINESS!  Come join Elder Oscar Owens, Dr. Wilfred Graves and Dr. Kenneth Hammonds on Nov. 11, 2015 at 7 p.m. at Wednesday night service at the West Angeles North Campus for “Let’s Talk About It: Holiness!”  This intriguing dialogue and discussion will seek to answer the questions, “What is holy living today, and how do we do it?” We would be so glad for you to join us!

GET BIBLE APPS FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE! Now you can take the Bible wherever you go. has a link to the You Version app. You can download it HERE.



  • According to a new report from the International Telecommunication Union, the average Internet user logs almost 2 hours per day on social media platforms or other leisure activities, and possibly 11 or more hours per day on all electronic media combined.
  • According to an articles published by The Guardian UK and Business, we are less educated, less rested, and less productive due to our increased Internet activity:

Answers For a Troubled World Revival

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From October 26-30, each evening, we are gathering as a church for a time of healing, deliverance, and freedom through powerful prayer, inspirational singing, and anointed preaching in the North Campus Sanctuary! Come expecting a Move of God in your life through the Power of The Holy Ghost!

You don’t want to miss your blessing!

SERMON: Minister Princeton Parker and “Identity Theft”

On Sunday, October 11, 2015, West Angeles Church of God In Christ was on its feet for the Minster affectionately known as “The Kid Preacher.”

West Angeles’ fiery young guest pastor posed a poignant question to the congregation: “I wonder how we would act if our actions were based on who we knew we already were, as opposed to us feeling like our identity is the sum total of things that we do?”

His message titled, “Identity Theft,” was inspired by the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 27, where Jacob tricks his father into granting him the blessings meant for his brother.

Minister Princeton Parker asked the congregation to repeat the title of the sermon, asking them to, “say it one more time like you understand that there is an enemy of your soul who desires to take the very nature of the identity that God has given you. Say it this time like you know you have a purpose, like you know you have a gift, like you know you have a future!”

Minister Princeton Irvin Parker found his gift of preaching at an early age. He began public speaking at age 2, and preaching at the age of 4. By age 7, he was a minister licensed by the Church of God in Christ, and is “Honored to call Bishop Blake leader and spiritual father.” Today, he uses his gift of speaking to inspire and empower audiences of all ages, races, and creeds to pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

A member of the Olive Grove Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, CA, Minister Parker currently serves on its ministerial staff, and is also the organist. He graduated with a B.A. in Communication from the University of Southern California, where he served on the Black Student Assembly Executive Board and as Head Director of the Saved by Grace Gospel Choir. Minister Parker has been a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, is a member of the Speakers Resource Group, and is also a proud alumnus of Disney Dreamers Academy.

He lives by the motto, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Minister Parker’s entire sermon titled, “Identity Theft,” is available HERE, on West Angeles Gospel On Demand.

“The enemy’s one goal in life is to take everything from you that God has told you that you are.”

“It’s easy to detect identity theft in the natural…But can you detect spiritual identity theft?”

“If you speak in tongues, then leave WestA and go to [your local store], and you’re rude to the person serving you, you just might be the victim of identity theft.”

“If you come to church, are a member of several auxiliaries, and you know whole bunch of scriptures, but when you get to work on Monday, you’re more concerned with culturally fitting in than you are with sharing the Light of Christ, you just might be the victim of identity theft.”

“If you know the Lord is calling you to something, He’s birthed a vision in you and He’s told you, ‘There’s something great I’m going do on the inside of you,’ but every time you go to move you say, ‘God can’t use somebody like me. Who am I to be used by God?’ You just might be the victim of identity theft.”

“Spiritual identity theft is the process that the enemy goes through to influence you with a mindset that he can then use to take control over every part of you, that he can use for his glory instead of God’s glory…. Your hands, your lips, your thought process, your emotions, your dreams” – Minister Princeton Parker

“No matter what the enemy tries to do – he comes to steal, kill and destroy – Jesus said ‘I have come so that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.’”

“I want to minister today to someone who is so busy looking at who society privileges, who society says is so much more entitled to happiness and to wealth and to opportunity than you. And I want you to find yourself in Jacob.”

“The first way the devil tries to steal our identity is by attacking our legitimacy.”

“What Jacob didn’t understand is that even though Esau had birthright…God had an equal plan for Jacob’s life as He had for Esau’s.”

“God has already given me Eden.” – Minister Princeton Parker

“I’m so glad that I don’t have to trip over who has more privilege than me, or who has more access than me. I don’t care what the world’s system does. Just because I was born, I still have a spot in the Kingdom of God.”

“The more I look at your journey, the more I forget that God has already given me Eden. I’m already in God’s perfect plan for my life. I’ve already got a destiny. I’ve already got dreams. I’ve already got a plan.”

“Comparison is the spirit of satan.”

“I used to wonder, ‘Why am I struggling so hard, God? Why am I so insecure?’ God said, ‘If you spend less time on FaceBook and more time in My Word, you would understand that you’re in the exact place where I need you to be.’”

“What desire, that the enemy’s planted in you since birth, would you give everything for?”

“The enemy knows that if he attaches money to it, you’ll do anything.”

“I don’t care what the world’s system does, I still have a spot in the Kingdom of God.” – Minister Princeton Parker

“Jesus said, ‘It’s not that I don’t want you to find rest, I just want you to find rest in Me.’”

“We have to be careful of what we tell our young boys and our young girls. We’ve got to be the ones to tell them, ‘I know I didn’t graduate, but you can. I know we didn’t stay married, but you can. You don’t have to do what your cousins did. You don’t have to do what you saw. You have another way out!”

“If you want to keep your identity, then you have to keep people around you who will advise you against yourself.”

“I need people who value my salvation more than my money, people who value the call on my life more than they do my upward mobility. I need more people teaching me how to pray than teaching me how to network; teaching me how to study, than teaching me how to trick…I need God people!”

“No matter how much you try to be like me, you might succeed in doing what I did, but you still won’t come out with my testimony.”

“My struggles were designed for me to learn something”

“Don’t let pain steal your identity. Walk like a son.” – Minister Princeton Parker

“Are you mature enough in your identity to still praise God when He gives grace to your enemy?”

“Don’t let anything steal your identity. Don’t let pain steal your identity. Don’t let comparison steal your identity. Don’t let lust steal your identity. Don’t let insecurity steal your identity…But walk like a son, talk like a son.”

“The next time the enemy tries to come against you, remember you have fraud protection called ‘the Holy Ghost’!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Genesis 27:1-23, Gal 4:4-7, John 10:10, Genesis 25, I Peter 2:9, Romans 8:31-39, Romans 12:19.

SERMON: Bishop Blake – “When People Hate You”

It’s the season of the 108th Annual  Church Of God In Christ Holy Convocation, to take place from November 2-5, 2015, in St. Louis, MO.

For the 40 days prior to Convocation Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. is asking that the Church of God in Christ set aside 40 Days of Prayer: 11 petitions unto the Lord for at least 11 minutes per day,” along with praying the Monthly Prayer Calendar.

Bishop Blake is also calling the Church to fast on Tuesdays and Fridays during this period. “Fast and commit ourselves to the Lord, and by the time we finish this 40 days of prayer and commitment to the Lord,” said Bishop Blake, “our personal lives are going to be rejuvenated revived; changed and transformed by the power of Almighty God.

“All over the world, we want every member of the Church of God In Christ to be involved in this time of prayer, consecration and miracles, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Links to the COGIC 11/11/40 Prayer Petitions and the West Angeles Monthly Prayer Calendar can be found below.

Bishop Blake’s 11am October 4, 2015 sermon entitled, “When People Hate You” , is available on CD and DVD at the West Angeles Emporium, or HERE, on West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon are below:

“All of us at one time or other has felt like we were the outsider, walking by ourselves, rejected by everybody.”

“All of us can agree that the capture and torture of Jesus was one of the most hideous in the history of the world. But it would be a mistake to assume that what happened on the night and morning of His crucifixion was all that was done to Jesus.”

“He was the Son of God, doing good works, but they criticized, ‘He does that by the power of the devil, and he’s possessed by a demon.’”

“We say that demon-possessed people are insane.”

“Not only did they say Jesus has a demon, but they lied on Him. Has anybody in here ever been lied on?” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“In the midst of all the things you’re going through, you need your family to stand by your side.”

“Jesus was the object of undeserved hostility. There are many people in this room who are mad at people who have never done anything to you.”

“You’re mad because they didn’t do what you wanted them to do…say what you wanted them to say…because they didn’t become the friend you wanted them to be…So many people have an erroneous sense of entitlement.”

“Nobody has to do anything for you.”

“If people don’t do what you need or ask, thank them and understand that they’ve got…obligations, too.”

“Grant to people the freedom that you would wish to have yourself.”

“When you’ve got something going on, you’re not into somebody else’s business!”

“Be careful because you don’t know who you are dealing with.”

“When you have confidence in God, you can hold your peace and let God fight your battle. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”

“When you have no confidence in God, you think that somebody else’s success is your failure.”

“If you really want God to Bless you just pray for people…and believe in God’s miracle-working power in their lives.”

“There are some folks you better leave alone! Because if you mess with them, you’re going to find yourself messing with God Himself. And you don’t want to mess with God.”

“When you have confidence in God, you can let God fight your battle. Hallelujah!” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“Be sensitive to the fact that God might not check with you every time he wants to Bless somebody.”

“Hatred and anger are painful and destructive emotions.”

“Don’t be a hater!”

“They responded to ideas with physical violence. They responded to words with physical force.”

“Husbands and wives need to learn how to talk to one other. Brother, keep your hands off your wife in a violent way… And some of you ladies have the nerve to be trying to go upside your husband’s head, going in the kitchen and getting hot grits and all that kind of stuff. Got husbands afraid to go to sleep at night!”

“Intelligent people resolve their disputes without resorting to violence.”

“Jesus went about His business and pursued His goals. There were folk who hated Him…folk who tried to block Him. But Jesus kept right on working. He kept on doing the work of God the Father. Halleluiah.”

“Don’t be surprised by hostility.”

“I’m busy…I’m working…I’m doing God’s Will – and I’m not going to let a hater stop me from serving the Lord” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“Child of God, keep on working for God Keep on loving serving God. Don’t let an enemy cause you to lose your momentum. Keep on marching by faith in God.”

“God is taking you somewhere. The reason they’re fighting you is because they see God’s destiny and God’s purpose at work in your life.”

“Don’t hang out with your enemies. The best thing you can do with your enemies is forgive them and move on.”

“Don’t hang out with crazy folk. Find some folk who love God like you love God.”

“Keep your eyes on Jesus.”

“Every one of us has a wall to build…God has much for you to do. You can’t build your wall by looking at my wall, or someone else’s wall. Build your wall. Build it for Jesus.”

“How do I know you’re going to rise up out of your predicament? How do I know that your enemies are not going to destroy you? Because Jesus got up on the third day! Oh yes! Come on and praise Him!”

“We fall down, but we get up! Tell your neighbor, ‘Get back up again!’”

“The trial you’re going through is going to take you higher, and make you better, in the name of Jesus.”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – John 15:18, Matthew 9:33, 12:24; John 8:48, 11:47-49, 9:24, 10:49, 8:58, 10:31, 7:7; Acts 5:38; Job 42:10; Matthew 7:1; Isaiah 53:3; John 4:34; Luke 9:51; Philippians 3:14 ; John 15-17; Psalm 46:1, Matthew 26:36-46.

Are you ready for your miracle?  This season, please join the Church of God In Christ in prayer  for all Christians, for our nation, and for our world. Download COGIC’s Prayer Guide Book and the 11/11/40″ Petitions of Prayer  HERE.

Please join The Church Of God In Christ in prayer each month.  Access our Monthly Prayer Calendar HERE.

11/11/40: Join COGIC for 40 Days of Prayer

As the 108th Annual  Church Of God In Christ Holy Convocation approaches on November 2-5, 2015, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. calls on Christians around the world to join in prayer.

“The Holy Convocation is an annual meeting that we have held for 108 years,” said Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake. “It’s an in-gathering of the saints. They come together for biblical instruction, for inspiration, for worship, to share with one another and to support the Church of God in Christ itself.”

For the 40 days prior to the Convocation, which will take place at the America’s Center in St. Louis, MO, our Presiding Bishop asks the saints of the Church of God in Christ to set aside 40 Days of Prayer” in order to petition unto the Lord for “at least 11 minutes per day.” The Prayer initiative,  called 11/11/40, includes prayer for our leaders, our nation, and for Christians around the world.

Bishop Blake is also calling the Church to fast on Tuesdays and Fridays during this period. “Fast and commit ourselves to the Lord, and by the time we finish this 40 days of prayer and commitment to the Lord,” said Bishop Blake, “our personal lives are going to be rejuvenated revived, changed and transformed by the power of Almighty God.

“All over the world, we want every member of the Church of God in Christ to be involved in this time of prayer, consecration and miracles, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”


This season, please join the Church of God In Christ in prayer.   Download COGIC’s Prayer Guide Book and the 11/11/40″ Petitions of Prayer  HERE.


SERMON: Reverend Albert C. Macklin IV says, “I’m a Survivor”

The West Angeles congregation was on its feet for the anointed man of God, Reverend Albert C. Macklin IV, who preached the spirit-filled, October 4, 2015 message, “I’m A Survivor.”

Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. introduced the guest speaker for West Angeles Church of God in Christ’s 8 a.m. service, Reverend Albert C. Macklin IV.

Reverend Macklin, who was born with glaucoma and has been blind since 1998, celebrated, in his opening remarks, the leadership and integrity of Presiding Bishop Blake.

“Bishop Blake leads us in our great fellowship of churches worldwide…One thing the Lord has blessed us with is leadership that shows us what can be done. Our Bishop is a man of excellence, a man that has put in the time in the Kingdom of God, a demonstration to Pastors everywhere to look what you can do when you have faith in God.”

“Just touch somebody and tell ‘em, ‘Sometimes you have to speak victory during your test,’” Bishop Macklin sang mightily. “Tell your neighbor, ‘I’ve got a story to tell. I’ve got a testimony!’”

The entire October 4 2015 sermon, titled, “I’m A Survivor” is available on West Angeles’ Gospel On Demand.

“When you look at being a survivor…a survivor is one who has gone through great turmoil, gone through great crisis…great tragedies or dilemmas, traumas, situations, drama in their life. And at the end of the journey… they’re still living. They’re able to declare that they are a survivor.’”

“You have survived because you have learned some practices that enable you to declare, ‘I made it!’”

“A survivor…conditions themselves to make it through stormy weather, bad conditions, to make it through what the average person wouldn’t be able to handle.”

“When you look at a survivor, they condition their mind. They condition their spirit just to be able to sustain them to the end of the journey.”

“Surviving really has to do with your mind and your spirit” – Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV

“We must be sensitive to the spirit. Church, we’ve got to learn how to have a sensitive ear to the spirit of God.”

“It’s the Spirit of God and the sensitivity of our hearts, which will minister to us in our ‘right now’ situation.”

“I hear Shirley Caesar sing that great song, ‘Lord, Please Don’t Move My Mountain’…There are some things you’re gonna have to learn how to tunnel through.”

“There’s some situation you’ve been praying for God to move, but God said, ‘I’m trying to teach you about Myself…I’m trying to teach you My Word, about My Power.’”

“A lot of us want God to be a ‘right now’ God, but I want you to know, God is not always a ‘right now’ God.”

“You’ve gotta learn to hang on in there through whatever storm may come.”

“You cannot be connected to everybody and to God at the same time” -Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV

“A lot of times we cannot hear because of the interference. What you’re dealing with in the spiritual realm is called ‘spiritual warfare.’”

“One of the greatest areas of spiritual warfare that the believer is faced with is interference from other people.”

“You’ve got to learn that if you’re going to make it through this turmoil…you cannot be connected to everybody and to God at the same time.”

“There’s some people you’re connected to that are messing up your journey and your testimony…because there’s a transferring of spirits.”

“You’ve got to learn that it’s alright to hang out by yourself sometimes.”

“How you gonna have victory, when you’re connected to folks who are defeated?”

“How you gonna show me how to be big when little got you?” Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV

“If don’t nobody else wanna go, you go, because God’s spoke to you.”

“You cannot look for everybody to go where God has not spoken them to.”

“Wherever God directs you to, He will protect you.”

“If you hang on in there, God’s got a way of turning things around!”

“When you’re going through the storm, remember, there is a name. And that name is Jesus.”

“I believe God!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Acts 27:41-44, Proverbs 23:7, Psalm 46:5, Revelation 3:6.

Reverend Albert C. Macklin, IV is a COGIC son. Born the son of a COGIC pastor, he is also the brother of the Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ, Bishop Jerry Macklin. He received a Master’s Degree in Theology from San Jose Christian College in 2004, and is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and gospel recording artist.

After the passing of his father, Pastor Albert C. Macklin III, Reverend Macklin was appointed Senior Pastor of Sweet Home Temple of Deliverance in Palo Alto, CA. He has served as Sr. Executive Pastor’s Administrative Assistant, Dean of COGIC Christian Education, and many other positions within the Northern California jurisdiction.

Born with glaucoma, Reverend Macklin lost sight in one eye in 1994, and in the other in 1998, but he remains a persevering, faithful servant of the Lord. He is the husband of Lady Evelyn Macklin; a proud father of four wonderful children, and is dedicated to a life of prayer and holiness.

Reverend Macklin lives by the principle, “My way is made, my need is met, and the door is open unto me. I believe God.”

Hear Inez Andrews sing, “Lord Don’t’ Move My Mountain” below:


  • Inez Andrews’ version of “Lord Don’t Move My Mountain” made it to #48 on the Billboard R&B chart in 1973.
  • Inez Andrews was referred to as “the last great female vocalist of gospel’s golden age,” by the New York Times in 2012.
  • Fellow member from The Caravans, Pastor Shirley Caesar, once dubbed Inez Andrews as “The High Priestess” for her ability to hit high notes. She also once stated, “there never was and never will be another voice like Inez Andrews.”

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