You Are Already Walking on Water

We try to live a holy life, separated from that which makes us weak.  Still, life can be a struggle on a daily basis and when confronted with strife, we appeal to God.

  “Lord I do what you ask of me. I have been obedient to your word, I have sacrificed and I have suffered! Why are these things still happening to me?”

Many times we look for answers within our Pastor, Worship Leaders, colleagues, friends and the most often heard answer is “just have faith.”   If we are honest with ourselves the “just have faith” or “I’m praying for you” responses are frustrating for one simple reason—how does that solve an immediate need? The struggle is still there the problem still exists.

However, perhaps the lens of our focus should be shifted. Perhaps we need to be reminded that the struggle of life’s oppositions and challenges are meant to sharpen the weapon of the mind and harden the fibers of our faith.

Every now and then, in order to press forward, we need to be reminded of what we have overcome. If your child was ever sick and is now healed—you’ve seen the sun stopped (Joshua 10:13).  If you were ever on the verge of eviction and you’re still in your home—you’ve seen a red sea parted  (Exodus 14:21). If you have EVER been broke, lied to or cheated on and are still standing—you’ve seen 5,000 men fed with a few loaves and water (Matthew 14:13-21).

The point of this life is to take the good with the bad and value each moment as a victory. God, in all his wisdom, has made us more than conquerors and I am excited to see how he will gently guide us to where we need to be! My prayer for many, including myself, is that each day brings us a revelation of just how strong we are and with the power of the Holy Spirit may we continue to walk on water.