Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith

Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr. is dedicated to communicating truth in clear and effective ways. Having once been an aerospace engineer, Dr. Graves brings science and logical reasoning in his embrace and unshakable belief in Christianity.

Stemming from the success of his highly acclaimed book, “In Pursuit of Wholeness: Experiencing God’s Salvation for the Total Person,” Dr. Graves wishes to share Godly wisdom in his anticipated free monthly seminar that focuses on the existence of God, the accuracy of the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, the Resurrection, and other fundamental Christian teachings.

Ranging from young to old, students to professionals, volunteers to leaders … this seminar promises to be a systematic presentation of beliefs and practices never before seen!

Take a look below for the monthly outline:

Feb. 24 Secularism and Other Isms that Challenge the Christian Faith
Mar. 23 Science and Religion: Are They in Conflict?
Apr. 27 Does God Exist? How Can We Know?
May 11 The Reliability of the Bible: Is the Bible Trustworthy and True?
Jun. 22 The Life, Miracles, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Jul. 27 The Fundamental Teachings of Christianity that We Must Believe
Aug. 24 The Uniqueness of Christianity among World Religions
Sep 28 The Problem of Sin, Pain, and Evil in the World and in Your Life
Oct. 19 Heaven, Hell, and Life after Death
Nov. 30 Apologetics and Evangelism (How Powerful and Effective Evangelism can be Bolstered by an Understanding of Basic Christian Apologetics)

Call 323-733-8300 ext. 2324 or send an e-mail to [email protected] to RSVP!