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Dr. Tonya Lewis: Are You Stable and Secure?

To be stable means “to be constant, firm, unchanging, unwavering and established.” To be secure means “to be, safe, protected and sheltered.” Being stable and unwavering in our decisions and actions determines our level of security. But how do you make your decisions and live your life? Can what you say be trusted and reliable […]

7 Steps to Persistence Through Christ

Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you – Philippians 4:9 No matter which stage of life one is in, persistence will usually secure the desired experience. Whether it is an infant crying for a bottle, a […]

How to be a Positive Example to Others

Dr. Tonya Lewis discusses three ways we can be a positive example to others: with our speech, with our actions, and with our lives. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY Talk, talk, talk! It is much easier to say things – whatever they may be – than to actually do them. It doesn’t take long before others become weary […]

11 Scriptures for Living Intentionally

Great accomplishments start with actions done intentionally. For example, being successful in any profession involves adhering to the requirements of dedicated labor. Experiencing a loving, fulfilled, and God-glorifying relationship requires each person to do his or her part in being attentive, loyal, and dedicated. Actually, accomplishing any degree of success in any area of our […]

How Jesus’ Love Can Change Your Life

God desires to minister to us, and to bless and encourage our hearts by showing the greatness of His love for each one of us. Remember, although Jesus’ willing desire was to yield to the will of His Father and to die upon the cross (Matthew 26:39), He did ask the Father if the cup […]