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West Angeles Thanks Our Veterans

Today we honor and give thanks to our Veterans, who marched into danger so that we may have peace: Thank you for defending our right to worship (First Amendment, U.S. Constitution). Thank you for fighting to preserve our God-given right to be free (Galatians 5:1). Thank you for protecting our ability to live in His purpose […]

Christians Released From North Korean Prison

The remaining two of three Americans who were recently imprisoned by the North Korean government arrived back on American soil on Saturday. Jeffrey E. Fowle, Kenneth Bae, and Matthew Miller were all unexpectedly released after serving time in government labor camps on separate incidents, convicted of committing “anti-government activities” against the  North Korean government. President […]

Member Profile: Elder Oscar Owens

The history of people of African descent in America is inextricably linked to the Christian church. The Civil Rights Movement owes its strength to the African American church, the leadership of which was paramount in forging a legacy of justice and equality for African Americans in the United States. Education has always played a key […]

Bishop Darrell Hines Delivers Message of Faith For Men’s Day

West Angeles was blessed once again to have Bishop Darrell Hines deliver the Word, this time for the annual Mens’ Day celebration on Sunday, October 19. Bishop Hines is pastor of Christian Faith Fellowship in Milwaukee, WI, and heads the Brotherhood Organization of the Church of God In Christ worldwide. Bishop Charles E. Blake made […]

Keeping the Christian family strong

There couldn’t be a better time for renewed focus on strengthening and celebrating the Christian family. A whopping 78 percent of Americans identify as Christian[1], and after decades of unparalleled trials, triumphs and tests, we now know that regaining our stride as a community and a nation requires a reaffirmation of our faith and our beliefs. […]

Member Testimony: Elder Edward & Cozette Bradley

Marriages, especially in today’s world, are subject to many challenges. Our society seems to offer more hindrances to true love and lasting fidelity than it does support. Add the role of parent to the equation – of not one, but three African American young men – and you might expect an especially challenging situation. Married for 34 years, Elder […]

Member Testimony: Jacques McNeil

“The brevity of life and the inevitability of death should cause men to pursue noble and worthwhile goals.”  – Bishop Charles E. Blake As women, we sometimes have a tough time balancing our different roles on a daily basis: wife, mother, career woman, daughter, sister, and friend. Adding to the list can start to unravel our already […]