Autism Awareness Service

April is National Autism Awareness Month, which serves to educate the public about autism.  West Angeles is joining other congregations around the state in recognizing Autism this month through the efforts of Special Needs Network.

The President and Co-founder of Special Needs Network Attorney Areva Martin is scheduled to speak Sunday, April 22nd at the 11:00AM service to briefly share some information regarding Autism.  Attorney Martin will also touch on President Obama’s signing of the “Combating Autism Reauthorization Act” which provides funding for autism research, education, early detection and support services as well as President Obama’s proclamation of World Austism Awareness Day for April 2nd which serves to encourage Americans across the country to educate themselves and learn how they can support individuals and families dealing with autism.

West Angeles is in for a treat of Ms. Martin’s non-profit is an advocacy group for children and families dealing with autism in our community, founded from from the desire to educate the masses after her own son was diagnosed with autism.


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