Carry Out, Live Music Now Available in Crystal Room

Exciting things are happening on Sundays in the Crystal Room!

Not only will you continue enjoying a delicious and wholesome breakfast and dinner, but pick-up/carry out dinner service is now available!

If you prefer to dine in, LIVE music by Anthony Wilkins and Company is provided during the dinner hour. So, come and dine with us in YOUR West Angeles Crystal Room each Sunday. You will be glad you did!

We look forward to seeing you!

Consecration Month


The very word consecrate means to declare or set apart…be removed from.  In some versions the word consecrate means to make hallow or vulnerable.  As we anticipate January’s Consecration Month, I want to remind you that you are making yourself vulnerable to the word of God!

Just for you, we have an updated version of the Consecration Calendar complete with new rejuvenating scriptures and prayer focusesConsecrate yourselves, therefore, and be holy, for I am the Lord your God.(Leviticus 20:7) What I find so interesting about the above scripture is the sentence structure.  The adverb “therefore” modifies the transitive verb “consecrate” which is essentially telling the reader that if you declare or set apart, dedicate yourself for a sacred purpose, if you irrevocably devout yourself to God, there is NO WAY you cannot be holy,  in pleasing God, for ‘He’ is holy! (Leviticus 11:45).  Fantastic guidelines to live by–wouldn’t you agree?

Consecration Calendar (2014)

Are YOU ready for a Revival?


The Evangelists/Missionaries and The Brotherhood are joining forces again to present Holy Ghost Revival Part 3. Come join us each night beginning October 21st through October 25th for powerful prayer, inspirational singing, and anointed preaching in the North Campus Sanctuary! You don’t want to miss your blessing!!!!