Happy Birthday Lady Mae


Please join West Angeles  in honoring 1st Lady Mae L. Blake!  Lady Mae can be describe as a phenomenal woman of God, she is first a wife to the Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc; Pastor of West Angeles Church  and second, the founder of the Women Affairs Organization.

The Organization under her direction sponsors and coordinates numerous dynamic activities for the women of the church.  Many of these activities contribute to the beautification of West Angeles and the heart of the total woman, and men as well.

Each year, among other activities and services, the ladies of West Angeles are treated to an awesome inspiring event fittingly titled; “A Day in May with Lady Mae” in which the First Lady gives her annual encouraging message to the Body of Christ.  “A Day in May with Lady Mae,” is a highly anticipated event where she presents a message that is timely, sprinkled with living examples and pearls of wisdom in a simple, yet, humorous and entertaining way that keeps her audience fully engaged, holding on for her very last word, and leaving wanting more. 

Lady Mae is a gracious example of God’s gift in the earth and to West Angeles!   She is a loving, devoted wife to  Bishop Charles E. Blake and together they have three children and eight grandchildren. 

The family of West Angeles offers a resounding Happy Birthday this 25th day of July! 


A Day in Mae with Lady Mae



Mother’s Day weekend thousands of women joined First Lady Mae Blake for “A Day in May.”  There have been resounding accolades about the success of this event.  There was food, entertainment, fellowship amongst women and a highly anticipated address from First Lady Mae Blake.  Many women marveled over the advice, words of wisdom and encouragement that Lady Mae imparted so generously and eloquently.

Betty Smith, President of IAMSK, tells us, “As the President of IAMSK, being at this events means that it is a way to bridge the Young Adult Women to the Women Affairs Department and to let our first lady, Lady Mae know, that the young adult women love her and support her. And we admired her and she is everything we inspire to do with all of her elegance, grace and class.”

Many spoke of the event being the perfect Mother’s Day gift as they hoped to hear advice about motherhood and fellowship and celebrate with fellow mothers.  “I’m expecting to hear an enlightening word from Lady Mae in regards to mothers; She’s always energetic in her speaking and I usually work with her in the national work for guests that are coming in for Holy Convocation. And so I just wanted to be here and be amongst the saints.  So I felt it was going to be very uplifting because it’s close to Mother’s Day.”  Told to us by Mother Kathy Humphrey who was a first time attendee of the event.

The spirit of appreciation and thankfulness resonating from Mother’s Day reflected the hearts of women in the crowd towards Lady Mae and her amazing speech and event.  “A Day in May” simply reflects the immense love our first lady has for women, and she held nothing back and spared no expense to provide a fantastic Mother’s Day and time of fellowship for women everywhere.  All in all, A Day in May received the highest accolades and was undoubtedly a huge success.