Donor Relations

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Our donors impact the world.

Under the vision of Pastor, Bishop Charles E. Blake, our donors have saved lives in Africa,  built orphanages in Haiti, and rebuilt living conditions and lives right here at home.  We cherish our donors and the legacies they create.

Our donors are from all walks of life from the single working mother to the highest paid actor.  Each one has carefully chosen to fund projects and causes that are near and dear to them. As a result, millions of dollars are not only flowing throughout our local communities but communities nationwide.

We are working towards the convenience of accessing contribution statements online. Each month a statement is sent out to our donors showing when they gave and what an impact it has. Many become lay leaders at the Foundation by sharing their passion for legacy with other families and involving the next generation in philanthropy.

If you would like to become one of the many that has made a commitment to help fund the work of the Lord or if you have any questions on your contribution statements, please give us a call.