Happy Birthday, Bishop Blake!

Most people who live under the influence of a natural leader, trailblazer, and hero do not realize it until articles and books are published posthumously.

Pastor to West Angeles Church and Presiding Bishop to the Church of God in Christ denomination, Bishop Charles E. Blake, is arguably one of our nation’s modern day heroes and we are proud to call him our spiritual leader.

Bishop Charles E. Blake is the epitome of a servant. His whole life is, and has been, dedicated to loving his fellow man more than himself. He is first a husband to Mae Lawrence Blake. Together, they have three children and eight grandchildren. He is the pastor of West Angeles Church of God in Christ, which maintains a membership of over 24,000.

West Angeles is deeply involved in providing not only for the spiritual life of its people, but for the more than 80 programs aimed at the psychological, social, and economic enhancement of the community. Bishop Blake is a humble humanitarian and communitarian. He is the chief executive officer of Save Africa’s Children, a program berthed out of the Pan African Children’s Fund. The group has assisted over 300 grassroots and faith-based projects in sub-Saharan Africa, reaching over 90,000 AIDS-affected children. In addition, Save Africa’s Children supports more than 100 thousand children in 340 orphan care programs throughout more than 23 nations on the continent of Africa.

Bishop Blake is the founding Chairman of the Board of Directors for C.H. Mason Theological Seminary and has served as an Executive Committee member on the Board of Directors of the Interdenominational Theological Seminary. He also formerly served as an Advisory Committee Member of the Pentecostal World Conference.

Charles E. Blake was appointed the seventh in succession as Presiding Bishop by the General Assembly of the 6.5 million member Church of God in Christ on November 12, 2007. At the 101st Holy Convocation, during the quadrennial elections in 2008, Bishop Blake was re-elected as Presiding Bishop for another four-year term. As Presiding Bishop, Blake has become the new face of, and an international spokesperson for Pentecostalism, as it is known today.

Bishop Blake also served as Jurisdictional Prelate of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Southern California comprised of more than 250 churches for 25 years.

On April 6, 2009, in Washington, D.C., President Barack Obama tapped Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake to serve on his 25-person White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. He was also tapped as one of four to speak at the Democratic National Convention’s first Ecumenical Service, where he pronounced his status as pro-life democrat and challenged both Democrats and Republicans to protect the rights of the unborn and born alike.

Bishop Blake has received numerous awards, commendations and accolades. A few include:

  • The Distinguished Leadership Award presented by the African Presidential Archives and Research Center at Boston University in April 2007
  • The 2006 Trumpet Award
  • The Salvation Army’s William Booth Award, the Greenlining Institute’s Big Heart Award, and the designated recipient of the L.A. Urban League’s Whitney M. Young Award for the year 2000
  • The Harvard Foundation Humanitarian Medal for his work with Save Africa’s Children and its mission to support orphanages throughout that continent in 2003
  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors designated “Bishop Charles E. Blake Day,” February 5, 2004.

Happy Birthday to a man who has inspired many and continues to lead in humility, love, and worship.

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