West Angeles Church is the sum of its parts. And one of our most important pieces is our group of Elders.

The WestA Elder’s Corner is designed as a forum for our church Elders to share their wisdom with WestA faithful through written communication. The Elder’s Corner includes everything from tips on pursuing a Christian life to connecting with God through church and beyond.

Click the links below to have a look at the wisdom shared by our distinct group of WestA Elders!

Elder Charles Blake II: The Importance of the Black Church

Elder Potts: Bishop Blake’s 47 Years of Service

Elder Owens: The Top 5 Christmas Myths Debunked

Elder Brooks: Practical Christian Wisdom

Elder Owens: How to Connect with God in 7 Steps

Elder Hammonds: 4 Dynamic Relationships for Deeper Discipleship

Elder Graves: Christian Stewardship