How to dvelop a resurrection mentality

BISHOP BLAKE: The Power of the Resurrection Mentality

Silver lining resurrection mentality

Life may be challenging.  Changes may happen faster than we can sometimes understand them. The things that we thought we could rely upon and have leaned on for years, all seem to have failed us.  But there is one thing that is consistent: and that’s the word of God.

“Those who live most effectively are those who have tapped an unseen reservoir from which they can gain power and strength,” said Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake in his sermon titled, ‘The Resurrection Mentality’. “The power of God can be great in your life. And if He’s in your life, then just like He rose from the dead, you can rise out of any situation that may come against you.” As Bishop Blake continued, “The message…is that you can be free. You can be delivered in the name of Jesus.”

Read and be inspired by highlights from Bishop’s sermon below:

“Most of us will agree that life is becoming more complex and more difficult every day.”

“The dinosaur was strong, but he’s also gone.”

“Health, wealth, strength, prosperity, are not the keys to success…they’re not the keys to survival.

“The ability to endure adversity is a precious, precious commodity.”

“Those who live most effectively [are those] who have tapped an unseen reservoir from which they can gain power and strength.

Believing brings joy. Believing brings peace.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

People who don’t believe, people who don’t trust, are miserable and unhappy.”

“Unrealistic expectations and foolish and unfounded ambitions can destroy the very life of an individual.”

“So many folks have gone back because they thought the wrong things.”

“So many people today are locked in. So many people are fearful.”

Sometimes things happen that are so wonderful, we don’t even want to believe it, even though it’s standing before us alive and well.”

A crusade for unbelief has been launched against the life of every individual in this room...The world does not want you to believe.”

If you believe, you’ll walk after the spirit and not after the flesh.

The Lord wants you to believe and you NEED to believe.”

When the disciples did not believe, they were sad. When they did not believe, they returned to their old way of life.

Believing brings joy. Believing brings peace. Believing brings hope. Believing brings strength.

Bishop Blake

How To Overcome: Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake describes the resurrection mentality.

“The Risen Lord will show up in your life if you have faith enough to invite Him to come in.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

When you believe God’s Word, that enables you to walk by faith into your future, according to the power of Almighty God.”

“Are you somehow blocked, stopped, hindered, held up; unable to reach your goals…paralyzed by fear, by hopelessness? Believe the Word of God, and the same God that raised up Jesus will give you power and an altogether new life!

To meet the risen Lord will literally change your life.”

“I hope before we leave this room that you’ll get to know the risen Lord!

If you’re led to the scriptures, you’ve got the key to your future.”

The Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.

“This is my Bible. This is the Word of God. I am what it says I am! I’ve got what it says I’ve got! I can do what it says I can do, and the Word of God says ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!’”

“When you’re troubled, go to the Word! When you’re weak, go to the Word!” Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“The Holy Ghost is your spiritual clothing. It’s your spiritual adornment.

“Clothing protects you. Clothing shelters you. Clothing hides you from the eyes of people. Clothing keeps you from being exposed. And Jesus said, ‘You shall receive Power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you!’

“Life is in the Power of the Spirit…You can be free. You can be delivered in the name of Jesus!”

“If you know Jesus, if you know the Word of God, if you’ve got the Holy Ghost, you’re ready for everything that the devil might do against you!”

“Sickness won’t stop me. Trouble won’t stop me. Adversity won’t stop me. Enemies won’t stop me. Getting fired won’t stop me. Losing my job won’t stop me. Running out of money won’t stop me. As long as I’ve got Jesus, I can make it!”

“The same Power that showed up at the grave. The same power that transformed the dying body of Jesus Christ into a living immortal resurrected body. The same power that brought Him forth from the grave is right here, right now, in this room. He’s here to set you free!”

“The chain is broken in the name of Jesus! You’re free!”

Excerpted from the sermon titled, “The Resurrection Mentality,” by Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. , at West Angeles COGIC.

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Watch the entire sermon here on West Angeles Video On Demand, and hear Minister Donnie McClurkin sing “We Fall Down”, below.

IMAGES: featured image, Matt Botsford; small image, Sam Schooler both for Unsplash.