On Westa.org, we’re celebrating the power and strength of women. Read our list of 7 dynamic traits of women in the Bible which are sure to keep you inspired.

As modern-day women, we seem to have as many mountains to climb today as at any other time in history. Sometimes we find ourselves questioning whether we have the strength to balance the weight of all the responsibilities heaped upon our shoulders. We start our days on the run, stressed-out.  We worry that we’re unable to manage in our multiple roles as wife, daughter, mother, and career woman.

Often, we end our days seeking serenity by immersing ourselves in our favorite TV shows or social media outlets. Instead of finding peace, however, we’re bombarded with soul-shaking news stories and demoralizing images.  Those news reports seem to challenge the progress we’ve made as a people and as a nation.  And those challenges are made worse when they undermine our faith. 

We also know that we should make sure we’re healthy mentally and physically.  When one is mentally and physically fit, one can help others more efficiently. However, with so much to do and so little time, we go to bed exhausted and awaken the same way, unsure of how we’ll summon the strength to rise again and to start another day.

As women before us have known for centuries though, we must not lose heart when our help is as close as the Bible on the nightstand beside us.

8 dynamic traits of women in the Bible.

Prayer Warrior: 8 dynamic traits of women in the Bible.


The Bible tells us the story of our history, and it has the key to our empowerment. Women throughout history have overcome obstacles by seeking God.  They’ve relied upon His Word, and have gained strength from the Bible’s unlimited source of power.  

Here’s a list of 7 dynamic qualities of women in  the Bible to inspire and fortify you:

Prayer warrior. Women in the Bible reflect the power of prayer: Hannah’s prayers produce a warrior for God (1 Samuel 1:9-11); while Anna’s prayers and devotion to our Savior brought her honor and the promise of the Kingdom to come (Luke 2:36–38).

Support system. Together, Naomi and Ruth use Godly wisdom to secure their family’s future – and change the course of history (Book of Ruth).

Purpose-driven. To cure her condition, one debilitated woman endures possible disdain, scorn, and banishment to connect with Jesus. Nothing deters her from God’s Healing Power.  She exhibits a shining example of unwavering faith (Matthew 9:20-22).

Entrepreneur. The woman described in Proverbs 31 is a hard-working, enterprising, industrious entrepreneur.  She not only weaves her own fabrics (Proverbs 31:19) but from that fabric she also “makes linen garments and sells them.” She supplies products for other merchants (Proverbs 31:10-31) and makes her family proud.

Life-saver. Esther uses the power of grace, fasting, and marriage to save her people from extermination (Book of Esther).  And Deborah, prophet and judge, knows how to save her nation from oppression.  She aligns herself with a leader named Barak who can get help her to get the job done (Judges 4).

Ruler of nations. The Queen of Sheba uses wisdom and discernment before giving King Solomon her blessing (1 Kings 10:1-13).  But Jesus warns the disobedient that they will not have the same results (Matthew 12:42)!

Mother of humanity. Eve is the first woman – mother of us all (Genesis 3:20). And to Mary, a Savior is born, whose existence gives us the only living example of our fullest potential (Matthew 1:18-21).


So, the next time you need a boost of faith, come back to this list of Biblical heroines.  It will remind you of those who came before you; of those who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges.  They all triumphed through the power of almighty God.  

Stay strong, encouraged, and focused on the Promise of The Word. As women, we can do all things through Him who gives us strength.

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