Practical Christian Living

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Everyone tells you that you should study God’s word more often, but how does one go about studying the Bible?   PCL’s mission is to present a systematic disciplined study of God’s Word and principles of Christian life on a non-technical level.  PCL offers you an opportunity to study Bible subjects that you have always wondered about.  Here, education is offered in a way that you can understand giving you the opportunity to quickly learn some values of Christian living. Now that you are saved, where do you learn how to be a better Christian worker, parent, wife, or husband?  The Practical Christian Living Program is your answer.

Before you get started in the technical study of the Bible, you must have a foundation of Biblical knowledge to build upon.  PCL offers several certificate courses of study to help you accomplish this goal.  There is a harmony and consistency of the scriptures that give us an understanding of the character of the Word.  When you understand this principle, it is impossible to continue in error.