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Confidence and Compassion in Prayer
John 5:14-15

“14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. “

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request Title# PrayersDate 
Lord Have Mercy Jesus104-26-2017View Details
Grandson salvation104-25-2017View Details
LOVE104-25-2017View Details
Ms. Randolph104-24-2017View Details
Prayer104-22-2017View Details
my son,my husband and my business104-21-2017View Details
Prayer for Family, Personal Healing and Finances104-21-2017View Details
spiritual warfare104-19-2017View Details
Prayers to conceive 104-18-2017View Details
Help104-17-2017View Details
My help cometh from the Lord !104-15-2017View Details
Discrimination, harrassment, retaliation and Threats104-15-2017View Details
Pray for Our Nation104-14-2017View Details
Financial Miracle104-14-2017View Details
Protection, Deliverance, Grace, and Mercy104-11-2017View Details
Healing and finances104-11-2017View Details
Untitled104-10-2017View Details
Release/ protection 104-10-2017View Details
Prayer 104-10-2017View Details
CYSHAUNA MANNEY104-09-2017View Details
ELOIS GUYSE104-09-2017View Details
finances104-08-2017View Details
Pray for my sons please104-07-2017View Details
big orchard basketball team104-07-2017View Details
Healing 104-06-2017View Details
Ministry 104-06-2017View Details
Prosperity 104-04-2017View Details
Family 104-04-2017View Details
/104-01-2017View Details
Healing/surgery 104-01-2017View Details
God's Healing, Help, and Relief for me and many others.103-31-2017View Details
The Lord's Salvation, Healing, and Protection for many people.103-31-2017View Details
Financial blessing family restore103-31-2017View Details
Prayer Support103-29-2017View Details
Home, Stability and Salvation For Someone Else103-27-2017View Details
I need prayer to defeat witchcraft directed against me103-27-2017View Details
Healing103-27-2017View Details
The loss of my brother 103-26-2017View Details
Healing and Financial Increase103-24-2017View Details
Favor on my Job103-24-2017View Details
Car Accident Dilemma103-23-2017View Details
For son and Fiance 103-21-2017View Details
Dad's Cardiologist Appointment103-21-2017View Details
Defeating Lupus103-20-2017View Details
LA Living Arrangements 103-20-2017View Details
Asking for prayer for my sister.103-16-2017View Details
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus103-16-2017View Details
My job 103-16-2017View Details
chnlove real or fake
103-16-2017View Details
God heal my kidneys103-15-2017View Details
True and Sincere Love103-14-2017View Details
/103-13-2017View Details
Bible Translation103-13-2017View Details
Healing103-12-2017View Details
Urgent Prayer Request103-11-2017View Details
Healing103-10-2017View Details
BRYSON CLARK103-10-2017View Details
money 103-09-2017View Details
Healing and Increase in Finances103-07-2017View Details
Life and Finances 103-07-2017View Details
Healing, Hope and Happiness103-06-2017View Details
Thank you Jesus103-05-2017View Details
gladys stuart103-04-2017View Details
Starting Over103-02-2017View Details
ms.gaines103-01-2017View Details
george walker103-01-2017View Details
For my son103-01-2017View Details
Prayer for success at work102-28-2017View Details
So Alone.102-27-2017View Details
Healing102-27-2017View Details
elois guyse102-27-2017View Details
Divine intervetion prayer102-26-2017View Details
Healing102-25-2017View Details
diabetes102-24-2017View Details
Financial Breakthrough102-24-2017View Details
A Miracle for Mom102-23-2017View Details
strength102-22-2017View Details
My Gifts to be restored. 102-22-2017View Details
favor & finance102-22-2017View Details
Financial Relief102-21-2017View Details
NEED FOR SCHOOL FEES102-21-2017View Details
Prayer for a baby please102-20-2017View Details
Prayer for my son102-20-2017View Details
Healing102-18-2017View Details
URGENT favor,funds and place to live1102-16-2017View Details
Employment & Medical Concern102-16-2017View Details
Supernatural Favor Over Social Work Internship Acceptance102-16-2017View Details
HOUSING 102-16-2017View Details
fellowship with God102-15-2017View Details
Dad's Pulmonologist Visit102-15-2017View Details
deliverence102-14-2017View Details
Social security money102-13-2017View Details
NEPHEW ERIC MANNEY102-12-2017View Details
DELIVERANCE102-11-2017View Details
Healing102-11-2017View Details
Been In Hospital For Two Weeks102-09-2017View Details
Please Pray for My Friend102-07-2017View Details
Social security money102-07-2017View Details
God's.mercy102-07-2017View Details
hair restore102-06-2017View Details
Been In Hospital For Two Weeks102-06-2017View Details
community basketball players schlorships to colleges102-06-2017View Details
Wisdom Needed102-05-2017View Details
Need Urgent Prayers102-04-2017View Details
ALL AROUND GENERAL102-03-2017View Details
my son off substances102-03-2017View Details
re visit kenya102-02-2017View Details
Lack / poverty /depression 102-01-2017View Details
Further Prayer Request101-31-2017View Details
look for acareer101-30-2017View Details
i need cebuano language new testaments 101-30-2017View Details
Prayer for my family101-30-2017View Details
Mrs. Ralls101-30-2017View Details
/101-29-2017View Details
state of illinois retirees and employees101-28-2017View Details
Guidance101-27-2017View Details
Please pray and share 101-27-2017View Details
Gods Blessings 101-26-2017View Details
Favor 101-25-2017View Details
Divine intervention 101-25-2017View Details
God's help101-25-2017View Details
Financial Blessing101-25-2017View Details
Agree With Me for my Sister's Healing201-24-2017View Details
media ministry101-24-2017View Details
Attacks from devil101-23-2017View Details
niece101-22-2017View Details
FRIEND ROBERT101-21-2017View Details
Family Situation 101-20-2017View Details
Prayer re Work101-17-2017View Details
SEFERINA STARKS101-17-2017View Details
Pray for Mark Mason101-14-2017View Details
healing101-14-2017View Details
Be the head not the tail.101-13-2017View Details
Urgent Personal Prayer Request101-13-2017View Details
Miracles101-12-2017View Details
Divine intervention help immediately101-12-2017View Details
This 2017 year101-12-2017View Details
NEPHEW AND HIS FRIEND101-11-2017View Details
Danielle King101-09-2017View Details
miracle 101-08-2017View Details
prayer request101-06-2017View Details
Healing 101-06-2017View Details
Healing of Memory 101-06-2017View Details
Employment and Peace101-06-2017View Details
Spiritual oneness with Lord101-06-2017View Details
Urgent request for a job and God's protection for my son Jason101-05-2017View Details
Friend's Salvation101-05-2017View Details
I have left my first love101-04-2017View Details
Healing101-03-2017View Details
Family Situation 101-02-2017View Details
NIECE AND FRIEND112-30-2016View Details
Employment and Peace212-30-2016View Details
A financial miracle and employment opportunities in 2017 112-29-2016View Details
healing for cancers112-28-2016View Details
Home/Family112-28-2016View Details
Healing for my Mom112-27-2016View Details
need miracle112-24-2016View Details
Pray for Dakota112-23-2016View Details
Finances212-20-2016View Details
New employment for myself and son; home paid off.112-20-2016View Details
Stage 4 Cancer112-17-2016View Details
Help112-16-2016View Details
restoration 112-16-2016View Details
Healing for my Mom112-16-2016View Details
rr112-16-2016View Details
Hate needs to end112-16-2016View Details
/112-15-2016View Details
Restoration and Deliverance112-14-2016View Details
Healing112-12-2016View Details
Power & Favor Stronger walk with God112-12-2016View Details
Yet Believing112-11-2016View Details
nieces112-11-2016View Details
Healing for my Mom112-11-2016View Details
Godly companion 212-09-2016View Details
Gods Favor112-09-2016View Details
Salvation, deliverance, restoration112-07-2016View Details
3 ill people112-06-2016View Details
Miracle112-04-2016View Details
Grandnephew having dental surgery112-02-2016View Details
Pregnancy 112-02-2016View Details
Praise Report and Further Prayer Requests112-02-2016View Details
Employment and legal matters112-02-2016View Details
Family and health and finances112-01-2016View Details
Lord please make a way!!!112-01-2016View Details
Heaking for my MOM112-01-2016View Details
Drought 111-30-2016View Details
Productivity, finances and court case prayer.111-29-2016View Details
Defeating lust111-29-2016View Details
Healing, Financial, Miracle in my living situation 111-29-2016View Details
Prayer for mercy111-29-2016View Details
Prayer for job and home111-29-2016View Details
Prayer for healing111-28-2016View Details
/111-28-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING111-26-2016View Details
In need of help this Holiday Season an into 2017111-25-2016View Details
Healing111-24-2016View Details
TOO BE STRONG111-23-2016View Details
Health111-22-2016View Details
Healing for Cancer111-21-2016View Details
Prayer Request111-21-2016View Details
Continued spiritual growth111-20-2016View Details
Favor & Mercy for my Son.111-20-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING111-19-2016View Details
Employment opportunity 111-17-2016View Details
Pray for Property Recovery111-17-2016View Details
healing, finances, bodysenses (healing)111-17-2016View Details
family restoration111-16-2016View Details
Father have mercy on us111-15-2016View Details
God's timing211-14-2016View Details
Prayer for God's Favor111-11-2016View Details
prayer111-11-2016View Details
/111-10-2016View Details
www.jafeti.com111-08-2016View Details
Pray for Healing for my Mother Mary Jane Navta111-08-2016View Details
Pray for a 15 year old111-07-2016View Details
spiritual warfare111-06-2016View Details
For healing spiritual and physical 111-05-2016View Details
Salvation211-01-2016View Details
My son and my business please help me211-01-2016View Details
/210-31-2016View Details
Need a place to stay410-29-2016View Details
Mentally Ill violent son210-29-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING110-29-2016View Details
Shirley Morse.210-28-2016View Details
Pray for Healing for my friend Adrienne's sister.110-27-2016View Details
Prayer Request110-27-2016View Details
Pray for my Job110-25-2016View Details
a miracle and breakthrough!210-24-2016View Details
Healing110-22-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING110-22-2016View Details
Healing110-20-2016View Details
Healing110-20-2016View Details
Our nation needs you110-18-2016View Details
Traveling Grace and Mercy & Safey, Health and Peace of Mind110-18-2016View Details
Steadfast IN the Trial110-18-2016View Details
renew in the holy ghost110-16-2016View Details
renew in the holy ghost110-16-2016View Details
Pray for my miracle of healing!!!110-15-2016View Details
International Prayer of Ageement for God's help for many.110-15-2016View Details
USA prayer for our Nation.110-15-2016View Details
Prayer of agreement from Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.110-15-2016View Details
Father heal my mind110-13-2016View Details
Healing Brain of Grace JAMENTZ 110-13-2016View Details
Pray for my sister110-13-2016View Details
Open service of church of God in Christ 110-12-2016View Details
Soulmate110-12-2016View Details
Grandson Salvation110-11-2016View Details
AALC110-10-2016View Details
my faith110-09-2016View Details
Job and financial restoration/increase110-09-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING110-09-2016View Details
Philomena Stendardo110-06-2016View Details
Jobs finances health relationships110-04-2016View Details
I stop being abusive and release the demons110-01-2016View Details
wife110-01-2016View Details
Healing210-01-2016View Details
Salvation209-30-2016View Details
Prayer for Job Position with Current Employer Microsoft 209-29-2016View Details
My Career for What God Has For Me109-28-2016View Details
peace209-27-2016View Details
job209-26-2016View Details
Always Alone209-21-2016View Details
Hate needs to end109-21-2016View Details
Employment, Church Home, Son's Health109-21-2016View Details
Need for deliverance109-21-2016View Details
marriage109-17-2016View Details
Seeking hope209-16-2016View Details
pray for my family109-16-2016View Details
Praying for healing & good health209-15-2016View Details
Free Celeste from Bondage Jesus109-14-2016View Details
high school champanionship209-14-2016View Details
My Career109-13-2016View Details
Investments109-11-2016View Details
Healing109-11-2016View Details
Help209-09-2016View Details
Help109-09-2016View Details
/109-09-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING109-08-2016View Details
Healing and Deliverance109-08-2016View Details
My husband109-07-2016View Details
6 months lost109-06-2016View Details
Father YOU are my hope109-06-2016View Details
nephewd109-04-2016View Details
Prayers needed109-02-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING209-01-2016View Details
Policeman who was hit by a car in Coffeville,MS.208-31-2016View Details
friends and family208-30-2016View Details
Herbert and Myrtis Jackson208-29-2016View Details
Adam King208-29-2016View Details
Danielle King208-29-2016View Details
Oscar Washingtion Senior208-29-2016View Details
Rita Williams208-29-2016View Details
Tina Brown208-29-2016View Details
Marriage 208-28-2016View Details
Reconciliation and newness between Kenesha and Jamaal 208-28-2016View Details
HEALING/SALVATION208-26-2016View Details
Health issues208-25-2016View Details
healing208-24-2016View Details
Milton Hervey was hit by a car. 208-23-2016View Details
Police officer hit by a car. 208-23-2016View Details
niece and nephew208-23-2016View Details
Prayer request from Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA208-23-2016View Details
SALVATION/HEALING208-23-2016View Details
Spiritual Warfare208-21-2016View Details
/208-21-2016View Details
finding fulfillment208-18-2016View Details
Deliverance 308-18-2016View Details
Need help from Jesus208-17-2016View Details
Prayer for inmate, Pam208-17-2016View Details
Prayer for son, Brandon208-17-2016View Details
Prayer for Family208-17-2016View Details
Urgent Matter308-15-2016View Details
Continued Healing208-14-2016View Details
stroke208-14-2016View Details
Salvation ,etc208-13-2016View Details
Salvation and God\208-13-2016View Details
Prayer for New Job Position with Current Employer Microsoft 208-06-2016View Details
/408-06-2016View Details
Healing for Pat Means, a long time West A member207-31-2016View Details
Prayer Request107-31-2016View Details
Let my family believe in me107-30-2016View Details
Help107-28-2016View Details
Healing107-26-2016View Details
finacial brakethrough407-22-2016View Details
/107-22-2016View Details
Funding for my business.107-22-2016View Details
My brother Fuzum and My sister Aster107-21-2016View Details
Prayers for Safety and Salvation107-21-2016View Details
Friend's Dad Stroke107-16-2016View Details
Cancer Diagnose207-13-2016View Details
For world peace and equality107-13-2016View Details
Under attack by Devil/Pray for God's Intervention207-12-2016View Details
Angry needs to ends107-11-2016View Details
Healing, Deliverance and Strength107-10-2016View Details
From Dessie Chalmers 107-10-2016View Details
Urget Needs107-10-2016View Details
Deliverance 107-09-2016View Details
/107-08-2016View Details
PRAISE REPORT! And Continued Prayer107-06-2016View Details
Provisions107-03-2016View Details
Healing for bettie107-02-2016View Details
prayer for vickie107-02-2016View Details
Cover with the Blood of Jesus for teonna107-02-2016View Details
Healing107-02-2016View Details
Stop drinking so much!!!207-02-2016View Details
Weight207-01-2016View Details
Need a new job suicide thoughts everyday206-30-2016View Details
Corporate prayer request106-29-2016View Details
car106-26-2016View Details
Family106-24-2016View Details
Pray with for a miralce106-24-2016View Details
Vesta &Family106-23-2016View Details
Tonight 106-22-2016View Details
My coworker 106-22-2016View Details
Angry needs to ends106-22-2016View Details
/106-21-2016View Details
In dire need of a breakthrough from addiction and depression!106-20-2016View Details
To Be Married and Receive a Car106-19-2016View Details
Request for Prayer from Sean in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.106-18-2016View Details
pray for my husband106-18-2016View Details
My marriage 206-16-2016View Details
Deliverance 106-14-2016View Details
/106-13-2016View Details
please pray for me 106-12-2016View Details
Salvation106-06-2016View Details
Prayer for my Sister 206-06-2016View Details
Employment106-06-2016View Details
Provisions106-05-2016View Details
/106-03-2016View Details
Breaking of strongholds.105-31-2016View Details
Single mother needs financial blessings105-29-2016View Details
Prayer for Protection and Restoration for Mentally Ill Person105-28-2016View Details
TOXIC GUY/RELATIONSHIP305-27-2016View Details
GUIDANCE405-26-2016View Details
Father heal me205-26-2016View Details
from a single mother 505-21-2016View Details
Please Pray for Carolyn Patton and Family105-20-2016View Details
need prayers105-19-2016View Details
Sttarting Over105-18-2016View Details
deliverance105-15-2016View Details
Healing105-14-2016View Details
spiritual warfare205-13-2016View Details
/105-02-2016View Details
Employment105-01-2016View Details
My Life Back105-01-2016View Details
Family104-26-2016View Details
FAMILY 104-24-2016View Details
DEMONIC BONDAGES104-20-2016View Details
pray for my brother in law Gerald Wilson104-17-2016View Details
For healing104-16-2016View Details
God Help Students with Testing 104-14-2016View Details
Prayer for Son104-14-2016View Details
urgent funds,favor and a aplace to live now!104-14-2016View Details
Financial breakthrough Blessing104-13-2016View Details
3b Elem. Students 104-13-2016View Details
Pray for my family.104-11-2016View Details
/104-11-2016View Details
Racism at Work404-10-2016View Details
Financial help104-07-2016View Details
SPIRITUAL ATTACK104-06-2016View Details
funds,favor,and a place to live now!104-05-2016View Details
Loved ones104-05-2016View Details
Fulfill the Vocation in which I have been called!104-02-2016View Details
/103-30-2016View Details
Guidance / Economic & Financial103-28-2016View Details
Financial 103-25-2016View Details
Favor103-25-2016View Details
Favor 103-25-2016View Details
Help103-22-2016View Details
Peace 103-22-2016View Details
prayer for healing103-22-2016View Details
Salvation and Healing103-22-2016View Details
Pray for my Healing.103-21-2016View Details
intense healing for a broken heart103-16-2016View Details
Eyes 103-15-2016View Details
/103-14-2016View Details
prayer for me i need god faith to day and healing103-13-2016View Details
binding and breaking the powers of darkness103-12-2016View Details
Prayer for our Family (Sister Hazel Walker)103-11-2016View Details
Jose Love Family103-07-2016View Details
Prayer for healing103-02-2016View Details
Job related 103-01-2016View Details
prayer for me i need god wisdom103-01-2016View Details
/103-01-2016View Details
Prayer for my mother,sister,family and myself103-01-2016View Details
Witness for God/Caretaker for Husband202-28-2016View Details
protection102-27-2016View Details
diabetes102-21-2016View Details
Health102-21-2016View Details
Back healing102-20-2016View Details
He\102-20-2016View Details
guidance 102-20-2016View Details
i need god faith102-20-2016View Details
Lord to use me102-19-2016View Details
spiritual warfare102-19-2016View Details
God keep his protective arms around my family102-18-2016View Details
funds,favor,and a place to live now!102-18-2016View Details
A wife from the lord102-17-2016View Details
healing102-15-2016View Details
sister in a coma102-12-2016View Details
healing102-12-2016View Details
Restoration of my marriage 102-07-2016View Details
only son's cancer102-04-2016View Details
any101-31-2016View Details
Co-Worker's Mother101-27-2016View Details
family healing101-25-2016View Details
/101-18-2016View Details
Sanctification and Deliverance101-17-2016View Details
Buy penny-pinching generics no recipe101-14-2016View Details
Strength to fight & survive !101-13-2016View Details
Salvation101-11-2016View Details
addction101-11-2016View Details
pray for our health101-10-2016View Details
my god mom has past away and cuz in hospital died101-10-2016View Details
Work101-09-2016View Details
I feel so much happi101-07-2016View Details
HELP FOR EVERYTHING101-06-2016View Details
mom brother muse family101-06-2016View Details
wife day jden pastor scott stephen101-06-2016View Details
Healing 101-03-2016View Details
New Job at La Care as a Clinical pharmacist.101-02-2016View Details
Need a healing miracle for our son101-02-2016View Details
I'am request God healing hands101-01-2016View Details
miracles112-30-2015View Details
Trying to hold on to my faith112-29-2015View Details
Family/finances112-28-2015View Details
deliverance112-28-2015View Details
Urgent Prayers Needed!112-28-2015View Details
Restore my son112-27-2015View Details
prayer for guidance and healing112-27-2015View Details
Prayer Request112-27-2015View Details
Restore, revive our marriage112-23-2015View Details
Prayer for Co-workers112-22-2015View Details
renewed relationship112-21-2015View Details
/112-20-2015View Details
spiritual warfare112-20-2015View Details
favor112-18-2015View Details
super-natural112-18-2015View Details
my grandson's protection and my financial breakthrough112-16-2015View Details
Let Us Pray112-14-2015View Details
Praying for healing112-14-2015View Details
Big lump on back112-14-2015View Details
Strength In the Lord 112-14-2015View Details
Deliverance 112-13-2015View Details
Vehicle112-11-2015View Details
Restoration of my marriage 112-09-2015View Details
Healing for Cancer112-04-2015View Details
Healing For A Tumor111-29-2015View Details
Request for prayer support / agreement from Sean in CA, USA.111-28-2015View Details
BREAKTHOUGHT111-27-2015View Details
ECHOgram for Tuesday111-24-2015View Details
Sttarting Over111-23-2015View Details
he felt the same way111-22-2015View Details
Please pray for a 17111-20-2015View Details
From Superintendant 111-20-2015View Details
My husband was dsoia111-20-2015View Details
Sandy WhiteThank Wes111-20-2015View Details
This was a powerful 111-20-2015View Details
Dr. Sherry Lynn Maso111-20-2015View Details
Thank you Bishop Bla111-20-2015View Details
Prayer for my brother 111-19-2015View Details
Salvation for Co-Worker111-18-2015View Details
Marriage211-12-2015View Details
/111-02-2015View Details
deliverance111-02-2015View Details
Healing 111-01-2015View Details
Son110-30-2015View Details
Employment110-30-2015View Details
need prayers110-28-2015View Details
son110-27-2015View Details
Need a miracle for Saundra Dunn110-27-2015View Details
Miracle Healing for Kimberly T. Banks110-26-2015View Details
Family110-20-2015View Details
Prayers for our Father the MOST HIGH GOD, Jesus and his wife110-19-2015View Details
/110-18-2015View Details
Prayer for Healing110-18-2015View Details
Deliverance for my mother110-18-2015View Details
special prayer for my family110-18-2015View Details
Please Pray for my Fiance in the Philippines 🙁110-18-2015View Details
Pray for my Uncle110-18-2015View Details
Bring Back My Grand kids from DFCS Now!!!110-17-2015View Details
Mission Finances 110-16-2015View Details
Guidance110-16-2015View Details
STRENGTH IN LEGS 110-13-2015View Details
Family110-12-2015View Details
Healing and total recovery after surgery110-11-2015View Details
deliver me from financial hardship110-11-2015View Details
Request for prayer support from Sean in CA, USA.110-09-2015View Details
Mother in hospital110-08-2015View Details
hurt me soul.110-07-2015View Details
Prayer for GDB110-07-2015View Details
God protection110-06-2015View Details
Breakthroughs,salvation,healing and deliverance.& a fresh fire110-05-2015View Details
Protection and healing110-05-2015View Details
Emotional Healing & Power to overcome110-05-2015View Details
Come backs110-05-2015View Details
Self 110-04-2015View Details
Healing Prayer for Bynetta Graham110-03-2015View Details
my brother in hospital in Florida110-03-2015View Details
pray for Royce110-01-2015View Details
Praying for a miracle and a sign from jesus110-01-2015View Details
Homeless need financial help. 109-30-2015View Details
Mother109-29-2015View Details
loving kindness109-29-2015View Details
god family career109-29-2015View Details
Prayer Request109-28-2015View Details
Solidarity and prosperity as I enbark on this spiritaul journey.109-28-2015View Details
Prayer for Healing 109-27-2015View Details
spritual warefare109-26-2015View Details
Legal Issue109-21-2015View Details
Marriage Restoration109-21-2015View Details
My Sister Nancy Williams Needs Prayer109-18-2015View Details
Prayer of Agreement109-16-2015View Details
Healing, and protection109-16-2015View Details
for my nephew Willie Tyrone shipley 109-15-2015View Details
Family109-15-2015View Details
Divine Favor109-14-2015View Details
Praise report109-14-2015View Details
Prayer for a successful semester and for help with finding a job109-14-2015View Details
healing,protection, wisdom109-13-2015View Details
Relationship Trust and Financial 109-13-2015View Details
miracle of protection109-13-2015View Details
Deliverance109-12-2015View Details
Big job interview on Tues Sept 15th. 109-10-2015View Details
Request for prayer from Sean in CA, USA.109-10-2015View Details
spiritual warfare\109-10-2015View Details
Classic New Balance 373 Trainers Femmes Gris109-10-2015View Details
Cheapest Adidas Superstar Herren Laufen Nacht Flash109-10-2015View Details
Deliverance/Favor109-10-2015View Details
Family109-06-2015View Details
My son Dylan (age 10) is diagnosed as a Hemophiliac 109-06-2015View Details
Job109-03-2015View Details
The right path109-03-2015View Details
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Healing108-21-2015View Details
Urgent prayer108-21-2015View Details
Healing108-21-2015View Details
Sucessful Surgery508-20-2015View Details
Very Urgent Prayer Requests408-20-2015View Details
need a healing miracle408-20-2015View Details
urgent need !208-19-2015View Details
Employment to save my home.108-19-2015View Details
/208-19-2015View Details
Prayer for Deliverance from harassment108-19-2015View Details
Prayer for God's help108-18-2015View Details
A financial breakthough408-18-2015View Details
Direction and patience108-18-2015View Details
Healing for my son208-17-2015View Details
family408-16-2015View Details
Prayer For Chandra208-16-2015View Details
Son208-12-2015View Details
General 208-12-2015View Details
Student Needs Help badly!208-11-2015View Details
Family Reunification Prayer208-11-2015View Details
I CAn't Begin To thank the Lord 108-10-2015View Details
Deliverance from Alcoholism for brother108-10-2015View Details
mr208-10-2015View Details
healing for my sister in christ ..cancer208-09-2015View Details
healing and peace108-06-2015View Details
Financial Miracle108-06-2015View Details
Spiritual blessing, financial blessing408-06-2015View Details
Deliverance 108-05-2015View Details
Deliverance108-05-2015View Details
Aaron McNeil mental health 308-05-2015View Details
Healing For My Father108-04-2015View Details
Pray for Rodney Spillers Sr. 108-04-2015View Details
Pray for Jodi108-04-2015View Details
Need funding for college408-03-2015View Details
I Praise God.208-03-2015View Details
Lord Heal My Body Completely308-02-2015View Details
Restoration 108-02-2015View Details
Need Hope208-01-2015View Details
Financial Favor 208-01-2015View Details
School spot108-01-2015View Details
Prayer for Florence Baker108-01-2015View Details
urgent need to justice and move!107-31-2015View Details
Going back to College207-31-2015View Details
wisdom207-30-2015View Details
God's Purpose 4 My Life?207-30-2015View Details
Employmen/Career, Marriage, Family107-29-2015View Details
Looking for a Church207-28-2015View Details
Marriage Restoration107-27-2015View Details
Healing107-26-2015View Details
Growing Stronger in my walk207-26-2015View Details
need help to get to lexington,ms107-25-2015View Details
/107-24-2015View Details
Urgent miracle107-23-2015View Details
Prayer for myself and brother107-20-2015View Details
Homosexuals107-20-2015View Details
Please give me STRENGTH!107-19-2015View Details
Family spouse problems 107-19-2015View Details
Guidance and strength and healthy recovery707-15-2015View Details
Future407-15-2015View Details
my legal situation207-14-2015View Details
LEADERSHIP/CHURCH207-14-2015View Details
Healing prayer207-14-2015View Details
Prayer for Mother Allen307-13-2015View Details
Financial favor207-13-2015View Details
Financial Blessing207-13-2015View Details
Need Employment207-13-2015View Details
Blessed with a job!107-12-2015View Details
Career & Marriage107-10-2015View Details
Job good health financial favor107-09-2015View Details
Deliverance107-09-2015View Details
My promotion is on the way107-09-2015View Details
jobs and health407-08-2015View Details
Financial Blessings207-08-2015View Details
Healthy family.207-08-2015View Details
Father heal me307-06-2015View Details
Help Getting To Los Angeles 307-06-2015View Details
overcoming satan by God's power207-06-2015View Details
spiritual warfare207-03-2015View Details
/107-02-2015View Details
Family/Finance/Business107-02-2015View Details
Healing For My Mother406-30-2015View Details
Father touch me606-29-2015View Details
success and prosperity in my studies306-29-2015View Details
Wisdom and Protection206-28-2015View Details
Deliverance206-28-2015View Details
Drug and alcohol addiction206-27-2015View Details
To make it through the GCU doctoral Program206-27-2015View Details
Direction and Comfort106-26-2015View Details
WALKING IN THE BLESSING 206-26-2015View Details
Strength & health206-25-2015View Details
healing ,career and marriage306-25-2015View Details
restoration306-25-2015View Details
Family106-24-2015View Details
Husbands Healing206-24-2015View Details
Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom206-24-2015View Details
Need help306-24-2015View Details
My mother, who has advanced Alzheimer206-23-2015View Details
Brianna Davis106-23-2015View Details
Financial Increase for Janielle and Brenda Wiseman106-23-2015View Details
help to overcome bondage of joblessness 106-22-2015View Details
Deliverance and healing for adopted daughter306-20-2015View Details
Pray for Healing106-20-2015View Details
Peace on the job.206-20-2015View Details
Full Custody of my children 1306-17-2015View Details
starting again 706-16-2015View Details
Please give me strength206-16-2015View Details
Peace in my spirit and my life406-16-2015View Details
/206-16-2015View Details
Miracle Breakthrough706-16-2015View Details
a place to stay406-15-2015View Details
Alteration of my soul & spirit506-15-2015View Details
finding me a job406-15-2015View Details
peace306-14-2015View Details
Renewal306-13-2015View Details
Healing fo my leg. Having terrible pain in right leg since 2006206-13-2015View Details
Healing of Crohn's Disease for Jeff Stetson and MS for his wife206-13-2015View Details
urgent financial break through406-12-2015View Details
Direction 206-11-2015View Details
Need Prayers206-10-2015View Details
Healing206-10-2015View Details
URGENT MIRACLE506-10-2015View Details
Career Advancement in the entertainment industry206-10-2015View Details
Miracles are on the way 406-09-2015View Details
Career Advancement in the entertainment industry806-09-2015View Details
Depression, Sadness906-09-2015View Details
/806-09-2015View Details
spiritual warfare306-07-2015View Details
Need for my Heavenly Father to move on my behalf and restore306-07-2015View Details
Mammogram Exam406-05-2015View Details
finances906-04-2015View Details
MY MOTHER'S HOME GOING306-02-2015View Details
Healing for my 97 year old mother206-01-2015View Details
financial break through306-01-2015View Details
Urgent miracle!205-29-2015View Details
Employment and Transportation305-29-2015View Details
Deliverance, healing, salvation, relationship renewal405-26-2015View Details
spiritual needs205-25-2015View Details
Depression, Mental, Bipolar Disorder305-25-2015View Details
fibriods 305-24-2015View Details
for my husband205-24-2015View Details
breakthrough ~ financial blessing205-24-2015View Details
extension in kuwait granted in the name of Jesus205-22-2015View Details
Financial Blessings205-22-2015View Details
Healing for my son205-21-2015View Details
my brother 305-21-2015View Details
Urgent request from a veteran105-20-2015View Details
Financial Blesssing and a home405-20-2015View Details
Strength to serve in my uncomfortable living situation305-19-2015View Details
healing205-19-2015View Details
surgery205-19-2015View Details
Legal settlement205-18-2015View Details
prayer105-17-2015View Details
Encourage and Restore 205-17-2015View Details
School and Business105-17-2015View Details
Free To Serve!!105-17-2015View Details
BUSINESS AND FINANCES 205-15-2015View Details
Healing 205-15-2015View Details
exam105-15-2015View Details
i need a blessing from god105-15-2015View Details
Healing for Maria405-15-2015View Details
need Gods help right now105-15-2015View Details
MY NEPHEW105-14-2015View Details
Prayer for Negative results of today's Pap Smear Test205-11-2015View Details
uncle healing105-11-2015View Details
Just prayer105-11-2015View Details
Release & Relief105-11-2015View Details
Family (keep us on your prayer list daily/weekly)105-10-2015View Details
health and wisdom105-09-2015View Details
Lust deliverance and financial gain105-09-2015View Details
Prayer for Vickie105-08-2015View Details
Mike wife, Margaret in surgery this morning 5/8/15105-08-2015View Details
/105-06-2015View Details
For my son's hurt205-06-2015View Details
Urgent prayers from a veteran105-05-2015View Details
help105-05-2015View Details
Happiness205-05-2015View Details
Me and my family Will serve the Lord!105-04-2015View Details
Ministry_Business_Job105-04-2015View Details
Financial Favor105-03-2015View Details
Wife of Mike Martin diagnosed with 9cm tumor near her lung205-03-2015View Details
favor105-03-2015View Details
For the orphans and elderly receiving aid from Hope Again Uganda105-03-2015View Details
Father help me104-30-2015View Details
Miracle Healing304-30-2015View Details
We Need You!!!204-29-2015View Details
Job104-29-2015View Details
Health Finance104-28-2015View Details
Protection from my enemies and evil doers204-28-2015View Details
favor, finances, restoration of family, health204-28-2015View Details
finances, restoration of my family, health104-28-2015View Details
Nisha Black104-28-2015View Details
protection104-27-2015View Details
Wisdom/Reconciation204-27-2015View Details
Mark's change and release204-27-2015View Details
Gernayia and Da'Nayia104-27-2015View Details
Healing from Schizophrenia104-27-2015View Details
Strength and Guidance104-26-2015View Details
medrcy104-26-2015View Details
new job104-26-2015View Details
Lura Finley104-26-2015View Details
Prayer for Nyree204-23-2015View Details
restoration104-23-2015View Details
NEED YOUR PRAYERS104-23-2015View Details
salvation 104-22-2015View Details
My mother Lucille use to live in Los Angeles. 104-22-2015View Details
Prayer for my friends jail time be decreased and favor from the 104-22-2015View Details
Failure, Family curses and bondage104-22-2015View Details
Strength, Guidance & Direction104-22-2015View Details
prayer request104-19-2015View Details
PRAYER TO MEET A DEADLINE104-18-2015View Details
Direction104-18-2015View Details
Favor for my Court Case104-17-2015View Details
Work &Economy&Got married204-16-2015View Details
Please pray for my Mind204-15-2015View Details
inner healing104-15-2015View Details
Money to get dentures104-15-2015View Details
family well being104-14-2015View Details
For financial blessing. To keep our home. 204-14-2015View Details
Strength104-14-2015View Details
Financial favor and miracles104-14-2015View Details
good health.204-14-2015View Details
General104-14-2015View Details
Sister104-14-2015View Details
i need your prayer...Help!104-14-2015View Details
Deliverance & healing 104-14-2015View Details
Financial Blessing/God's Favor104-14-2015View Details
healing 104-14-2015View Details
Please continue to pray for me...claiming employment opportuniti104-14-2015View Details
favour/finances104-13-2015View Details
My love. 104-13-2015View Details
Finance104-12-2015View Details
financial breakthroughs favour immediately in Jesus name.thank Y104-11-2015View Details
Favour/noticiable miracles esp for my daughters/all my grandchil104-11-2015View Details
general104-11-2015View Details
My Daughter Tomecie Y. Crockam104-11-2015View Details
Pray to give my family and strength in these difficult helath a104-10-2015View Details
Prayer for the healing of my mothers cancer.104-09-2015View Details
Please pray for me104-09-2015View Details
Daughter and her mind104-06-2015View Details
wisdom&direction104-03-2015View Details
Family Prayer104-03-2015View Details
Healing from heart attacks, MS, & other diseases104-02-2015View Details
Return of my computer, mail & other belongings104-02-2015View Details
Please Pray For My Friends With Financial Issues204-02-2015View Details
steady paid work104-02-2015View Details
God's immediate intervention104-01-2015View Details
guidance, protection, help for my nephew (AN URGENT PRAYER)104-01-2015View Details
New Life104-01-2015View Details
Full Body Healing103-31-2015View Details
grace and favor103-31-2015View Details
Financial help for my mother103-31-2015View Details
Finances103-29-2015View Details
Prayer for healing.203-28-2015View Details
I'VE GOT THE VICTORY103-28-2015View Details
Family & Financial103-27-2015View Details
Needing a Gods favor103-27-2015View Details
Healing103-27-2015View Details
Family103-27-2015View Details
Colon Cancer Patient needs immediate prayer103-26-2015View Details
Court Case203-24-2015View Details
Prayer for my mother503-23-2015View Details
financial blessing103-23-2015View Details
The Lord's Will103-23-2015View Details
finances103-22-2015View Details
Craked but not Broken103-22-2015View Details
Power to withstand the storms of life.103-22-2015View Details
deliverance for children203-20-2015View Details
please pray I have breast cancer having surgery in two weeks203-20-2015View Details
my spiritual wisdom103-20-2015View Details
physical and spiritual 103-20-2015View Details
Blood Pressure Issues.103-19-2015View Details
for nicole.kenya and areatha103-19-2015View Details
Emma Williams203-19-2015View Details
financial blessing103-19-2015View Details
I'm so Very Thankful To God103-19-2015View Details
Prayer for My Son and His Wife to Find a House103-19-2015View Details
Healing and Favour.103-19-2015View Details
medical expense103-19-2015View Details
healing,daughter need full scholarship college, mortgage help, n203-19-2015View Details
My New Home103-19-2015View Details
Need God to make a way103-19-2015View Details
Family 103-19-2015View Details
pray for sucess103-19-2015View Details
Career and Personal Life103-19-2015View Details
That God provide income for me and spouse103-19-2015View Details
God\103-19-2015View Details
Job103-19-2015View Details
Healing 103-19-2015View Details
Prayer for health and finances103-19-2015View Details
Direction103-19-2015View Details
Healing Prayer for Malcolm C. Hayes, Jr.103-19-2015View Details
Job for my Daughter 103-19-2015View Details
Prayer for healing103-19-2015View Details
please pray for me and my husband103-19-2015View Details
Employment for husband and myself103-19-2015View Details
Erika Zeigler103-19-2015View Details
I need $1000 to pay for my kids visa and $4000 for their flight 103-19-2015View Details
Dream Job203-19-2015View Details
bless us lord103-19-2015View Details
New Career Opportunity103-19-2015View Details
my son has cancer pray for healing103-19-2015View Details
family203-19-2015View Details
Healing103-19-2015View Details
Healing103-19-2015View Details
Fiance 103-18-2015View Details
Me103-18-2015View Details
My granddaughter and her five children103-18-2015View Details
Healing 103-18-2015View Details
job request103-18-2015View Details
Full Time Job103-18-2015View Details
for healing mercy grace and favor103-18-2015View Details
my health103-18-2015View Details
Healing for my nieces and more103-18-2015View Details
help needed now303-17-2015View Details
healing 103-17-2015View Details
Family103-16-2015View Details
Let Go and Be Delivered203-16-2015View Details
mr103-16-2015View Details
Family103-15-2015View Details
every area103-15-2015View Details
spiritual warfare103-14-2015View Details
Healing and a new Job making 103-14-2015View Details
Favor Loss my JOB103-14-2015View Details
FINANCIAL 103-14-2015View Details
job103-14-2015View Details
mr103-12-2015View Details
Balm in Gilead103-12-2015View Details
Anointing103-12-2015View Details
Healing103-12-2015View Details
Prayer Please103-10-2015View Details
Breakthrough203-10-2015View Details
God please help me to rise above myself!103-08-2015View Details
Prayer for Pastor303-08-2015View Details
The blessing of the Lord needed103-08-2015View Details
Special Prayer for sick brother and traveling grace203-08-2015View Details
mr203-08-2015View Details
family103-08-2015View Details
All103-07-2015View Details
Financial discipline103-05-2015View Details
Praise Report103-05-2015View Details
Prayer, Share and Repair103-04-2015View Details
Job203-04-2015View Details
Marriage prayer....203-03-2015View Details
protection 103-03-2015View Details
UNBORN GRAND BABY303-02-2015View Details
Pray For Me 103-01-2015View Details
In Need of God's Favor203-01-2015View Details
Prayer for Baby Carson and my brother Aran 202-27-2015View Details
restoration /direction/ confirmation202-27-2015View Details
brea102-25-2015View Details
Comfort and fFinancial Miracle302-24-2015View Details
Diabetic202-24-2015View Details
Progress In My Life202-23-2015View Details
Health Healing202-23-2015View Details
Healing prayer202-23-2015View Details
health202-22-2015View Details
Intervention202-22-2015View Details
Please Bless My Husband...302-22-2015View Details
Strength and comfort302-22-2015View Details
That I give me Favor and remove fear out of driving the freeway 202-21-2015View Details
Increase in my Finances, Please102-21-2015View Details
finances healing102-20-2015View Details
Prayer for Tyree moving out of family home as announced on 2/19/102-19-2015View Details
false witness at work102-19-2015View Details
Healing & a place to call Home102-15-2015View Details
Healing (Praise Report)102-15-2015View Details
break through102-15-2015View Details
Prayer for Immediate Job/Income for My Husband102-13-2015View Details
Health102-12-2015View Details
Psalm 91102-12-2015View Details
for my church and famliy102-12-2015View Details
Need a Attorney to take my case! So righteouness and prevail her102-11-2015View Details
Stronger relationship with Christ Jesus102-11-2015View Details
Promotion202-10-2015View Details
Heart Surgery202-09-2015View Details
prayer for deliverance and direction102-08-2015View Details
Healing202-06-2015View Details
Spiritual Strength Pray for my Granddaughter202-06-2015View Details
family102-06-2015View Details
Jobs, Finances, Health, and Healing102-06-2015View Details
Healing102-05-2015View Details
Healing and restoration102-05-2015View Details
Salvation102-05-2015View Details
Healing for my husbands diabetes102-05-2015View Details
Please pray for complete healing102-05-2015View Details
prayer request102-05-2015View Details
sobriety202-05-2015View Details
Lt. Moath Al Kasasbeh102-04-2015View Details
finances202-03-2015View Details
Cover with the Blood of Jesus102-03-2015View Details
marriage problems and bring our unity back together 202-02-2015View Details
2015 My Due Season102-01-2015View Details
finances102-01-2015View Details
New Beginnings101-30-2015View Details
a brand new job101-29-2015View Details
diabetes101-29-2015View Details
Please pray for my son (Kyle Fischer) and his family (Kairo, Luk101-29-2015View Details
Gerald 101-28-2015View Details
Deliverance from a seemingly impossible situation101-26-2015View Details
Relationship with mother 101-26-2015View Details
strength and more faith101-26-2015View Details
Wholeness in every aspect of my life101-25-2015View Details
FAMILY101-25-2015View Details
Marriage and Family101-24-2015View Details
Deliverance101-24-2015View Details
Father help me101-23-2015View Details
Prayer for my Daughter Arriel Pitts 101-22-2015View Details
healing101-22-2015View Details
I would like to provide a "Home" for my family.101-22-2015View Details
I've been blessed for ....101-22-2015View Details
pray for my uncle and my101-22-2015View Details
Family and financial deliverance101-22-2015View Details
housing for daughter201-22-2015View Details
Salvation101-22-2015View Details
My Children101-21-2015View Details
Prayer for a New Beginning 101-21-2015View Details
Financial / Health101-21-2015View Details
health needs101-21-2015View Details
Marriage,and family101-21-2015View Details
employment 101-21-2015View Details
Pray for me and my wife101-21-2015View Details
Job/Health 101-21-2015View Details
pray for my growth in ministry, family, finances and especially 101-21-2015View Details
God send my Husband back to North Carolina, Salvation for family101-21-2015View Details
God send my Husband back to 101-21-2015View Details
Healing101-21-2015View Details
Healing101-21-2015View Details
Healing Prayer101-21-2015View Details
Direction and Guidence101-21-2015View Details
family201-21-2015View Details
A baby needs prayer101-21-2015View Details
Increase Faith101-21-2015View Details
Section 8/Finding My Own Home.101-21-2015View Details
Finance101-21-2015View Details
that i get a job101-20-2015View Details
place and increase funds101-20-2015View Details
Family101-20-2015View Details
God's divine touch of healing, strength and health for daughter101-20-2015View Details
mr201-20-2015View Details
pray for my uncle and my101-19-2015View Details
Business success101-19-2015View Details
Immorality sin301-18-2015View Details
Healing Prayer for Rosie and my son to win his court battles101-18-2015View Details
Prayer for open doors101-18-2015View Details
Healing for myself and family101-18-2015View Details
Getting A closer walk with God101-18-2015View Details
Family and Healing101-18-2015View Details
Healing101-18-2015View Details
finance, deliverance family marrriage business101-18-2015View Details
Healing101-17-2015View Details
Miracle healing101-17-2015View Details
Victory in Spiritual Warfare 101-16-2015View Details
Father heal me completely mind & body101-16-2015View Details
deliverance, spiritual battle801-15-2015View Details
Please pray for Michael101-15-2015View Details
Myself all problems101-15-2015View Details
Prayer for my friends' needs101-15-2015View Details
Healing My body / Need a job201-15-2015View Details
prayer101-14-2015View Details
homeless301-14-2015View Details
New Job and Healing in Fiances101-14-2015View Details
To become more like Jesus and less of me!!!401-14-2015View Details
sevis status201-14-2015View Details
Miracle Healing201-14-2015View Details
Restoration201-13-2015View Details
Permanent Employment 301-13-2015View Details
Dream Job201-13-2015View Details
Prayer for Gloria and Stephanie201-12-2015View Details
God's righteous will and peaceful resolution301-12-2015View Details
Need to find my own place301-12-2015View Details
Prayer for all Aspects of My Life!201-11-2015View Details
daughter boyfriend is addicted to drugs301-11-2015View Details
Healing and Guidence201-11-2015View Details
Health and Marriages401-11-2015View Details
Prayer for healing201-10-2015View Details
spiritual growth201-10-2015View Details
Father no way to escape201-08-2015View Details
Renew me Lord301-07-2015View Details
faith301-06-2015View Details
breaking on fire in my soul301-06-2015View Details
DELIVERANCE & RESTORATION 201-06-2015View Details
Pray for my family, Pray for me I am asking GOD for wisdom to w301-06-2015View Details
GIDGET201-06-2015View Details
delivrance prayer301-05-2015View Details
Wisdom & Family201-05-2015View Details
To find a group or network of inspire cooks301-04-2015View Details
Homeless 401-04-2015View Details
Son Health501-03-2015View Details
My invention201-02-2015View Details
Family and Personal201-01-2015View Details
Prayer for Jonathan Gentry201-01-2015View Details
7 Unspoken Requests112-31-2014View Details
MIRACLE HEALING112-31-2014View Details
Healing of Rich's body and fresh annointing for Damien112-29-2014View Details
I WANT TO GET MARRIAGE 412-29-2014View Details
THE FAVOR OF GOD AND A BREAKTHROUGH 2015112-29-2014View Details
2 to 3 bedroom rental house112-29-2014View Details
Healing,employment and finances112-28-2014View Details
Heartbreak and Lost112-28-2014View Details
healing prayers112-27-2014View Details
jacmaine bailey312-23-2014View Details
Prayer112-22-2014View Details
Transportation112-21-2014View Details
Justice !112-21-2014View Details
Grief during the hoilday season.112-20-2014View Details
That God leads me and direct me in every area of my life and for112-20-2014View Details
Healing and deliverance112-19-2014View Details
prayers for my self and familly112-17-2014View Details
For my health also for my daughter to get her degree and a great112-17-2014View Details
Prayer for God's Favour112-16-2014View Details
Healing Prayer212-15-2014View Details
i want God to help me to worship at west angeles church112-15-2014View Details
Miracle Healing112-15-2014View Details
husband's stroke212-14-2014View Details
Healing & Deliverance112-14-2014View Details
security112-14-2014View Details
humility112-14-2014View Details
Healing and Redemption112-13-2014View Details
Strength Wisdom and Healing 112-12-2014View Details
Permanentj, full-time employment and protection212-11-2014View Details
A complete breakthrough 412-11-2014View Details
Safety, traveling grace and mercy to and from Yucatan Mexico112-11-2014View Details
jacmaine bailey212-10-2014View Details
angele'mc Vay112-10-2014View Details
to be healed from a serious heart condition112-10-2014View Details
I thank God.112-09-2014View Details
move of God112-08-2014View Details
my life112-08-2014View Details
My Family on both sides for healling112-07-2014View Details
Sick relative112-06-2014View Details
Peac on my job 212-05-2014View Details
Son112-05-2014View Details
Purpose and direction112-05-2014View Details
strength112-05-2014View Details
THANKS TO THE PRAYER TEAM! 112-04-2014View Details
music112-03-2014View Details
Family/Finances/health112-02-2014View Details
God's vengeance.112-01-2014View Details
God's Intervention in my life.112-01-2014View Details
deliver,funds,healing212-01-2014View Details
Healing 112-01-2014View Details
Health and Healing112-01-2014View Details
Guidance, Deliverance, and Protection211-30-2014View Details
encounter with a separate man 111-30-2014View Details
Marriage Restoration111-27-2014View Details
Prayer for New Employment111-26-2014View Details
Father deliver me211-26-2014View Details
Protection from Violence from Family/Others111-26-2014View Details
mother praying for children111-26-2014View Details
The Chance to Worship111-25-2014View Details
Continual prayer for healing for my niece, Meighan211-25-2014View Details
Healing of Marriage211-24-2014View Details
Miraculous Healing111-24-2014View Details
-My only child, my daughter whom I have done everything for has 211-23-2014View Details
Lord heal me 111-23-2014View Details
winter worries111-23-2014View Details
Warning111-23-2014View Details
Pray for Eric111-22-2014View Details
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble1111-21-2014View Details
employment111-21-2014View Details
Healin111-20-2014View Details
In need of a Job511-19-2014View Details
direction211-17-2014View Details
prayer for finances and new job211-17-2014View Details
Healing for myself and family311-17-2014View Details
Three broken hearts 311-16-2014View Details
Pray for Grandson111-14-2014View Details
Breaking the generational curse111-14-2014View Details
Healing- cancer211-14-2014View Details
A new job needed!111-13-2014View Details
Next door Korean Church?????????????????????111-13-2014View Details
prayer for my family111-13-2014View Details
This is a testimony not a prayer request111-12-2014View Details
Urgent Prayer For Healing111-12-2014View Details
petition for favor211-11-2014View Details
Friendship211-11-2014View Details
A Career in Line with God's Will for My Life111-10-2014View Details
family 111-10-2014View Details
healing 111-10-2014View Details
Healing Prayer111-10-2014View Details
Redemption, Reconciliation and Restoration.111-08-2014View Details
Mother in financial Crisis111-08-2014View Details
healing..healthy eating and lifestyle111-07-2014View Details
Healing111-06-2014View Details
A healing211-04-2014View Details
home church211-03-2014View Details
Help !111-03-2014View Details
Urgent Request111-02-2014View Details
i in need of a spiritual breakthrough110-31-2014View Details
relative210-31-2014View Details
Deliverance of the whole man110-30-2014View Details
Prayer110-30-2014View Details
Healing110-29-2014View Details
Forgiveness110-29-2014View Details
humbleness110-29-2014View Details
housing110-26-2014View Details
Prayer for a miracle110-26-2014View Details
Finances and Faith110-26-2014View Details
defeat over a enemy at work place and for my son s210-26-2014View Details
Need a car right now in Jesus name.110-26-2014View Details
My family and me a good job.110-25-2014View Details
Healing110-24-2014View Details
Addiction210-23-2014View Details
Prayer for school fees110-23-2014View Details
Family and Personal110-22-2014View Details
financial deliverance110-20-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough110-20-2014View Details
Sebastian Job Situation110-20-2014View Details
I am vindicated and Victorious in the face of defeat in the name110-19-2014View Details
Finding a home and a career110-19-2014View Details
a special miracle today110-16-2014View Details
Praise and Prayer210-16-2014View Details
Prayer for Strength110-16-2014View Details
working place 110-15-2014View Details
Restoration and Revelation110-15-2014View Details
Improved finances110-14-2014View Details
Financial Need210-14-2014View Details
HEALING210-13-2014View Details
Job110-13-2014View Details
God's miracle110-12-2014View Details
CAREER ADVANCEMENT110-12-2014View Details
boss has discrimination issues110-11-2014View Details
financing for a condo110-10-2014View Details
for God to make things done in the dark be brought to the light.510-09-2014View Details
Strength 110-09-2014View Details
relationship110-09-2014View Details
Self assessment 210-08-2014View Details
im a long haul drive210-08-2014View Details
I would like to requ110-08-2014View Details
I would like to send110-08-2014View Details
Hi I've been praying110-08-2014View Details
Father have mercy on us110-08-2014View Details
thank you for includ110-08-2014View Details
I have been having a110-08-2014View Details
I pray for release o110-08-2014View Details
I pray for a success110-07-2014View Details
I pray for a success110-07-2014View Details
I ask for prayer to 110-07-2014View Details
SabiSu110-07-2014View Details
My family has a Texa110-07-2014View Details
Leaning on God's Promises110-07-2014View Details
Deliverance from evil and supernatural protection110-07-2014View Details
need help spiritually , physically . emotionally.110-07-2014View Details
Need touch from God210-07-2014View Details
that my divorce aess110-07-2014View Details
Another great night 110-07-2014View Details
Hello, I have been a110-07-2014View Details
family.sad.lonely210-07-2014View Details
strength and more faith210-07-2014View Details
Pray 110-07-2014View Details
patience110-07-2014View Details
favour110-06-2014View Details
Myself110-06-2014View Details
FAITH110-06-2014View Details
Healing & Permanent Employment 110-06-2014View Details
Church Plant010-06-2014View Details
healing and favor010-06-2014View Details
Philippians 2: 5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Chri010-06-2014View Details
completion of home and opening of business010-05-2014View Details
strengthen me lord and open up doors for my family an finances.010-05-2014View Details
Evil neighbor010-05-2014View Details
Walking in God's word010-05-2014View Details
Walking in God's word010-05-2014View Details
Please Pray for me010-05-2014View Details
Healing for my body-Family prayer010-05-2014View Details
peace and love 010-04-2014View Details
Missionary Barbara Crocker010-04-2014View Details
employment and financial aid010-04-2014View Details
Job/Employment010-04-2014View Details
job010-04-2014View Details
financial010-04-2014View Details
Hearing God ,for the next level move in my ministry010-04-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough/Increase010-04-2014View Details
for me110-04-2014View Details
For strength010-04-2014View Details
New beginning010-04-2014View Details
How to Overcome many Trials without giving up010-04-2014View Details
A Divine Move into A Brand New Home in 6 Months010-04-2014View Details
Divine Shepherding Over Our Lives010-04-2014View Details
finances, my family, and my job!010-04-2014View Details
Financial Blessing 010-04-2014View Details
Be that prayer warrior I use to be and pray to learn how to spea010-04-2014View Details
job010-03-2014View Details
Spiritual growth010-03-2014View Details
Direction & Spiritual Growth010-03-2014View Details
Lennox Jr010-03-2014View Details
Favor to Complete assignment and Proper Employment010-03-2014View Details
believing for a job only God can bless me with.010-03-2014View Details
Prayer for my husband that God will heal him from kidney disease010-03-2014View Details
Family healing010-03-2014View Details
A prayer for New Opportunity010-03-2014View Details
healing010-03-2014View Details
official brazil soccer jersey010-03-2014View Details
I need God... as I young men I am I lost don\010-03-2014View Details
a home for Monica 010-03-2014View Details
job,marriage,kids,protection,guidance,010-03-2014View Details
Renewal 010-03-2014View Details
Marriage Restoration010-02-2014View Details
Father have mercy on us010-02-2014View Details
Restoration and Blessing010-02-2014View Details
Son to get full custody over his 3 month old baby010-02-2014View Details
Strength010-01-2014View Details
Healing010-01-2014View Details
OBEY010-01-2014View Details
Job and Healing010-01-2014View Details
My Granddaughter continue to be part of my Son's life and mine 009-30-2014View Details
/009-30-2014View Details
Pray for the success of my new business venture009-29-2014View Details
Godpel memorial Church of God in Christ missionary staff today 9009-28-2014View Details
Prayer of Healing for Kimberly Banks009-28-2014View Details
Prayer For Upcoming Surgery009-28-2014View Details
REV.ROBIN BARROW SON TYSON009-27-2014View Details
Pray for healing009-26-2014View Details
GOD come into her life009-26-2014View Details
warfare prayer009-26-2014View Details
finance and health,relationship009-26-2014View Details
nephew009-25-2014View Details
direction009-24-2014View Details
family/personal009-24-2014View Details
financial break thru009-24-2014View Details
Calling all faithful !!009-24-2014View Details
Health009-24-2014View Details
Pray for Vickie Booker with our entire family, friends and etc. 009-22-2014View Details
for ministry and future God given wife 009-22-2014View Details
Prayer to remove Demonic Spirits from Frank Kanhan009-22-2014View Details
Children who lose their siblings to suicide009-22-2014View Details
Peace and Financial Freedom009-22-2014View Details
praying for favor and healing009-21-2014View Details
no pain009-21-2014View Details
happy marriage, long and prosperity, financial freedom009-21-2014View Details
Family009-21-2014View Details
Prayer for safe travel for my family009-20-2014View Details
Financial peace009-20-2014View Details
Rebuke the devil009-20-2014View Details
Prayer for Healing009-19-2014View Details
We need a miracle!!!009-19-2014View Details
JYLEA MABINS009-19-2014View Details
Urgent009-18-2014View Details
Finances009-18-2014View Details
Home009-18-2014View Details
ERIC MANNEY009-18-2014View Details
INHEITANCE AND HOUSE009-17-2014View Details
I beg all of you to pray for me urgently009-17-2014View Details
Great granddaughter009-17-2014View Details
Lunch Meeting009-17-2014View Details
daughter\009-16-2014View Details
chatae mabins009-16-2014View Details
New Home for son & his wife009-16-2014View Details
Need for God\009-16-2014View Details
healthy 009-16-2014View Details
Safety & Health009-15-2014View Details
OTHERS AND SELF009-15-2014View Details
Care of my disabled adult daughter009-15-2014View Details
Please pray for my sister009-15-2014View Details
faith,healing and financial blessing009-14-2014View Details
Prayer for my Father, Minister Elvan Price009-14-2014View Details
Seeking Employment009-14-2014View Details
terminal illness miracle from cancer009-13-2014View Details
Happiness009-13-2014View Details
Prayer for my son Bobby.009-11-2014View Details
Healing and Demonic attact...009-11-2014View Details
ugg kids tennis shoes009-11-2014View Details
Hairstylist009-11-2014View Details
God is working it out009-11-2014View Details
Nephew1809-10-2014View Details
Marriage/Children/Health/Endurance/Prosperity609-09-2014View Details
Prayer to God to help, free and protect all girls and women, in 409-09-2014View Details
Praise report and prayer409-09-2014View Details
Cover us God.409-08-2014View Details
Regarding my daugther in court tomorrow.009-08-2014View Details
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My daughter needs healing009-06-2014View Details
Healing009-06-2014View Details
Granddaughter009-05-2014View Details
Granddaughter009-05-2014View Details
Need Permanent Job009-04-2014View Details
Job Opportunity009-03-2014View Details
Foot surgery today at 6:00 pm009-03-2014View Details
strength009-02-2014View Details
my mom and family009-02-2014View Details
strong Faith and financial blessing009-02-2014View Details
2 Samuel 22:31009-02-2014View Details
Family009-01-2014View Details
Employment009-01-2014View Details
sick008-31-2014View Details
warfare prayer008-31-2014View Details
Pray for my husband008-31-2014View Details
That my gifts will make room for me008-31-2014View Details
Gods covering on my complete family.008-31-2014View Details
Demonic Attack1208-29-2014View Details
Protection from Hateful People Seeking my Demise/Elimination408-29-2014View Details
Humbly request a healing touch from the LORD308-29-2014View Details
Prayer for Strength and Protection from Satan and Principalties 308-28-2014View Details
Baby508-28-2014View Details
Son208-28-2014View Details
Traveling Grace and Mercy, God's blessings and God's covering 208-26-2014View Details
my 96 year old mother, who is hospitalized with an infection,cau208-26-2014View Details
Finances308-26-2014View Details
Freedom from Life Row in Florida308-25-2014View Details
Pray for our Kids408-25-2014View Details
Need God To Provide a room for 2 months- Started New Job308-25-2014View Details
Vehicle Repair208-25-2014View Details
Financial support for my mission work in Sweden208-24-2014View Details
Newly saved 08-24-2014408-24-2014View Details
/208-24-2014View Details
A place to Live208-23-2014View Details
Deliverance and protection208-23-2014View Details
ONLY prayers can change my life408-23-2014View Details
PRAY FOR ALL OF GOD'S CHILDREN208-22-2014View Details
Favor with Job, Health and Finances208-22-2014View Details
Healing208-22-2014View Details
strength and a blessing208-21-2014View Details
Breakthrough for Nephew Joel308-21-2014View Details
Relationship issue208-20-2014View Details
S208-20-2014View Details
iam pray for friend308-19-2014View Details
Prayer for Son who is currently incarcerated208-19-2014View Details
Prayer for university208-18-2014View Details
family and healing208-17-2014View Details
Healing208-17-2014View Details
The secret my mother would never told me.308-13-2014View Details
HELP FROM GOD WITH MOVING208-13-2014View Details
Lord end my pain now308-13-2014View Details
Health and Income408-13-2014View Details
Prayer Request308-13-2014View Details
Prayer for Husband308-12-2014View Details
Prayer to God in the Name of Jesus Christ for protection, Amen208-12-2014View Details
set me free208-12-2014View Details
BLUE NILE MISSION SCHOOL208-12-2014View Details
God's favour208-12-2014View Details
Healing208-12-2014View Details
Pray For Sufferring Christians008-11-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough/Miracle Now!!!!208-10-2014View Details
Lord, pls heal my mother208-10-2014View Details
Healing for my nephew208-10-2014View Details
Deliverance208-10-2014View Details
PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS008-08-2014View Details
for job008-08-2014View Details
Wisdom Peace Favor308-08-2014View Details
Prayer to God in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ for protection fr208-07-2014View Details
Intercessory Prayer for A Lot of Things008-06-2014View Details
/008-06-2014View Details
Healing and Job008-06-2014View Details
Help my son find full time employment008-05-2014View Details
My first book...ever. God did it208-05-2014View Details
Move Mountains008-05-2014View Details
Prayer Request For My Father008-04-2014View Details
Painless transition for My Sister308-04-2014View Details
Prayers for a Great Job Opportunity, Claiming It! 008-03-2014View Details
Healing 008-03-2014View Details
Healing and Blessings008-03-2014View Details
Epilepsy008-03-2014View Details
Set free from addiction008-02-2014View Details
/008-02-2014View Details
direction/studies007-31-2014View Details
family/personal007-31-2014View Details
spiritual walk007-31-2014View Details
Brian's Family Reunion007-30-2014View Details
EJ's Blood007-30-2014View Details
Financial breakthroug, Job Desperately307-30-2014View Details
Prayer over Family and Work007-30-2014View Details
Finances and favor007-30-2014View Details
Financial Blessing007-29-2014View Details
Bar Exam: 6th attempt...007-29-2014View Details
job007-29-2014View Details
Gary Bell007-28-2014View Details
Pray for Our Outreach Ministry in India.007-28-2014View Details
Prayer for my brother Robert007-27-2014View Details
For a companion for me307-27-2014View Details
My prayer is to let me continue to thrive and be well with my ne007-27-2014View Details
I Need A Mracle007-26-2014View Details
Strength in Faith007-25-2014View Details
Financial Need007-25-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough007-25-2014View Details
Breaking of strongholds007-25-2014View Details
A Daughter's Prayer007-24-2014View Details
forgiveness007-24-2014View Details
Health, Wisdom, and Income007-24-2014View Details
Church007-24-2014View Details
IT"S ALL FALLING APART AT THE SAME TIME - Prayer for a Turnarou007-23-2014View Details
Pray!!!007-23-2014View Details
Me007-23-2014View Details
Family problems007-22-2014View Details
needs007-21-2014View Details
Prayer Request007-21-2014View Details
Multiple issues207-21-2014View Details
help me lord007-20-2014View Details
7 y/o Cancer Fighter!007-20-2014View Details
My 5 year old007-20-2014View Details
Growing in Christ -007-20-2014View Details
PRAYER FOR WISDOM007-18-2014View Details
healing007-18-2014View Details
Please pray for my daughter Shelia Porter007-18-2014View Details
GIDGET307-17-2014View Details
TEXAS NORTHEAST NEED MUCH HELP!!!!!!007-16-2014View Details
God's Provision007-16-2014View Details
Getting back to knowing the Lord,Family, Health, Fanicical and 607-15-2014View Details
Financial breakthrough507-15-2014View Details
Protection507-14-2014View Details
financial breakthrough to cover my tuition407-14-2014View Details
Favor and a miracle707-14-2014View Details
Healing707-13-2014View Details
Pray for all my family member and co worker .507-13-2014View Details
strength207-13-2014View Details
Job Desperately Needed307-13-2014View Details
Will of God not my enemy.207-13-2014View Details
to be able to consistely provide for my children507-13-2014View Details
Health and Finances307-13-2014View Details
FAMILY507-13-2014View Details
Lord Jesus Jealousy and Lyers207-11-2014View Details
I need to hear from God407-11-2014View Details
Pray for my family407-11-2014View Details
Pray for my daughter Shelia Porter. She is St marys Hospital in 407-11-2014View Details
Healing207-11-2014View Details
Devine intervention307-11-2014View Details
This is my son who I am asking prayer for. He went to college an107-11-2014View Details
finances307-10-2014View Details
Sexual Deliverance307-10-2014View Details
/207-10-2014View Details
More Faith207-09-2014View Details
Prayer for myself and family407-09-2014View Details
Releasement, 207-09-2014View Details
Holy Ghost help me307-09-2014View Details
to keep my freedom,207-09-2014View Details
favor with man307-09-2014View Details
Brain Healing307-09-2014View Details
Prayer for my family207-08-2014View Details
Faith207-08-2014View Details
I Thank-You For Your Prayers207-08-2014View Details
Paralee Jackson707-08-2014View Details
Shelter and daughter and grandson safety007-08-2014View Details
financial breakthrough207-08-2014View Details
Prayer for my Marriage207-08-2014View Details
Prayer for Healing307-06-2014View Details
Job Offer Blessing207-06-2014View Details
family207-05-2014View Details
family207-05-2014View Details
Prayer request for return of stolen property207-05-2014View Details
Protection from the enemy, prosperity, excellent health and long407-05-2014View Details
Encouragement/Financial007-03-2014View Details
power007-02-2014View Details
Prayer for Lynn Carter007-02-2014View Details
healing307-02-2014View Details
all familys member807-01-2014View Details
Finances & Bodily Healings906-30-2014View Details
Family and Pastor favor506-30-2014View Details
repent706-30-2014View Details
Prayer request for my friends speedy healing & compensation606-30-2014View Details
Pray for the family706-29-2014View Details
prayer506-28-2014View Details
weather 406-28-2014View Details
Wrongful Termination506-28-2014View Details
Rental Home- Orange County606-27-2014View Details
/406-27-2014View Details
Praying for Gods granted favor for me in my fathers pobate matte306-27-2014View Details
Anointing over my life and music406-26-2014View Details
heal306-26-2014View Details
Deliverance from depression and addiction606-26-2014View Details
I Need A Miracle306-25-2014View Details
Touch Me Lord!306-25-2014View Details
Job opportunity 306-25-2014View Details
Re-unite my family306-25-2014View Details
Victory over false allegations and DCFS findings of unfounded306-25-2014View Details
spiritual warfare406-25-2014View Details
Prayer for discernment of Gods' will regarding embracing a new 206-25-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough206-24-2014View Details
Marriage restoration406-24-2014View Details
Release of finances206-24-2014View Details
Untitled206-24-2014View Details
Peace206-24-2014View Details
An attack From a Cult Straight From the Pit206-23-2014View Details
Move this mountain706-22-2014View Details
Needing GODS Favor506-22-2014View Details
Many challenges.506-22-2014View Details
God help506-22-2014View Details
I need a job506-22-2014View Details
health&happiness for my family406-21-2014View Details
Prayer for Blessings, Strength, Protection. financial, healing,G306-21-2014View Details
Prayer for Blessings, Strength, Protection. financial, healing,G406-21-2014View Details
Please Help this Christian family being bullied in the Holy Land806-20-2014View Details
Matthew 18:19/Job Interview and Offer406-20-2014View Details
The Lord IS Blessing Me Adn I Thank-You For all Of Your Prayers106-19-2014View Details
Fianancial help406-19-2014View Details
Niece506-19-2014View Details
prayer for a friend306-18-2014View Details
Help me406-18-2014View Details
Want God to turn things around in my life for the good.....406-18-2014View Details
Urgent Prayer for marriage & health & finances306-18-2014View Details
Direction and finance situation revive306-18-2014View Details
marriage/deliverance 506-17-2014View Details
Need a new job306-17-2014View Details
Prayer for Reginia and sisters and brother, Reginald.306-17-2014View Details
My Blessing Is Too wonderful See it as it is so in to being306-16-2014View Details
/206-16-2014View Details
Court Sentencing - Please Pray!306-16-2014View Details
Discouraged, Lost and Overwhelmed406-16-2014View Details
Job and Finances206-15-2014View Details
Job, Finances and Health206-15-2014View Details
Financial and Permanent Job306-15-2014View Details
HEALING FOR ROBERT 406-15-2014View Details
Prayer for my son.606-15-2014View Details
Gods will.306-15-2014View Details
favor306-14-2014View Details
Prayer for a job206-13-2014View Details
Cancer Free Teenage Daughter506-11-2014View Details
Husbands for my 6 nieces and myself206-10-2014View Details
Financial situation so my son can continue his education206-10-2014View Details
Time Sensitive Prayer Request for June 11 (9am)106-10-2014View Details
Wife for Rev. C.L. Williams206-10-2014View Details
A good job for my son206-10-2014View Details
Prayer request for Corey Hall to be selected (Wed. June 11) as 206-10-2014View Details
Favor for my nephew for tomorrow's (Wednesday morning, June 11,106-10-2014View Details
Interview and Offer!806-10-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough and New Car406-10-2014View Details
financial&spirtual prosperity,and for my wife and me,deliverance406-09-2014View Details
life806-09-2014View Details
Family Prayers506-08-2014View Details
Strength and Guidance606-08-2014View Details
Control and Finances 306-08-2014View Details
Prayers for our Seniors Citizens and Children Corporate Prayer306-07-2014View Details
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST - Critical and Time-sensitive for this mon506-07-2014View Details
listening and knowing God Words is alive. God promise to revea306-07-2014View Details
A situation where I live doesnt go any further.406-07-2014View Details
Finding Employment & New house606-06-2014View Details
Healing and Deliverance406-06-2014View Details
Support306-06-2014View Details
Marriage Restoration306-05-2014View Details
Teresa West Sister in ICU306-05-2014View Details
Traumatic Brain Injury406-05-2014View Details
/106-05-2014View Details
A SINGLE FATHER OF 11 406-05-2014View Details
Prayers for Malia Elise806-03-2014View Details
Asking for continued prayers for our daughter, Malia Elise406-03-2014View Details
Prayer for Tyree, who is returning to Los Angeles to live after 606-02-2014View Details
Prayer for Monie who is grieving the lost still born baby in Ap306-02-2014View Details
Moving out of Inglewood to Santa Monica606-02-2014View Details
Healing706-02-2014View Details
NEED TO COME HOME606-02-2014View Details
my home church turning point worship center406-01-2014View Details
Marriage306-01-2014View Details
Relationship with God606-01-2014View Details
Financial concerns406-01-2014View Details
Prayer for our Mom (Missionary Martha Jackson)305-31-2014View Details
zay pastor505-30-2014View Details
zay205-30-2014View Details
Urgent prayer request205-29-2014View Details
Prayer to God in Jesus Christ's Holy Name for successful timely305-29-2014View Details
Prayer to God in the name of Jesus Christ for protection, peace 505-27-2014View Details
Multiple Request405-27-2014View Details
Please pray for God's Favor and Deliverance305-27-2014View Details
Guidance405-27-2014View Details
Healing705-26-2014View Details
Restoration from an old habit that has come back!505-26-2014View Details
College fund305-25-2014View Details
for the delivrance of my mother305-24-2014View Details
Please Help Me Through Prayers To Defeat Satan905-24-2014View Details
Prayers for the Argueta family505-23-2014View Details
Stillborn Baby505-23-2014View Details
Healing505-22-2014View Details
Pray for Rhonda Hardy Spann305-22-2014View Details
Prayer to God in the Name of Jesus Christ for help in marriage a805-21-2014View Details
court case405-21-2014View Details
spiritual warfare1005-19-2014View Details
Healing & Restoration705-19-2014View Details
Help and Deliverance805-19-2014View Details
Employment405-18-2014View Details
Financial hardship505-18-2014View Details
Son Daniel, pass my State Exam in Autism, God sent Husband (Favo705-18-2014View Details
Mind, thought life under attack605-17-2014View Details
Christian and I405-17-2014View Details
God please open the flood gates of heaven405-17-2014View Details
Strength and Encouragement705-16-2014View Details
Continueous Healing505-16-2014View Details
My aunt705-16-2014View Details
Brice305-16-2014View Details
Healing from Cancer505-16-2014View Details
Healing205-16-2014View Details
Prayer to God for Protection from the wicked in the name of Jesu405-15-2014View Details
Release my Son Grady Montgomery from Jail705-15-2014View Details
CA Bar Exam205-15-2014View Details
CA Bar Exam405-15-2014View Details
Healing305-15-2014View Details
a save husband805-14-2014View Details
Prayer305-14-2014View Details
Miracle financial breakthough from GOD305-13-2014View Details
Bind the spirit of infidelitity 605-13-2014View Details
God605-13-2014View Details
Released from diabetes, financial blessing, work that is highl405-13-2014View Details
for my fam..505-13-2014View Details
Traveling Grace and Mercy, God's blessings and God's covering 205-12-2014View Details
Favor on the Job and with my Company305-12-2014View Details
Prayer for Missinary Conley605-12-2014View Details
Perseverance for school at 49 years old!505-11-2014View Details
I NEED A GOD FEARING HUSBAND705-11-2014View Details
Salvation, Deliverance & Freedom in Christ405-11-2014View Details
To God BE The Glory305-09-2014View Details
Breakthroughs' to Continue405-09-2014View Details
URgent pRayer Request505-08-2014View Details
Family's salvation and my marriage605-08-2014View Details
Mrs. Bobbie Campbell305-07-2014View Details
Bar Exam Assistance and Support305-07-2014View Details
Breakthrough305-07-2014View Details
For open door305-07-2014View Details
kidneys to be heal.305-07-2014View Details
diabetes305-07-2014View Details
Pray and agree for Richard V505-06-2014View Details
Father hear my cry805-06-2014View Details
relese all my Business Transactions in Jesus name 405-06-2014View Details
Serious Prayer Requests!605-05-2014View Details
Seeking God's Divine Will305-05-2014View Details
Breakthrough305-05-2014View Details
Brotherly Love COGIC305-05-2014View Details
Healing505-05-2014View Details
Prayer for Monie who is in distress regarding over losing her un405-04-2014View Details
Encouragement605-04-2014View Details
Deliverance and Favor305-04-2014View Details
For my health and my nephew305-03-2014View Details
to be healed from Hepatitis C, Drug Addition, Eye SIght & Memory405-03-2014View Details
Need Favor205-02-2014View Details
Deliverance205-02-2014View Details
Healing205-01-2014View Details
VERY URGENT305-01-2014View Details
Finances205-01-2014View Details
Complete healing: mind, physical body, & spirit205-01-2014View Details
restoration305-01-2014View Details
My brother1105-01-2014View Details
family405-01-2014View Details
Family, Finances,Home, Ministry605-01-2014View Details
my family604-30-2014View Details
Emotions604-30-2014View Details
for financial breakthrough604-30-2014View Details
Victory704-30-2014View Details
Finances, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Stronger relationship 404-29-2014View Details
anointing to serve304-29-2014View Details
Heal my son's pain.504-29-2014View Details
Provision404-29-2014View Details
complete healing, cancer free forever, long healthy life of my 3404-28-2014View Details
Urgent request!304-28-2014View Details
Father have mercy on me404-28-2014View Details
Prayer for healing304-28-2014View Details
Job Opportunity 504-27-2014View Details
PRAY FOR EMPLOYMENT!!504-27-2014View Details
Family 304-27-2014View Details
Prayer for my Mother Delores Wills' and my health.404-27-2014View Details
Healing 204-27-2014View Details
Relocation204-27-2014View Details
The Blessing Of God, and How Wondrous God is204-26-2014View Details
Prayer304-25-2014View Details
Prayer For adoree304-25-2014View Details
Prayer to God in Jesus' Name for a Flawless, Impeccable and Not204-25-2014View Details
I want God provision and send the helper of Destiny to help me t204-25-2014View Details
Healing - In the name of Jesus204-25-2014View Details
Family204-24-2014View Details
Money seems to run out and broke after tithing......304-23-2014View Details
Hope for healing504-23-2014View Details
Healing for my body-Family prayer104-23-2014View Details
Prayers for Malia Elise 804-22-2014View Details
Prayer for Monie to deliver her baby,who is in distress regardin604-22-2014View Details
Marriage, Children, Job, Finances, Home404-21-2014View Details
Marriage/Reconciliation304-21-2014View Details
.404-21-2014View Details
[email protected]304-21-2014View Details
Urgent request!204-18-2014View Details
I ask for prayers for the health.204-18-2014View Details
Clarity304-18-2014View Details
Blessings For All204-18-2014View Details
300 missing children - S. Korea304-18-2014View Details
CD Project304-17-2014View Details
Son404-16-2014View Details
HEALING/DELIVERANCE604-16-2014View Details
prayer request204-16-2014View Details
Need Gods healing204-16-2014View Details
Prayer for son304-16-2014View Details
bills304-15-2014View Details
My GOD the HEALER404-15-2014View Details
financial/relationship404-15-2014View Details
general304-15-2014View Details
Job304-15-2014View Details
Help me keep my eyes stayed on you Lord304-14-2014View Details
Please pray for our baby girl1204-14-2014View Details
Business404-14-2014View Details
prayer request in general704-14-2014View Details
King Solomon's coronation site304-14-2014View Details
A new residence and a new job704-13-2014View Details
spiritual warfare304-13-2014View Details
Prayer304-13-2014View Details
I want a new job so I can grow and help others and be more prosp304-13-2014View Details
your good help for me to work in your office204-13-2014View Details
Prayer304-12-2014View Details
Phone help404-10-2014View Details
Pray for Tina Bright 404-10-2014View Details
Spiritual Warfare304-10-2014View Details
URGENT!!404-10-2014View Details
The spirit of jealousy404-10-2014View Details
VA pension check504-09-2014View Details
Rias Killpatrick Healing in body204-09-2014View Details
Restoration204-08-2014View Details
/204-08-2014View Details
Recommendations304-08-2014View Details
DISIPLESHIP204-07-2014View Details
Bring Home Safely204-07-2014View Details
Restoration204-07-2014View Details
Financial Blessing for my mother304-06-2014View Details
Financial Blessing for my mother204-06-2014View Details
Prayer Request for PEACE!304-06-2014View Details
Healing404-04-2014View Details
Family504-04-2014View Details
Healed Relationship404-03-2014View Details
Relocation 304-02-2014View Details
I don't know how to pray anymore. 704-02-2014View Details
Loss of Mother504-02-2014View Details
Prayer for twin brother704-01-2014View Details
Prayer for my son.504-01-2014View Details
For me,my children,my grandchildren and for peron that is in sta403-30-2014View Details
Healthy Recovery503-30-2014View Details
financial and spiritual prosperity.503-30-2014View Details
Urgent pleae pray903-30-2014View Details
housing503-29-2014View Details
Self Sacrifice....led to current predicament1203-29-2014View Details
I need a miracle in my marriage803-29-2014View Details
Please pray for my mother (Linda)503-29-2014View Details
Help,703-29-2014View Details
My mothers Healing403-28-2014View Details
Donavon Rochelle703-27-2014View Details
Health/family unity403-26-2014View Details
Prayer for Blessings303-26-2014View Details
Missing Family Member903-25-2014View Details
Healing and Deliverance Through Christ Jesus...903-25-2014View Details
Suicide703-25-2014View Details
/303-24-2014View Details
my path303-24-2014View Details
to be ITCOC; IN THE COMPANY OF CHRIST 403-23-2014View Details
income needed403-23-2014View Details
Respiratory lung disease.203-22-2014View Details
spiritual growth403-22-2014View Details
Father look at my pain pelase forgive me203-22-2014View Details
Prayer for Blessings/Deliverance203-21-2014View Details
Prayer for Blessings303-21-2014View Details
Quebec, Canada -- upcoming election April 7th103-21-2014View Details
Favor for my sons release for jain today!503-18-2014View Details
Prayer for relationships403-18-2014View Details
peace and stop gossip and slander from kenny303-17-2014View Details
Strength203-17-2014View Details
Healing403-17-2014View Details
Pray for Healing and Best of Care for My Father Elder Elvan Pric303-16-2014View Details
Prayer for a Job203-16-2014View Details
My life is in danger1003-16-2014View Details
/203-16-2014View Details
Prayer for a job203-16-2014View Details
Full-Time Permanent Job303-14-2014View Details
Prayer for Healing of Dr. Arsh's father, who just suffered a he203-13-2014View Details
Business breakthrough203-13-2014View Details
Father I have strong faith in YOU103-13-2014View Details
Understanding103-12-2014View Details
father in hospital303-12-2014View Details
Please pray for my brother's wife203-12-2014View Details
completely203-12-2014View Details
My Daddy503-10-2014View Details
Prayer for surgery (March 11) and new job request303-10-2014View Details
Healing and Deliverance 203-10-2014View Details
keeping a good job303-09-2014View Details
/203-08-2014View Details
Our Youth203-08-2014View Details
Oikos Fellowship/Conference 2014403-07-2014View Details
For Justice to be served 103-07-2014View Details
Please pray for my family203-07-2014View Details
My Best Friend 203-07-2014View Details
I know I need to repent for my latest actions I\303-07-2014View Details
healing303-06-2014View Details
Father please show me YOUR WILL203-06-2014View Details
BRAD203-06-2014View Details
FAMILY103-05-2014View Details
2303-05-2014View Details
Reveal the Truth and give me favor303-05-2014View Details
Urgent Please pray.203-04-2014View Details
Awakening 303-04-2014View Details
My Son and Daughter303-04-2014View Details
/103-04-2014View Details
Mother103-04-2014View Details
need a Husband303-04-2014View Details
Thanking God303-03-2014View Details
Restoration of Love & Friendship103-02-2014View Details
In need of Prayer.403-02-2014View Details
Malcolm O'Donnell 503-02-2014View Details
prayer for boyfriend203-02-2014View Details
Prayer for soulmate303-02-2014View Details
Prayer for deliverance203-01-2014View Details
Life203-01-2014View Details
MARRIAGE202-28-2014View Details
McKell Gix & Liz Hollins102-28-2014View Details
Prayer for my Brother202-27-2014View Details
Strength and Peace302-25-2014View Details
healing prayer request202-25-2014View Details
I request prayers for my Aunt Carrie Marie Daugherty for a full 202-25-2014View Details
for the right direction 402-25-2014View Details
prayer needs102-25-2014View Details
CA Bar Exam102-25-2014View Details
----standing in the need of prayer-----202-24-2014View Details
.102-24-2014View Details
Financial Blessing/Favorable Outcome in Court102-23-2014View Details
Prayers Against the Enemy102-23-2014View Details
Miracle102-22-2014View Details
pray for michelle m triska102-22-2014View Details
Pray and Help for our Mama102-21-2014View Details
Prayer for Susie Bobbitt to be comforted and healed in Jesus Nam202-21-2014View Details
prayer for me202-21-2014View Details
co-worker\\\\\\\\102-20-2014View Details
My sis-n-love202-20-2014View Details
homeless and jobless602-19-2014View Details
college money for my daughter, Janielle and money to bring my h202-19-2014View Details
financial help102-19-2014View Details
Financial stability202-19-2014View Details
THE Edwards family302-18-2014View Details
Cleotha Reynolds302-17-2014View Details
Financial Breakthrough202-17-2014View Details
I StillThank-god For all He' s Done, And will Do202-17-2014View Details
Praise the Lord202-16-2014View Details
I do not like the rumors or gossip202-16-2014View Details
A save Husband202-15-2014View Details
Addiction202-15-2014View Details
need strength to overcome the enemies in my life302-13-2014View Details
Egypt Mission trip and mission school in Ethiopia.102-13-2014View Details
Healing of suspicous lump on mammograms 102-13-2014View Details
Prayer for emotional healing and victory102-13-2014View Details
pray about problems in my family102-13-2014View Details
Plead the Blood of Jesus over elementary school202-13-2014View Details
Pray for my boss who's sister has brain cancer102-13-2014View Details
Deliverance202-12-2014View Details
health202-12-2014View Details
Prayer for Healing and comfort of Aaron Cohen at USC Norris Hosp202-12-2014View Details
My Family202-11-2014View Details
Touble teenager102-11-2014View Details
Financial202-10-2014View Details
Legal Matter102-10-2014View Details
Coping Schizophrenic trying to get back out in the work force202-10-2014View Details
spiritual warfare202-09-2014View Details
Heal my Sister's Body (Pam Cole)102-09-2014View Details
My health & family202-09-2014View Details
FOR MY HOME102-09-2014View Details
church membership growth102-08-2014View Details
Family202-08-2014View Details
Prayer for ministry102-08-2014View Details
.102-07-2014View Details
Guidance and blessings the Lord202-07-2014View Details
Sundays off from work.102-07-2014View Details
Closer walk102-07-2014View Details
Help!102-06-2014View Details
Finances102-06-2014View Details
Church Home102-06-2014View Details
Lindsay and Shawn Muckenfuss202-06-2014View Details
Prayer for Consistent, timely receipt of my bi-monthly Paycheck 302-05-2014View Details
HEALING302-05-2014View Details
Church growth102-05-2014View Details
HEALING202-04-2014View Details
Willa Woodward202-03-2014View Details
Begining a ministrie with nothing202-03-2014View Details
Strength in the Lord (for my friends and family)202-03-2014View Details
Prayer for Strength and Protection from Satan302-02-2014View Details
wisdom and knowledge202-02-2014View Details
Ongoing Prayer202-01-2014View Details
Father forgive all my sins302-01-2014View Details
i was just diagnosed with cancer pray for healing 502-01-2014View Details
My son's finances with a new job201-31-2014View Details
Healing201-31-2014View Details
My Victory201-30-2014View Details
children's safety301-29-2014View Details
Forgiveness,healing and restore201-29-2014View Details
Healing of John Haywood in Ohio In Jesus' Name, Amen201-29-2014View Details
Human Trafficking at Super Bowl.401-29-2014View Details
Sickness201-27-2014View Details
For my Daughter601-25-2014View Details
please ask GOd for mercy and look at my family one more time201-25-2014View Details
Healing and freedom from addiction401-25-2014View Details
Reconciliation and direction201-24-2014View Details
Prayer to be still in my financial storm501-23-2014View Details
Marriage301-23-2014View Details
Favor401-22-2014View Details
Tuition Assistance - Classes Dropped Immediate Need Need Divine 201-22-2014View Details
Please Pray For Me1501-01-2014View Details
Prayer RequestPraise Report