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Confidence and Compassion in Prayer
John 5:14-15

“14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. “


Submitted By:Jeanetta Craney
Prayer Request:I live at 835 w rosecrans in gardena in unit 305 ivr prayed,ive taljed with my family,spoken with others,but their is a jehovah witnesd,he abd his family and cult,with a hispanic employee that works for the building terrorises all of the black tenants,(majority of the tenants are black,and the hispanics the 4 families racial profile the black tenants,using hispanic police)this jehovah witness with these hispanics,sexually harrass the single women in the buildings,the hispanics always leave the security door open and allow unscrupulous people on the premises,to sale drugs,destroy property,turn off the water,play with the electric wiring,or conspire defamate to have a black falsely arressted one of these hispanics work as a maintenance employee and has other hispanics in the local businesses,(racist mentslitied call the blacks the "N"word,)making sure when police assistance is needed at the building its always hispanic police that response,Ive seen the manager attacked by a visitor of one of these hispanics,and all those that come on the complex premises do not live here that come.and create problems in the complex i spoke with a tenant that stated he had kived in the complex for 19 years,who happens to be close friends with this jehovah witness,these men sexual predator the single women and conspire rapes,before they target their victim,a defamation is circulated in the area,to discredit the victim incase questions are asked about the victim,if an investigation for the rape takes place,(my son was given a job,but i believe this was done to keep me quite,but he always recieves threats and hes periodicaly robbed or have to relinguish some of his earnings)their attention was on a single young female,but now the girl has the jehovah witness has begun to focus upon me again,him,a family from arkansas(another trouble makers with the hispanics in the complex) i seen the tenant of 19 years,he had stated,ive found someone,that knows this girl (speaking of me) from living homeless and smoking crack on 110th St and avalon,i had went to the local 7/11 and this woman spoke to me,and my usual response is where do i know you from is it church or what churvh do you belong to,her statement was 110th and avalon in a shelter and crack smoking,i busted up laugjing well it wasent me then i asked her more questions how was my hair what did i wear,she said she couldnt remember,then in her car and left the store,i rebusted up saying i wouldnt go on avalon or 110th street even if i did smoke crack.walked back to the complex,and the brother of a hispanic family member was following me,i didnt see him,but sat at the back of the building to think about the lie i had judt heard edpecialy after the hipanic guy,walked d past me,i got to the building complex door,and the tenant of 19 years was dhaking the hands of the jehovah witness seen me watching him and went in the direction of the managers unit,then the sexual predator jehovah witness left out of the building.this jehovah witness has been obsessed since his former girlfriend (a crack prostitute)moved out of the building,he began showing up at my unit door,him and different male members of his family,with no response to their overt behavior,and turned down advances,spreading slanderous lies thru the building because of there unwantted attention being turned down.i jyst figured they werent used to decent women used only to prostitutes and crack addict females,because on different occassions ive seen homelrss women no shoes bras on leaving the garage he frequents which can be seen if passing to go to the silverline station,but these sexual predators have started their defamation of charecter and slander once again and ss usual hispanics and the hispanic businesdes sre involved,there is even one that lives only two doors on nothsides of my unit on the same floor as my unit,that are utilized before their racial profile false arrest,in which i was dtslked to the plaza across the street,for this tenant of 19 years.he pretends hes a police officer(they all are demonic,satanic,evil and insane)but this is not the first time this tenant has pulled this with these same hispanics,im seeking to sue,and am asking for prayer,because yhis jehovah witness will not stop.a defamation of charecter and slander,which leads to a false arrest and allow the terrorising of single women in the building...
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/Submitted By: anne wouters

I pray that God send evangelists to the world. Amen
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