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Confidence and Compassion in Prayer
John 5:14-15

“14 This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 15 And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. “


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Submitted By:Sandra Ann Wilson
Prayer Request:Holy Spirit told me about 1-2 months ago that people have been praying against me... I was living in Atlanta until I moved here May 3, 2017.. God told me to come here.. because Atlanta was "unfertile ground" for me ... I staid homeless & unemployed more that the whores & drug dealers..ahaha I could not get a job and I have a 4 yr degree, I worked as a LPN, , so I went to culinary school in Gwinnett, I wanted to leave Georgia, but I didn't want to go back home to North Carolina ..SO, Holy Spirit said California... but since I have been applied for a job with America Job corp with my Psychology degree, I didn't get it..and I was more than qualified: 4 yr., degree, worked as LPN, and was a correctional officer, but they said I didn't have the experience because I didn't work in the same job title.. and Holy Spirit even to
me to apply for the job,because I was not going to apply for the job, until I re-read the description..and when Holy spirit said .. they are praying against you. and I know it is white & black people.. they are very jealous of me... because I gifted, anointed.. and God favors me over them.... I was living a transitional house for veterans women..but I went back to living in my car.. because I know people have their problems..but I'm on a different journey than them there for I can't have them in my space: crack heeds, meth addicts ,,lesbians AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE WORKING, WHILE THEY GOT CRAZY CHECKS AND DISABILITY CHECKS.. and then when I got here, the VA said that I could not get my voucher because I had not been homeless long enough, but yet prior to me moving here, I call them about porting my voucher from Georgia to California,and they said just come , because it would be easier.,, I find out that they just didn't want to do the paper work. BUT, I DON'T CARE.. THEY CAN KEEP THE DAMN VOUCHER.. I AM A HEALTHY ABLE BODY EDUCATED BLACK WOMAN.. WHO CAN WORK AND GET MY OWN APT.. I JUST NEED HELP WITH KEEPING THE DEVIL AND HIS FRIENDS & FAMILY OUT OF MY PERSONAL & PROFESSOR LIFE ..SO GOD CAN BLESS ME WITH THE THINGS THAT I NEED LIKE THE RIGHT JOB, TO GET APARTMENT ..BLESS ME WITH A HUSBAND.. ( BLACK NOT WHITE)... IN REALITY..I AM HERE IN CALIFORNIA TO START MY LIFE OVER FOR THE BOTTOM UP... FROM SCRATCH... A NEW BEGINNING WITHOUT DEMON INFLUENCES OR FAMILY INFLUENCES... MY MOTHER MEANS WELL, BUT SHE JUST BELIEVES INA JOB AND A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD TYPE OF MENTALITY.. I AM IN PURSUIT OF ALL THAT GOD WANTS AND HAVES FOR ME.. SO BISHOP ..I JUST NEED THOSE ADDED.. ANOINTED PRAYERS... AND I DON'T LIKE HAVING JUST ANYBODY PRAYING FOR ME.. SOME PEOPLE ARE WITH THE DEVIL AND THEY DON'T EVEN NOW IT... LIKE MY MOTHER ..AHAHA..LIKE SOME CELEBRITIES.. BUT THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THE PRAYERS..:-)
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/Submitted By: anne wouters

I pray that God send evangelists to the world. Amen
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