Skid Row Ministries

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The Skid-row ministry is an avenue the Lord has provided for us to touch the poor in spirit, the broken hearted, the heavy burdened, and the weary on the streets of LA. We believe our ministry is that of  hope to men, women, and children living on skid row in downtown Los Angeles.

Did you know that:

  1. Many of the people found on skid row are disabled veterans, unemployed, or drug addicts.
  2. Houses on skid row try to fit up to 80,000 people a day.
  3. Because of gang activity and drug addiction, skid row is seen as quite possibly the most dangerous places in LA.

The work is tough and isn’t for the faint of heart but, it certainly is a blessing to see lives resurrected and radically changed into the likeness of Christ Jesus.  If you have a heart for the lost and the helpless, then prayerfully consider stepping out in faith and participating.