Introducing: I AM 2018

As we commemorate the legacy of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., let us be reminded not only of his life’s work, but also of the countless men and women who stood next to him until his very last day 50 years ago. Today, it is an honor to introduce to you:

I AM 2018


“I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land”                            – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  


The night before he passed, Dr. King spoke these words as he was rallying a group of striking AFSCME sanitation workers and community members in Memphis, telling them to rise up and “make America what it ought to be.”  The worker protests against unfair wages and lackluster safety centered on four iconic words: I AM A MAN. The slogan’s meaning was clear: workers, people of color, and all those marginalized in society deserved to be treated with dignity and respect — as men, as women, and as human beings.

This year, on the 50th anniversary of his death, we invite you to join us in:

Memphis, Tennessee

April 2 – 4, 2018

We will celebrate Dr. King’s legacy, renew our commitment to his vision, and train future leaders to accelerate our fight for economic justice and civil reform.  Along with COGIC, AFSCME and affiliated religious and community groups and labor organizations, I AM 2018 will send a powerful message of solidarity.

-Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr., Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle


Register to attend and follow “I AM 2018” for event updates:

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Pride And Humility- Bishop Charles E. Blake

Pride And Humility- Bishop Charles E. Blake from West Angeles COGIC

Bishop Charles Blake speaks about pride and humility using the story of Nebuchadnezzar, who faced God’s judgement after taking the credit for God’s works. Bishop Blake reminds us: “Do not take God’s Glory.”

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“How To Snatch Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat” – Bishop Charles E. Blake

How To Snatch Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat – Bishop Charles E. Blake from West Angeles COGIC

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Being A Mother In The Midst Of Adversity- Bishop Charles E. Blake

Being A Mother In The Midst Of Adversity_Full from West Angeles COGIC on Vimeo.

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Children’s Ministry

WestA Kids – Children’s Ministry

The West Angeles Children’s Ministry gives children of all ages the opportunity to worship God in their own unique way. Also known as “West A Kids”, our ministry creates an age-appropriate worship environment where children can LEARN about God’s Word, REFLECT on the life of Jesus Christ, and EXPERIENCE God’s abundant life through the Holy Spirit.

Under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. and Children’s Ministry Director Kimberly Briggs, your infant through 5th grade child will experience the truth about God in a child-friendly way. It is never too early for a child to learn the Word of God. The earlier that children begin to apply the teachings of God to their daily lives, the more in touch they are with their faith on a daily basis, and into their adulthood.

We teach God’s character and principles through His Word and the example of Jesus Christ. We use praise and worship, arts and crafts, fellowship time and an interactive Bible curriculum during our classroom sessions to ensure God’s objectives are reached.

Children’s Ministry Worship Services

Nursery (Infant to 2yrs) — Sundays 8am & 11am service in the Cathedral
Preschool (3yrs to Kinder) — Sundays 8am & 11am service in the Cathedral Hanger
Elementary (Kinder to 5th grade) — Every Sunday (except 1st Sunday) at 11am at the West Angeles Youth Center

West Angeles has Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops!

To find out more about the West Angeles’ Boy Scout Troop, please CLICK HERE.  To learn more about our Girl Scouts, please CLICK HERE.


The Sunshine Band

The West Angeles Sunshine Band was organized with the purpose of nurturing kids, ages 12 and under, through ministry.

The Sunshine Band was established by the founder of the Church Of God In Christ, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, in 1911. West Angeles’ Sunshine Band continues the tradition by teaching children about God and concepts of the Bible, including the love of God and God’s Son, Jesus; rules of ministry, as well as scriptures that provide a foundation for understanding, faith, love, grace, salvation and practical precepts for living holy and productive lives.

Study groups and activities are appropriately set based on age, physical and social abilities, as well as emotional and spiritual maturity. Here, kids will have the opportunity to learn, lead, follow, teach, exploredevelop, and perform. 

The primary focus of the West Angeles Sunshine Band is to offer an opportunity for children to receive salvation in their productive years. Meaningful and wholesome activities such as music, bible study, drama, arts and crafts, field trips, and special worship services, guide our youth into the principles of godly living. Our hope is to build a partnership between  home, school, and church to aid in a spiritual foundation and additional resources for each child.

Class Content 

The content and curriculum of our classes include:

  • A General Assembly – (Bible Memory Verses)
  • A Creative Zone – (Arts & Crafts)
  • Story Time (Animated & Live Stream)
  • Puppet Ministry – (Hands-On)

West Angeles Sunshine Band Schedule:

Tuesday Evenings, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., West Angeles Youth Center, Rooms 100-102

Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., West Angeles North Campus Multi-Purpose Building, Rooms 1, 3, & 5

Parents of West Angeles! We encourage you to bring your children, ages 3-12 years of age, to West Angeles Sunshine Band classes!


For more information on our Children’s Ministry or to contact our Children’s Ministry staff, please use the form below: 

Children’s Ministry

Sunday Bulletin

Sunday Bulletin

The West Angeles Sunday Bulletin

Want to know what’s going on each Sunday at West Angeles Church? Have a look at the West Angeles Sunday Bulletin!

The Sunday Bulletin is a wealth of information. It includes Order of Service and instructions for worship. Included is the Sunday Hymn for those that like to sing along. You can also find the breakfast and dinner menu for the Crystal Room. In addition, service times for the entire week are available so families can plan ahead!

As you move forward through the bulletin, you’ll find the Scripture Reading for the day and the Prayer List for the week. The West Angeles Church Mission Statement is ever-present. There is a space to take notes from Bishop Blake’s sermon for those that wish to take the Word home with them on paper. You can also find more information on things such as Baby Dedications and Christian Education, and about how to get involved with the church and its programs, Lastly, there is information about important upcoming dates and updates on church-wide campaigns.

All the information that you need on a weekly basis is available in the West Angeles Sunday Bulletin! Check it out each week!