In Loving Memory of Paul Crouch

Paul Crouch Dies

Paul Crouch, the televangelist who along with his wife co-founded the world’s largest Christian broadcasting network–Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN)—passed on Saturday, November 30, 2013 at his home in Orange, California. He was 79.

“He was an incredible businessman, entrepreneur, visionary; he built something that impacted the world,” says Brandon Crouch, grandson to the late Paul Crouch.
According to the Associated Press, Paul Crouch he had been battling degenerative heart disease for a decade.

TBN released an earlier statement:

“We mourn Paul’s passing and he will be greatly missed. But we know, as the old hymn reminds us, soon enough we will see him again in that great `meeting in the air.’”

Crouch leaves behind a legacy of promoting the Gospel, his wife Janice Bethany Crouch and their two sons, Matthew and Paul Jr.

Please join West Angeles as we offer prayers of comfort to the Crouch family and mourn the passing of such a light in Christendom.