The Complete Christian

Every believer should be able to fill in the blank: “I used to _______________, before I accepted Christ in my life.”

We are called babes in Christ when we first become Christians and like all babies, we fall and stumble about, trying to find our legs. Babies are fed milk and then baby food. Babes in Christ tend to be fed the word of God when they go to church because the Bible can be overwhelming to a new believer. However, we should not stay babes.

As we grow and mature in the body of Christ, there should be some things that God has worked out of us. We should look different from those people that are still in darkness because we are meant to be the light. Bishop Blake reminds us that we should be serving God with all of our hearts, minds and souls. We should be pressing towards the mark of the high calling of God. We shouldn’t care what others think, but should be fervent ambassadors for Christ.

Thinking of how good God is to me makes me want to die to myself daily and pick up my cross and follow Him the best that I can. Everyday won’t be perfect, but remember, God looks at the heart.