Tuesday Night Live is a new way of encountering God, and a new way of studying the Bible. Young Adult Pastor Lawrence C. Blake teaches weekly Lessons and all are welcome at this inter-active Bible study where we really address the issues we face in a spiritual way. You are invited to come and worship with us every Tuesday night at 7:00pm in the West Angeles performing Arts Center

The Bible is what we teach and TNL is not meant to“tickle the ears,” it’s meant to make you grow and push you to higher levels of relationship with Christ Jesus.

In society today, everything has been twisted and also today, we see there is a vicious attack against Gods Word. Why? The answer is, God’s Word is the only thing that has not been tainted in the world today. For this reason we must be strong and courageous in the Lord and keep His Word in our hearts.

Jesus, truth, family, peace, love, encouragement, support, and a new improved you are just a few of the things you will find when you show up to meet us at Tuesday Night Live.

See you next Tuesday.

West Angeles Tuesday Night Bible study is a biblical ministry that edifies, comforts and empowers young adults to become mature believers in Christ Jesus. We are a place where you can experience Godly fellowship and concern for one another in a relaxed atmosphere.   

You’re Invited! Kick your feet up and enjoy wholesome teachings geared towards encouraging and equipping our young adults.

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