Meditation can bring about true transformation. It can guide you to find peace and joy from within, also known as your secret place. The practice of meditation alleviates STRESS, and opens up an opportunity for emotional and mental awareness.

But did you know meditation also benefits the physical body?

Meditation is beneficial in numerous ways. It promotes healthy brain function, lowers stress and anxiety, and it even decreases tension-related pain.

9 Benefits of Meditation:

1. Reduces anxiety and stress. who has experienced stress and anxiety is aware of the vicious cycle of worry and fear. It’s an obsessive thought pattern. Anxiety and stress has us living in yesterday’s circumstances and borrowing tomorrow’s troubles. Meditation trains your mind to live in the present moment. It also teaches your mind to allow certain thoughts and feelings to pass without stress and anxiety. In 2012, Harvard Medical School did a study confirming “meditation can improve emotional stability and the response to stress.” 

2. Helps prevent memory loss. Meditation reduces the stress hormone Cortisol, which has been known to increase the risk of developing dementia. Meditation increases cortical thickness and grey matter in your brain, which slows down aging of the brain. Cortical thickness has also been associated with decision-making and memory.

3. Improves focus. Focus is the ability to concentrate on one thing while dismissing unnecessary distractions. Naturally, our minds jump from one thought to another. Meditation trains your mind to focus on an affirmation, positive thought, or bible verses, while allowing all other thoughts to drift.

4. Improves emotional stability. It’s human nature to be emotionally affected by certain situations that arise in life. It’s extremely important to know how to control our emotions. Mediation is an effective tool that enhances positive emotions and mood, and appears to make people less vulnerable to the stresses and upsets of daily life.

5. Lowers high blood pressure. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure occurs when the blood flows through blood arteries at higher than normal pressures. High blood pressure is ignited by stress, causing a pounding heart and faster breathing. Relaxation occurs during meditation, which slows down your blood pressure and pulse. Meditation induces relaxation, which increases the compound nitric oxide that causes blood vessels to open up and subsequently, blood pressure to drop. Meditation brings your breathing rate back to normal, also reversing the effects of high blood pressure.

6. Helps you overcome addiction. Meditation strengthens a person’s ability to focus their attention, making it easier to let go of cravings. A person who meditates is better able to handle stress, making them less likely to turn to addictive substances as a coping mechanism in the first place. Meditation helps a person observe and detach from cravings, and allows them to calm and soothe themselves without resorting to substance abuse.

7. Relieves tension related Pain. Meditation places you in a relaxing state, which increases blood flow. Reduced blood flow denies muscles the oxygen they need to fuel their function, resulting in leg or back pain. During meditation, blood can flow freely, allowing your brain and muscles to get the nutrients needed from oxygen. Blood flowing freely allows your muscles to reproduce cells and heal damaged tissues.

8.  Increases restful sleep. Stress is the most common reason for insomnia. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland that ensures a restful sleep. The level of melatonin rises before bedtime and lowers in the morning. Stress lowers your melatonin levels. As said above, meditation reduces stress. It allows you to focus on the moment and dissolve judgements of the past and future.

9. Allows you to listen to God. Meditation allows you to grow your concentration and focus, which are needed when listening to God. We often pray to God, but do we take the time out to listen to Him? God is constantly guiding us, and it’s often too loud for us to hear Him. Meditation allows our worries to fade and our thoughts to come and go. In this space, you are able to listen and receive God. This allows for opportunity to hear God and connect with him in our purest form.

Meditation can be practiced anywhere! It is training of the mind, and should be done regularly to get results. Think of it like hygiene for the mind, body, and spirit. Once you start meditating, you won’t know how you ever lived without it!

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