Remembering Pastor Andrae Crouch

"Soon and Very Soon": West Angeles Honors Gospel Legend Andrae' Crouch

Pastor Andraé Crouch, known as the father of modern gospel music, has gone to be with the Lord on Thursday, Jan. 8.

The 72-year-old singer, producer and composer had been hospitalized since Jan. 3 at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in the Los Angeles area after suffering a heart attack, says USA today.

In a 2011 interview with NPR’s Michel Martin, Pastor Crouch talked about the power of great gospel songs to transcend the divide between religious and secular music.

“I think that some people still think that the formula other than gospel still is not strong enough to get that crossover appeal to people enough that they would play it all the time or non-church people would accept it, but I disagree. I think that if something’s really good and it touches that part of their heart that has been untouched or maybe it has been touched, but they never wanted to admit it, I think that when they get back to that, I think that we are still in a place that people enjoy it the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

“And I think that when we like songs in gospel and it hits that part of the soul or the mind that brings back familiarity to the person or to the listeners, I think we zero in on something that will always be needed.”

Elvis Presley recorded Crouch’s “I’ve Got Confidence” for his 1972 gospel album He Touched Me, and Paul Simon recorded his “Jesus Is the Answer” on 1974’s Paul Simon in Concert: Live Rhymin’.

Crouch also became the go-to vocal arranger for Los Angeles recording sessions that needed a gospel sound, working not only with Michael Jackson and Madonna but also Elton John, Quincy Jones, The Commodores, Diana Ross and Ringo Starr.

Pastor Crouch was a San Francisco native that grew up in the Church of in Christ and formed his first group by the age of 14. Crouch brought a contemporary pop and R&B melodic sensibility to gospel, making him uniquely suited to appeal to both black and white audiences in the 1960s.

Pastor Crouch went on to win seven Grammys, receive an Academy Award nod for his arranging work on the 1985 film The Color Purple and finally was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1998.

Reaction to the passing of Pastor Andraé Crouch was swift and mournful.

May Pastor Andraé Crouch rest in peace as the pioneer for Gospel Music singing and shouting in the heavens. His legacy will continue to live on.

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  1. Dennis Earl Thomas
    Dennis Earl Thomas says:

    This article emphasizes Andrae Crouch’s cross over appeal with secular audiences. However, let us always remember that his greatest appeal was to reach lost souls and backslidden souls to the saving knowledge and transforming power of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, during his unforgettable live concerts!

  2. E Loridon
    E Loridon says:

    He wrote the church’s contemporary #songbook #hymnbook
    #LetTheChurchSayAMEN as he rests from his labour till the day when the shofar will sound

    Lord-YeHoVaH strengthen pastor Sandra Crouch and family, in this time of beareavement

  3. F S Blessed
    F S Blessed says:

    For 43 years of my life, my family and I listened to Pastor Andrae Crouch and the Disciples sing To God be the glory. He wrote under the anointing because he ‘couldn’t keep it to himself, he had to tell someone else’ that ‘Jesus is the answer, for the world today’. He encouraged the backslider to tell God, ‘Take me back’ because ‘can’t nobody do you like Jesus. He is our friend’.

    ‘Let the work I’ve done, speak for me. Pastor Crouch knew that ‘it would not be long’; he’ll be going home. Jesus is coming. ‘We expect Him’ anytime.

    ‘Let the church say amen’ for the work he has done. Pastor Crouch left us a rich heritage in Gospel music. God truly answered his father’s prayers and gave him the gift of music to share with mankind and the body of Christ. We were encouraged. Our souls uplifted.

    My condolences to Pastor Sandra Crouch, the Crouch family, and the New Christ Memorial COGIC. Be encouraged.

  4. Pastor Eddie Tyes Parker, III
    Pastor Eddie Tyes Parker, III says:

    I am sadden by the departure of my dear friend and brother. Pastor Andrae Crouch befriended this non-celebrity/non-famous mid-west Ohio Pastor & wife years ago. He was my best man in my 20th wedding anniversary, and we share many years of a genuine, no-strings attached friendship. Pastor Andrae was and is the sweet Psalmist of Christendom Globally. Besides for all his celebrity & talent, he was a good friend. I pray for his twin, Sandra, whom he loved very much as I do also.

  5. Eld Cedric & Evg Linda Jackson
    Eld Cedric & Evg Linda Jackson says:

    Pastor Andrae Crouch will never be forgotten! The authenticity of the Anointing displayed through his music, his candid demeanor, and his readiness to share The Gospel of Jesus to all was simply awesome! Our personal encounters with him were just that! Hearing his music in our teens, and coming face-to-face with him with our children through Pastor Eddie Tyes Parker, III and The Word Church of God in Christ, Columbus, Ohio was a dream come true! Having him lay hands on our entire family and asking God to, “Do for them what you did for me many years ago!”, is now a part of our family legacy! We will never forget the laughter of the numerous stories he shared with us, and the compliments he bestowed upon us while we were honored to sing and play before him! He is and will always be a Godly Example of Holiness and a lifetime memory in our hearts! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  6. DrRose Parker Sterling
    DrRose Parker Sterling says:

    Bishop Crouch, and then Andre & Sandra Crouch (Christ Memorial) truly blessed me after being sentenced to 27to life in prison in 1986. I listened to their radio broadcast on KMAX a 9pm (with Independent Faith and Pastor Roger DeCuir following at 10 & 11pm. Realizing that God spared my life after being held hostage with 19 month old and I was pregnant. He didn’t have to let me live. HOW CAN i SAY THANK? THE BLOOD WILL never LOSE IT’S POWER, SO i’M THINKING OF (YOU) THE MOST HIGH AND PASTORS ANDRE & SANDRA Crouch. Blessing, Dr. Rose Parker, Saving Our Women Int’l. an outreach ministry savinging families.


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