Answers For a Troubled World Revival


The Evangelists/Missionaries and The Brotherhood are joining forces to lead us in the Answers For a Troubled World Revival!

From October 26-30, each evening, we are gathering as a church for a time of healing, deliverance, and freedom through powerful prayer, inspirational singing, and anointed preaching in the North Campus Sanctuary! Come expecting a Move of God in your life through the Power of The Holy Ghost!

You don’t want to miss your blessing!

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  1. Robin Thomas
    Robin Thomas says:

    Yes I would like to know how you balance your saved life I’m young and I do nothing but go to work and church I know this is not living God said he come that we may have life abounded Lee and I don’t see that I’m living life to the fullest I don’t want to displease God one of my desires is to go back to school to be a nurse I feel that there is no support my father says I’m not living just here

    • Peter Rowe
      Peter Rowe says:

      Im in the same boat as you brother. Workaholic and church….. but what else is there in life? The key I feel is to find work that fulfills you. Then you are pursuing your purpose 🙂


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