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POLL: Will Starbucks’ day of closures bring change?

On Thursday, April 12, Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson entered a Philadelphia Starbucks location to wait for a friend. Minutes later, they were in handcuffs. The recent kerfuffle has made headlines across the nation and sparked outrage in the black community. Other customers videotaped the encounter on their cell phones. The two men entered the […]

The Mother Of South Africa

“I will not allow the selfless efforts of my husband and his friends to be abandoned. I will continue the struggle for a free and equal South Africa.” – 1962 “To those who oppose us, we say, ‘Strike the woman, and you strike the rock’.” – 1966 “It is only when all black groups, join […]

Harvard study shows effects of racism on income for black men

According to a recent study from researchers at Harvard, Stanford and the Census Bureau, there is severe income inequality that exists between black and white men that causes adult black males to earn significantly less than their white counterparts. A common theme among income inequality discussions is that the heart of the problem exists due […]

Plugged In: Follow These 15 Women

Social media is about more than posting pictures of what we eat for lunch that day or photos from our kids’ weekend soccer games. Although both of those things are great, for some, social media is used to accomplish different objectives. In many instances, social media users get everything from their daily news to their […]