Bishop Blake: How To Be A Person After God’s Own Heart

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. reveals, in a wonderful sermon, what God looks for when choosing those to be close to His heart.

Bishop shared scripture from the First Book of Samuel which tells the story of David, one of the greatest Kings in the Bible.  But with all of David’s wealth and power, he was not afraid to give undignified praise to God.“Folks are so into class,” Bishop said.  “They want to act as if they are a member of the upper class, even if they are not…but when it comes to praising God, I say, ‘Class dismissed!'”

“David was a man after God’s own heart, but in many ways, he was not the model he should have been,” Bishop continued. “I’ve got a better model: Jesus.  He is God. He became a man, He became obedient, and He humbled Himself.”  Bishop believes that God is looking for those even today who are not afraid to worship Him.  “Millions of people will yell and jump and shout at the sight of their favorite team”, he said, “but God has been so good, I’ve got to praise Him.”

Quotes from the sermon follow:

bishop blake black church west angeles los angeles

How To Be A Person After God’s Own Heart – Bishop Blake on the pulpit at the West Angeles Catherdral, Los Angeles, CA.

“It would seem to me that a man after God’s own heart would be at the pinnacle of his potential. It would seem that this man would be a good model for all men.”

“God is concerned about quality. He’s concerned about character. God does not start with any old thing in developing His servants.”

“If God, with all of His power, does not start with any old thing, then we, with our negligible power, should not start with any old thing.”

“Even we need to look for quality in the people who are around us.”

“Don’t be so hungry for human relationships that you will accept any old thing.”

“You’re on the verge of accepting something less than the best. Hold on a little while longer! Keep your standards high!”

“There are those who should be models for us, and then there are also those for whom we should be models.”

“There are others who we should never allow to enter into the circle of our friends. Their effect can be nothing but detrimental. Let me assure you that if they’re not pulling you up, they’re going to pull you down.”

“If somebody you are dealing with is a negative influence…then the best thing for you to do is love them at a distance.”

“Really strong people can afford to be humble; really strong people can afford to be kind.”

“Whatever we are, whatever we are to become, God made us that.”

“Be little in your own eyes.”

“It’s better to wait on God than to get ahead of God and make a mess!”

“Place obedience to God over your material advantage.”

“Look unto God; let God be the only power that you rely upon.”

“If you bless what God blesses, God will bless you, too.”

“Everybody ought to want to be a person after the heart of God. People who are on God’s heart are prospered.”

bishop blake as presiding bishop church of God in Christ at holy convocation aerial view

Bishop Blake: How To Be A Person After God’s Own Heart – As Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ, Bishop Blake was the shepherd to millions worldwide. Photo, COGIC Holy Convocation, aerial view.

“People who are on God’s heart are protected…So if you mess with them, you mess with God” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“Has God ever moved you to the front of the line?”

“If God says you’re gonna do something, you’re gonna do it!”

“You better go to God and get an assignment! Tell your neighbor, “I’m going to God to get an assignment!”

“Riches and honor come from God.”

“Lift up your hands and say, ‘Lord, whatever I do, I give you glory; I give you praise.'”

“Child of God, when you’re selecting folk, I know you’re impressed by the outer appearance, but you better check out the heart.”

“If the heart is ugly, if the heart is deceitful, you’re bringing misery into your life”.

“Does your heart need some work?”

“There is a God in Israel!”

“Be strong and be courageous: the God we serve is able!”

“Don’t you worry about taking revenge on your enemies, the Lord said, ‘Vengeance is Mine: I will repay’”.

“David knew how to repent.”

“Do you have anybody you have not forgiven? You’d better let that go so God can take you higher.”

“Child of God, the wages of sin is death, and the gift of God is eternal life.”

“You ought to say, ‘Lord, forgive me! Lord, I’m sorry! Give me a chance to live for you!’”

“Neighbor, don’t let anything stop you from praising the Lord!”

“God is going to take you higher than you’ve ever been!”

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Adapted from Presiding Bishop Blake Charles E. Blake’s sermon, “How To Be A Person After God’s Own Heart” at West Angeles Church of God In Christ.  Click HERE to view this entire sermon on WESTA GOSPEL ON DEMAND.