bishop blake shows his gratitude for the love of his congregation at west angeles church los angeles

Bishop Blake’s 4 Key Standards

This past week in the North Campus Sanctuary, Bishop Blake summoned the staff of West Angeles with a poignant and timely address.

In his opening, Bishop spoke about the goals he has for each member of West Angeles Church.

Here are the four standards Bishop Blake highlighted:

  • Know and serve God.

    If not, “you probably won’t be too happy around West Angeles anyway,” Bishop said light-heartedly.

    Bishop mentioned that it is his personal goal and mission that every member of the Church knows and serves God to their fullest extent.

  • Be a person of moral and spiritual integrity.

    Said Bishop, “These are goals I set for myself, and encourage you to strive for also.”

    Bishop asserted that as members of West Angeles, you can’t properly take care of the assets of the church if you do not have spiritual and moral integrity.

  • Love and serve people.

    Bishop reasserted that we not only want to love God, “We want to love the people.”

    Later in the address Bishop said, “The people are not here to serve us. We are here to serve the people.”

  • Go beyond what you know and have seen.

    Bishop is looking to hold those who serve at West Angeles to the highest possible standard. “We have a cutting-edge church with a cutting edge staff. Whatever we do, we must do it excellently.”

    Bishop also mentioned, “The work of the church is most important and worthy of our best effort.”

Lastly, Bishop laid out this rally call:

“We must invest in ministry and in the work of the Lord, and to show ministry from a team perspective. We must reach out to the community. We must test the limits and go as far as we can.

“We want to do the best, be the best, and reach for the best.”