Statement Released for Trayvon Martin



The Church of God in Christ, Inc released a statement from Bishop Charles E. Blake in response to the jury’s verdict in the murder trail of George Zimmerman verdict:

Our prayers and sympathy are extended to the Trayvon Martin family.  May we all pray and work for the health and unity of our nation. We mourn the loss of a potential-filled young life. This incident portrays much about the increasing sickness of our society where incidents of this nature occur. If George Zimmerman had not carried a gun, he would not have been so emboldened to come into young Trayvon Martin’s space in an inappropriate way. Trayvon Martin should have been allowed to complete his trip to and from the store safely, without harassment.

We need the creation of and conformity to effective and appropriate gun control laws. A friend indicated, “If George Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon Martin white, the verdict would have been different.” This is a sad time for our nation.

Please join Bishop Charles E. Blake, Lady Mae and the entire West Angeles family as we offer prayers of support and peace for the Martin family.


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