Bishop Darrell Hines Delivers Message of Faith For Men’s Day

West Angeles was blessed once again to have Bishop Darrell Hines deliver the Word, this time for the annual Mens’ Day celebration on Sunday, October 19.

Bishop Hines is pastor of Christian Faith Fellowship in Milwaukee, WI, and heads the Brotherhood Organization of the Church of God In Christ worldwide. Bishop Charles E. Blake made the introduction of the day by telling of Bishop Hines’ miraculous personal testimony of surviving a lightning strike in 1981 while working at his former job with Republic Airlines. After being pronounced dead – then miraculously revived by prayer over 45 minutes later – he beat diagnoses of brain damage, amnesia, and physical incapacitation to go on to accept God’s call to ministry.

A Stellar Award-nominated gospel singer and psalmist, Bishop Hines opened with a hymn, “You Brought Me From A Mighty Long Way,” backed by the West Angeles men’s choir, “Sons of Thunder.” His rousing, poignant, and sometimes humorous sermon was entitled “When A Man’s Faith Meets his Fate.” In it, he ministered from passages in Hebrews 11 (v. 36-40) which he said pastors rarely use because of their seemingly dismal outlook for Christians. But the message served to remind men (and all listeners) of the power of enduring faith.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from his sermon:

“Without faith, it is impossible for us to please God.”

“We have the word of God, we believe what it says, and we look forward to the results of what we believe God for.”

“Not everyone embraces scripture the same as someone else.”

“I don’t think that faith is given in smaller or greater measures; I think that when we get the Word of God, we have the measure of faith. Everything that we are, everything that God has required of us, and everything that He has promised is right here.”

“They that come to God must believe that He is God; that He is a rewarder of them that diligently or persistently seek after Him.”

“It would seem as though, my brothers, that the ones who did great fantastic feats would be mentioned (in the Bible), and then those …who did not accomplish what they believed God for wouldn’t even be considered; but they’re here for a reason – it brings you the other side of faith.”

“What happens to the faithful brother? What happens to the faithful person, when we ask God for something, and we don’t get what we ask for?”

“Y’all sittin’ up here looking all saved and deep and carryin’ on, but I know I’m not the only one in here who thought it would have happened by now, looked for it to come to pass, and it did not!”

“You must understand that faith does not always change reality.”

“Sin could not be redeemed except for sacrifice.”

“Jesus ‘manned-up’ for what He had to do because He couldn’t change what was in His future.”

“Jesus did not avoid the cross, but what He did is, He showed us how to handle a cross. Everybody in here is going to have a cross at some point in your life.”

“Christians need to understand that just because you have faith, it doesn’t mean that everything is going to be the way you want it to be.”

“Faith does not give you a free pass through life.”

“I am a little disturbed by what I see happening in church. We almost play God like a lottery; or like some kind of magic. We think that we can rub two scriptures together, say ‘I have faith’, and Poof! You see everything that you want!”

“Something has happened to the faith community. We want everything to be sunshine; we want God to move like we want Him to move and when He doesn’t, we take our hat and coat and go home…It seems as if we become so fickle and so flaky in our faith until we can’t take anything. But faith says that whatever happens, God is still my God.”

“That’s what faith does for the believer: it can’t tell you all the things life is gonna throw at you; I don’t know all the things that’s coming your way, but if you have faith in God I promise you that faith will contort you and move you and position you so that when you finally land, (you will land on your feet).”

“Faith won’t bring you everything you want in life, but faith will get you through everything that life brings.”

Bishop Hines delivered all three sermons on Sunday, concluding the 2014 Brotherhood Weekend of events for the men of West Angeles.


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