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SERMON: Presiding Bishop Blake, “Components of a Testimony”

On Sunday, April 3, 2016, Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. began a new series, teaching from his book, Encountering God. The sermon was taken from scripture surrounding the Arc of the Covenant, the tabernacle of Moses, and the Israelites, who did not trust God in spite of miracles He performed on their behalf.

“Sometimes we’re losing because we don’t trust God,” said Bishop Blake. “The God that we serve has already made a way…God will take care of you if you only believe.”

This entire service and more is available HERE, at West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“The Arc of the Covenant was in the Tabernacle of Moses. In the court of the Tabernacle it stood before the Brazen Altar where the sacrifices were offered up to God to atone for the sins of the people.”

“The Bronze Laver [is] where the priests were first washed by Moses and where subsequently they washed themselves as they performed the various rites of sacrifice in the courtyard.”

“The showbread…was made from wheat. It symbolized God’s people in His presence, and in fellowship with Him and one another.”

“The lamp stand, with its seven flames…symbolized God’s spirit at work…It symbolized God’s Word. It symbolized Jesus Christ. It symbolized the church of Jesus Christ.”

“The golden altar of incense…ignited by God’s fire, represents the praises and the worship of God’s people. It also represents the pleasure that the praises of God’s people bring to God.”

“God enjoys our praise.” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“Behind the veil is the most Holy place or the Holy of Holies. Within the Most Holy place is the Arc of the Covenant, which is also called ‘The Arc of the Testimony.’”

“The Arc of the Covenant was a wooden chest or box…This wooden chest was overlaid with sheets of pure gold, both within and without.”

“On the lid of the Arc was a plate of pure gold…That plate was called the mercy seat. At the ends of the Mercy Seat were two statues of golden angels.”

“For many reasons, the Arc of the Covenant is the most important piece of furniture in the tabernacle. It’s important, as far as I can tell, because the Arc…is the only item of tabernacle furniture that will be in heaven.”

“I don’t really understand how the Arc of the Covenant will be in heaven – whether it will be there materially or spiritually –  but the Bible says it will be there. And if God will retain the Arc of the Covenant alone for Heaven, then the Arc of the Covenant must be very, very important.”

“Arc of the Covenant was the first item of furniture to be described and placed in the Tabernacle.”

“Each of the three items were the result of miraculous occurrences and miraculous actions on the part of God.  Each of the three items were an expression of the love of God”

“The fact that each of these items is a response [of] God to negative behavior on the part of Israel is unfortunate.  Negative behavior caused each of these items to be placed before the people of God.”

“God had just brought them out of a 400-year ordeal of slavery and oppression.”

“God was working through Moses. Moses was obeying God’s directions.”

“God had just brought them out of a 400-year ordeal of slavery and oppression.” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“Moses…was already free. He was already doing well, but he returned to Egypt to bring God’s people out of slavery.”

“Murmuring is offensive and alienating…even a murmurer doesn’t want to be around another murmurer.”

“Murmuring is counterproductive because it makes future favors unlikely.”

“Murmuring is an indication of a lack of trust.”

“You got help and assistance before, what makes you think you have to murmur now?”

“The opposite of murmuring is praise.” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“One of God’s worst judgments came down on Israel because of her complaining…The cause of their complaining in this case was a declining food supply.”

“Your blessing may require some work.”

“Your miracle does not excuse you from working while the miracle takes place.”

“Sometimes what you snatch against the will of God spoils and breeds worms.”

“What you invest in God won’t spoil.”

“How many of you know you have to rely on God every day?”

“They had to rely on God every day because without a miracle they would have been without food. ‘Give us this day our daily bread.'”

“There was manna in the Arc.”

“’ 35 And fire came out from the Lord and consumed the 250 men who were offering the incense,’ and the next day all the congregation of Israel murmured…I think I would have kept my mouth shut!”

49 But 14,700 people died from the plague, in addition to those who had died because of Korah. Look at your neighbor and say, ‘I think God doesn’t like murmuring!’”

They had to rely on God every day because without a miracle they would have been without food.  ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“So many folks are against you, but God’s going to bless you anyway.”

“If God chooses you, there’s nothing that anybody can do about it!”

“That Aaron’s rod would blossom, that it would bear fruit, is assurance that God can bring dead things back to life again.”

“How do I know God can bring dead things back to life? Because he brought me back to life again! Halleluiah!”

“Jesus was dead. God brought him back to life again!”

“If anything has died in your world, God can bring it back to life again!”

“The tablets contained God’s Commandments for his people. They contained his will regarding their behavior.  But the fact that they were in the Arc was proof that God gave them a second chance.”

“This is the day of the second chance. I don’t care who you are and what you’ve done, God is a God of a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance.”

“Neighbor, you may have messed up, but God through Jesus is giving you a second chance.”

“Jesus was dead. God brought him back to life again!” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“The arc was a testimony.”

“God will take care of you if you only trust Him, if you only believe.”

“They put the manna in the Arc so you remember that I provided for you in the desert…put the manna in the Arc so you remember that when there was no rain and no sowing and no reaping, I fed you with bread put the manna in the Arc so you remember that when you run out, I step in.”

“If God has done it before, God will do it again. God can heal again. God can provide again.”

“Ask your neighbor, ‘Do you have a pot of manna in your testimony?’ Can you remember a time when God miraculously provided for you?”

“When things seem dead and hopeless, God is still able!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: Exodus 16:32 , Numbers 17:10; Deuteronomy 10:1-9; Hebrews 9:3-4, 1 Kings 8:9, Exodus 16:2-32, Revelation 11:19, Numbers 16, Numbers 17:1-4, Romans 17:8, Exodus 31:18, Psalm 37:25, Psalm 27:10, Hebrews 4:14-16


Presiding Bishop Charles Edrward Blake, Sr’s book, “Encountering God: Pathway to His Presence” is available at the West Angeles Christian Emporium. Address: 3021 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016. Phone:(323) 731-3012



SERMON for Palm Sunday: Whatever You Do, Do It in the Name of the Lord

On Palm Sunday at West Angeles Church of God In Christ, Pastor Michael B. Golden Jr., Chairman of the Bishop C.E. Blake Legacy Conference, delivered a powerful, prophetic word titled, “Whatever You Do, Do It in the Name of the Lord.”

“Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord. Peace in Heaven and glory in the highest.” –  Luke 19:38 (KJV)

“This is the greatest church in the Church of God In Christ,” proclaimed Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr.

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. invited Pastor Golden to deliver the Word to the congregation of West Angeles Church of God In Christ on Palm Sunday 2016.  The dynamic, prophetic message he delivered was inspired by Luke 19:37-38 –

37 Then, as He was now drawing near the descent of the Mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen, 38 saying: “ ‘Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”

Said Pastor Golden, “High-five your neighbor and tell them, ‘Something good is getting ready to happen!’”

The entire Palm Sunday service is available HERE, on West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“When most preachers come to Palm Sunday, they focus on the triumphant entry, on the fact that there were palm trees laid at the feet of Jesus as He came in on the back of a donkey…God saw the donkey in you and still used you!”

“It’s one thing to come to West Angeles on Sunday morning when your hair is done and your nails are wonderfully done, but God saw you when you were in your mess, in your struggle…and He still said ‘I want you’”.

“Like Adam and Eve, you came to yourself and said ‘I didn’t even know I was exposed.’”

“With your anger, bitterness, frustration, anxiety…all of your hurt, pain, and stress, He still said, ‘I want you.’”

“With the fact that you’ve been isolated, humiliated, pushed to the side and put in obscurity, God said, ‘I want you.’”

“If God wants you, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t want you.”

“Our country has forgotten the Power in the name of the Lord” – Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr.

“This is for everybody who said you couldn’t be; who said it couldn’t happen for you; everybody who said you weren’t smart enough, you weren’t with the right group, you didn’t have it all together…Is there anybody in here who knows that God chose you anyway?”

“Not only is He coming, He’s coming in the name of the Lord.”

“As I watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, I have quickly discerned that our country has forgotten the Power in the name of the Lord.”

“If Buddha can’t help you…give Jesus a try.”

“There are some of you who are dealing with some circumstances right now and…you’ve tried everything that you can try…but I’m here to tell you to take your hands off of it.”

“Some of you are sitting next to some ‘chosen frozens’ today!

“If Buddha can’t help you…give Jesus a try” – Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr.

“I dare you to open your mouths and say, ‘So good!’”

“What’s on me is getting ready to rub off on you. What’s on me? Favor is on me. The anointing is on me. Glory is on me. Provision is on me.”

“Put your hand on your neighbor and say, ‘I’m rubbing it off on you…Peace in your home on your job, in your family… peace on in this church.’”

“One of the reasons you can’t praise God is because you don’t have peace…I speak to every enemy, every devil, every demonic force, and I demand PEACE!”

“How do you get peace? You get peace by using that name. And what is that name? JESUS!”

“I feel the Holy Ghost all up in my space!”

“When you shout that name, God’s releasing angels…and when you come into your house, the devil’s going to see you at the front door and say, ‘She comes in the name of the Lord!’”

“Shout your address and say, ‘Satan, get to steppin!’” – Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr.

“You’re not going to mess with my peace, you’re not going to intimidate my joy, He gives me power to tread over serpents, and over scorpions, and I command you in the name of Jesus!”

“I need three people in every row who know how to use that Name. Say it again like you really mean it! JESUS!”

“The devil, from this point forward, will not be able to operate by absentee ballot in your life.”

“[The devil] is not even living in your home, but he’s influencing your children.”

“Confusion comes up and you don’t even know where it’s coming from. It’s because Satan is operating with power of attorney over your children, over your family.”

“No, you’re not perfect – nobody is perfect – but we are perfected in the name of Jesus.”

“I came up on PTL, but I also came up on a TV show called ‘Martin’…and he knew how to tell people who didn’t belong in his space to ‘Get to steppin’!”

“For every trial you’ve faced, God set it up to bring you through” – Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr.

“I need about 1,000 folks who have enough power in your words to speak to the devil and say, ‘Satan, get to steppin’!”

“Shout your address and say, ‘Satan, get to steppin!’”

“You’ve got to be careful in this season who you’re connected to. Sometimes you’ve got to do bad all by yourself.”

“There’s a difference between friends and allies…friends stick with you through the good and the bad.”

“I know Jesus is a friend of mine. When I was in my lowest state, He didn’t walk off and leave me.”

“Thank you Lord!”

“Everything that’s in your mind does not always bring life.”

“God said, ‘You’re going to survive, even though they walked off from you, planned your funeral and left you for dead.”

“I was down, but I wasn’t out. I was in trouble, but I didn’t lose my mind, I didn’t lose hope.”

“God’s getting ready to give you a double portion of His power” – Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr.

“Buddha couldn’t help me because he was dead, and if I didn’t want to be like him, I couldn’t call that name.”

“I dare you to put it in God’s hands and say, ‘Jesus!’”

“For some of you, the next seven days are going to be seven days of Kingdom surprises. God’s getting ready to give you a double portion of His power…He’s given you Kingdom authority.”


“Look your neighbor dead in the eye and say, ‘It’s done!’”

“God’s getting ready to do something…the devil is on the run!  I dare you to shout, ‘Done!’”

“I woke up in the name of Jesus!”

“I don’t know how I made it. I should have died. I should have given up…Nobody did it but God!”

“For every trial you’ve faced, God set it up to bring you through. And when you come through, you’re going to set off a praise in West Angeles that says, ‘Nobody did it but God!’”

“The same power He had as Jehovah the Old Testament is the same power He has in the New Testament.”

“The same power Jehovah had to bring the children of Israel through the Red Sea is the same power He has to bring you and your family through the worst season of your life.”

“The same power He had to bring Shadrach, Meshach and ‘Nebed-Negro’ out of the fiery furnace…If He did it before, He can do it again!”

“He was here when grandmomma was here. He’ll be here when grandbaby is here. He’s eternal.”

“Jesus is here because He’s everywhere!”

“Everybody in this house is going to come to agreement that the enemy’s rule in your life is over!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: Luke 19:37-38, Isaiah 43:19, 54:17; Luke 10:19, Jeremiah 1:10,  2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Psalm 121:1-5, Isaiah 53:5, Exodus 14, Daniel 3:19-29.


Pastor Michael B. Golden, Jr. accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior at the young age of 13, and accepted the call of the Lord on May 26, 1996. After graduating from Norfolk Seminary and College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology, on August 1998 he became the youngest Elder ordained in the Second Jurisdiction State of Virginia, Church of God In Christ. On February 4, 2012, he was officially installed as Pastor of the Greater Emmanuel Temple COGIC in Hampton Virginia, the church founded by his father, Superintendent Michael B. Golden, Sr.

Pastor Golden’s stellar list of service, accomplishments, and posts includes YPWW President, Vice Chairman of the International AIM Convention, Assistant Jurisdictional Conference Coordinator, Jurisdictional Adjutant and Financial Advisor to the Bishop, and in November 2012 Pastor Golden was elected to the National Board of Trustees of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. Most recently, he served as Chairman of the Bishop C.E. Blake Legacy Conference.

Also an entrepreneur, Pastor Golden works in commercial lending and Real Estate development. He is married to Evangelist Missionary Trina Wilson Golden; together they have two children, Michael B. Golden, III and Malaya Angelina Golden.

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SERMON: The Resurrection Mentality

As we prepare for Resurrection Sunday, Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake asks, “Do you have a resurrection mentality?”

In his sermon titled, “The Resurrection Mentality,” Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. describes the characteristics of those who believe in Jesus.

“Those who live most effectively are those who have tapped an unseen reservoir from which they can gain power and strength,” said Bishop. “That God of power can be great in your life. And if He’s in your life, just like He rose from the dead, you can rise out of any situation that may come against you.”

Bishop Blake continued, “The message…is that you can be free. You can be delivered in the name of Jesus.”

See the entire sermon here on Westa Video On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“Most of us will agree that life is becoming more complex and more difficult every day.”

“The dinosaur was strong, but he’s also gone.”

“Health, wealth, strength, prosperity, are not the keys to success…they’re not the keys to survival.

“The ability to endure adversity is a precious, precious commodity.”

“Those who live most effectively [are those] who have tapped an unseen reservoir from which they can gain power and strength.

Believing brings joy. Believing brings peace.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

People who don’t believe, people who don’t trust, are miserable and unhappy.”

“Unrealistic expectations and foolish and unfounded ambitions can destroy the very life of an individual.”

“So many folk have gone back because they thought the wrong things.”

“So many people today are locked in. So many people are fearful.”

“The message of this day of Resurrection is that you can be free. You can be delivered in the name of Jesus!”

Sometimes things happen that are so wonderful, we don’t even want to believe it, even though it’s standing before us alive and well.”

A crusade for unbelief has been launched against the life of every individual in this room...The world does not want you to believe.”

If you believe, you’ll walk after the spirit and not after the flesh.

The Lord wants you to believe and you NEED to believe.”

When the disciples did not believe, they were sad. When they did not believe, they returned to their old way of life.

Believing brings joy. Believing brings peace. Believing brings hope. Believing brings strength.

“The Risen Lord will show up in your life if you have faith enough to invite Him to come in.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

When you believe God’s Word, that enables you to walk by faith into your future, according to the power of Almighty God.”

“Are you somehow blocked, stopped, hindered, held up; unable to reach your goals…paralyzed by fear, by hopelessness? Believe the Word of God, and the same God that raised up Jesus will give you power and an altogether new life!

To meet the risen Lord will literally change your life.”

“I don’t know whether you know him or not, but you can’t really celebrate Easter, you can’t really celebrate Resurrection Sunday, unless you really know the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”.

“I hope before we leave this room that you’ll get to know the risen Lord!

If you’re led to the scriptures, you’ve got the key to your future.”

The Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.

“This is my Bible. This is the Word of God. I am what it says I am! I’ve got what it says I’ve got! I can do what it says I can do, and the Word of God says ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!’”

“When you’re troubled, go to the Word! When you’re weak, go to the Word!” Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“The Holy Ghost is your spiritual clothing. It’s your spiritual adornment.

“Clothing protects you. Clothing shelters you. Clothing hides you from the eyes of people. Clothing keeps you from being exposed. And Jesus said, ‘You shall receive Power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you!’

“Life is in the Power of the Spirit!”

“If you know Jesus, if you know the Word of God, if you’ve got the Holy Ghost, you’re ready for everything that the devil might do against you!”

“Sickness won’t stop me. Trouble won’t stop me. Adversity won’t stop me. Enemies won’t stop me. Getting fired won’t stop me. Losing my job won’t stop me. Running out of money won’t stop me. As long as I’ve got Jesus, I can make it!”

“The same Power that showed up at the grave. The same power that transformed the dying body of Jesus Christ into a living immortal resurrected body. The same power that brought Him forth from the grave is right here, right now, in this room. He’s here to set you free!”

“The chain is broken in the name of Jesus! You’re free!”

Scriptural References: John 11:25; Mark 16:10; Luke 14:15, 21, 25, 30; Romans 15:13; Matthew 16:21; Luke 24:21; John 20:19; Matthew 28:17; Romans 15:13; John 4:46; John 11:25; Luke 24:27-45; Philippians 4:13; Acts 1:8, Act 2:1; John 16:22, 1 Corinthians 15:3, Revelation 3:20, Romans 10:13; John 14:21; Psalm 46:1; Luke 10:19.

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SERMON: Bishop Blake Says “Use Your Badge”

In his March 13, 2016 sermon, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. reminds us to use the power we have in Jesus Christ.

“I’ve got power that you can’t see; I can fight any enemy, because God and me are a majority!” preached Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. during his March 13 sermon, encouraging the congregation to use the badge of power and strength found only through Jesus Christ.

Before the sermon, Bishop Blake, who’d just returned from delivering fresh water to residents in Flint, MI, shared the scripture from Luke 17 about 10 men who begged Jesus to heal them of leprosy as He traveled to Jerusalem.

“They called out in a loud voice, ‘Jesus, Master, have pity on us!’ begging him to heal their bodies of leprosy. They were cleansed; cured at the Word of Jesus Christ. Nine of them rushed in the opposite direction of their families of their jobs. But one of them said, ‘I’ve got to go back and thank God for what He’s done for me.’

“Thank you for being great and for doing great things. Give thanks,” added Bishop Blake. “God does great things…We are blessed.”

This entire service and more is available HERE, at West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

 “Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do…If you ask anything in my name, I will do it” –  John 14:13-14

“A deputy is a person appointed as substitute; with the power to act. It is an impressive thing when you read the scriptures that imply that we are deputies of God and of his son Jesus Christ.”

“All these privileges…powers and rights are conferred upon believers; and you cannot confer authority upon others unless you have established authority within yourself. Our authority comes from God.”

“If Jesus could master death, there’s nothing Jesus cannot do; there’s nothing that Jesus cannot master.”

“I am what the Bible says I am; can do what the Bible says I can do.”

“Jesus Christ gives us our badges. Our badges imply that we are empowered and authorized to act on His behalf.”

“Tell your neighbor, ‘Hello, deputy! You’re authorized to act on behalf of Jesus Christ!’”

“Are you washed in the blood? Are your garments white?”

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” – Luke 10:19 (KJV)

“There are some who try to impersonate officers of the law. They will paint their cars as close to that of a police officer as they can, putting on some kind of phony uniform, trying to act like they are an officer of the law. But listen…trying to act like an officer does not make you a policeman.”

“There are some conditions around us that will not yield until we command them in the name of Jesus!”

“Individuals respect the badge to the degree that they respect the power behind the badge.”

“Is there anybody in here who needs to change their situation? Is there anybody who knows that God can change things?”

“People and devils will not respond to us. But when we go forth in the name and the power of Jesus Christ, we can change our situation.”

“God can change things. Is there anybody who’s a witness?”

“Samson was guilty of conduct unbecoming of an officer of the law. He laid his head on the wrong lap, and sought after pleasure, rather than the will of God.…he woke up one night and shook himself, but the power was gone. The anointing was gone. God had confiscated his badge.”

“I don’t care what you have. If you don’t have love, you have nothing.”

“If God can love you, if god can have favor on you, if God can forgive you, then you ought to be willing to forgive your bother in the name of Jesus.”

“Don’t try to walk the earth on your own authority.”

“The word is power!” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“You are an agent of the Kingdom. Grab your neighbor by the hand and say, ‘You are somebody. Don’t live beneath your privilege.’”

“If you’re a saved person, you’ve got authority.”

“Don’t let problems discourage you.”

“Sometimes our answer is detained; sometimes the miracle we want does not happen right away.  But I just came by to tell you that He may not come when you want Him, but He’ll be right on time.”

“Hold on to your faith. Hold on to your badge. God will show up in your life. Halelluiah!”

“Our God is a mighty God. Our God can do anything.”

“The power of your authority is in the Word of God.”

“The Lord said, ‘I’m not just going to give you authority, I’m going to give you power! The Holy Ghost is your back-up!’”

“Holy Ghost power is what we need in this day and time. Raise your hands and say, ‘Lord, I need your power! I need your might! I need your anointing!’”

“Child of God, stretch out your hand and say, ‘Father, I stretch my hand to thee. No other help I know. If you withdraw your help from me, where will I go?’”

“Use your badge!” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.

“If you hold up your badge, Jesus will show up!”

“Use your badge in the face of your troubled marriage…Tell the devil, you can’t have my marriage. Devil…step aside you’re under arrest!”

“Sickness in your body, but use your badge and claim your healing.”

“There might be a habit that’s controlling you, but if you use your badge God will give you control over it.”

“Prayer is the key to the kingdom, and faith unlocks the door.”

“If you stand on the word, the devil has got to back up and step aside in the name of Jesus!”

“If you’ve got a message for the devil, write it on the bottom of my shoe, because the devil is under my feet!”

“Tell your neighbor, ‘I’ve got angels all around me!’”

“I command you, Satan: take up your weapons and get out of here! The Holy Ghost is here! Power is here! Deliverance is here!”

“Tell your neighbor, ‘Hold on! You’ve got the victory: in the name of Jesus…Come on and say it: ‘In the name of Jesus! Be set free! The Lord is here, and when the Lord shows up, everything is alright!’”

“You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. You are an agent of the Kingdom!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – John 14:12-14, 16:15; Luke 9:1, Mark 16:15-17, Matthew 10:1-7; Luke 10:19, Matthew 16:19, 18:20, 10:40; Ephesians 6:16, Exodus 12:23, 1 Corinthians 1:18, Revelations 1:5, Matthew 6:31, Acts 19:13, Luke 9:23, John 13:34, Judges 16, Daniel 10, Hebrews 14:12, Matthew 22:29, Ephesians 3:20, Acts 1:8, Romans 8:31, Acts 4:13-31, Jeremiah 33:3, Daniel 3:19-26, Isaiah 41:10, Psalm 34:7, Isaiah 40:31.

Only 2 more days before the start of the Bishop C.E. Blake LEGACY CONFERENCE.  Please click HERE to register today!



SERMON: Elder Charles E. Blake II Says ‘Our Purpose Lies in Our Hands’

Assistant Pastor Charles Edward Blake II cites Ecclesiastes 9:10, and the secret to God’s purpose for our lives  which lies in our hands.

In Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake’s absence on Sunday, February 21, 2016, Assistant Pastor Charles Edward Blake II presented an inspired sermon based on a verse in the book of Ecclesiastes:

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might – Ecclesiastes 9:10

“He brought us this far because God has a purpose for our lives,” said Elder Blake. “That is my prayer: that He will use me.”

In his introduction of Elder Blake, Elder John Patton said, “God can use anybody. He’ll use a donkey. He’ll use rocks. But the one He uses best is the one who tells God, ‘Yes.’”

For this entire sermon and more, CLICK HERE to go to West Angeles’ Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“One of the defining physical characteristics that has separated humankind from the animal world, and has called us to reach such high levels of technical advancement, is the way in which we use our hands.”

“You can observe the world around you with your eyes and ears, but it is with your hands that you interact with the world.”

“We touch, grab, push, pull, feel, caress…pick up, put down, build up, tear down, hurt, help, heal, and kill, literally with our hands.”

“Human hands can paint the Sistine chapel…they can sculpt a David. They can forge steel. They can mold clay; write poetry. Our hands are extremely expressive. They can pray and praise, and sign for the deaf. They can help tell a story or reveal our innermost thoughts.”

“You can say you love your wife, but you show your wife with what you do – or don’t do – with your hands.”

“Everything you do in life is going to begin with, and end with, your hands.”

“In every period of time in history, there had to be someone on earth with these hands.”

“In the time of slavery, in the early days of America, in the 16, 17, and 1800’s, I think of someone with these hands working in the fields and towns helping to build this country.”

“When Paul was knocked off his donkey on the road to Damascus, there was someone here with these hands.”

“The song says, ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord.’ While I was not there myself, there was someone there with these hands when Jesus hung on that tree.”

“In every period of time in history, there had to be someone on earth with these hands.” –  Elder Charles Edward Blake II

“When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea on dry land and God made a promise to brother Abram, someone with these hands, the same hands that I am now looking at, was here.”

“These are your hands. Look at them. In fact, these hands have been here since the beginning, since before God formed them in your mother’s womb, He knew these hands. He sanctified and ordained these hands, and if this were not true, you would not be here this day with these hands.”

“Go on praise the Lord! It’s the truth!”

“I think that over time we’ve come to a point where, unless we lose or injure our hands, we’ve come to take them for granted.”

“Our whole cultural psychology has produced a mindset in us that now wants something for nothing.”

“We think that we should not have to struggle or work to get anything nowadays. Technology has brought us to the point where we almost don’t have to use our hands for anything.”

“Preparing something as simple as a meal used to be an all-day affair. We used to get up early in the morning but now we use someone else’s hands to raise and slaughter and grow and harvest our food for us, and they deliver it nicely packaged to our supermarkets or fast-food restaurants.”

“We use someone else’s hands to build our houses and make the clothes that we wear now. We’re used to everything being done for us these days.”

“In comparison to past times, there’s very little that we have to do with our hands anymore.”

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that we have those who are trained to do what they do, it’s good to have a level of specialization. But what I’m talking about now is an aversion to toil and travail.”

“That’s the way some of us have seen God. We want Him to just bless us with whatever we think we want in life, or at the time.”

“This building is not the church. We must be reminded that we are the church.” – Elder Charles Edward Blake II

“As believers in this time and culture, we have to battle within ourselves what Bishop calls ‘An erroneous, narcissistic sense of entitlement.’ And we have to wonder not if, but how much we as the church have been affected – or infected – with this mindset and world view.”

“We all must continue to question and ponder who we are as the church.”

“At West Angeles, we worship the Lord and the spirit of the Lord is here…We see the love and concern in the heart of our pastor for the least of these in our midst…But most of us don’t focus on it long enough or let it transform us to what God would actually have us to be.”

“Is this a better church because I’m a part of it, or am I just sitting around to see what the world and West Angeles can do for me?”

“There are some of us who come to service week after week with the same attitude as we’d have going to a movie or a ballgame; like this is just another form of weekend entertainment.”

“I’ve seen Bishop give of himself preaching until there is nothing left, and at the most critical time, when we are trying to get souls to walk in the direction of Christ and the altar, we will dissuade them by walking in the opposite direction – toward the door.”

“Why would someone want to come forward when it seems that others are trying so hard to get out?”

“The opposite of loving your neighbor isn’t hate. The opposite of loving your neighbor is apathy.” – Elder Charles Edward Blake II

“We have the power to impact nations transform cities, yet most of us haven’t truly let ourselves be transformed by this Gospel into something new that God can use to help someone else.”

“This building is not the church. We must be reminded that we are the church.”

“We worship Christ, but we are also called to truly follow Him.”

“We are blessed with wealth so we can help others.”

“You doing your job with integrity brings glory to God, in whatever it is that you do”

“The opposite of loving your neighbor isn’t hating your neighbor. That’s too easy. The opposite of loving your neighbor is apathy and indifference.”

“One guy is a fan…the other guy is a follower. I don’t want to be a fan of Jesus…I want to be a follower of Jesus. Somebody offer the lord some praise this morning!”

“We have to remember that only what we do for Christ, for each other with these hands will last.”

“Everything that Christ did with His hands, he did in service to those who He loved.”

“Your life in God’s hands can change the world.” – Elder Charles Edward Blake II

“I think of the hands of our Savior; hands that reached out and healed the land. Hands that mixed spittle and dirt and put clay on a blind man’s eyes and gave him sight. Hands that prayed and divided five loaves of bread and two fish and fed 5000 men, and twice as many women and children. Hands that touched the dead and made them live again. Hands gripped tightly in prayer; crying, ‘Not my will but thy will be done.’”

“A slingshot in my hands is just something that’ll break a window. But a slingshot in David’s hands made him a giant killer; a conqueror. Fish and loaves in my hands is just a sandwich! But fish and loaves in Jesus’ hands…”

“Your life in your hands is just another one of the many lives that come and go on earth which will come and go in obscurity. But your life in God’s hands can change the world.”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Ecclesiastes 9:10,  Mark 10:43-45, John 13:1-17, Acts 9, Matthew 27:32-56, Exodus 14, Mark 14:50, John 20:24-29, Nehemiah 2:12-17, Job 36:32, Psalm 102:25, 37:24, 95:4-7.


Elder Charles Edward Blake II serves as Assistant Pastor and Director of Community Relations of West Angeles Church of God In Christ, under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. He received his BS in Marketing from Oral Roberts University, and studied for his MD at the Interdenominational Theological Center. Elder Blake also serves as the General Manager of the Los Angeles Ecumenical Congress. He and wife DeAndra are the proud parents of two sons, Charles and Julian.


The WEST ANGELES EMPORIUM has DVDs and CDs from your favorite West Angeles services, and has a full range of Bibles in many translations, Christian books, gifts and more.  Visit them at:

3021 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016


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Bishop Blake Shares Black History in the Bible


Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake shares a Black History Month lesson that transcends the ages, beginning in Africa, thousands of years before the birth of Christ. He shares the stories of Moses, the Queen of Sheba, and Joseph; the slave trade, and the roots of Pentecostalism, revealing the connection between people of African descent and the roots of Christianity.

“We need to reach back to our homeland, reach back to Africa.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

See this entire Black History celebration on West Angeles’ Gospel On Demand hereHighlights from Bishop Blake’s “A Sermon for Black History Month” follow:

“Two thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, Moses traveled to Midian, in the southern part of the fertile crescent. There, Moses married a dark-skinned Midianite woman. Moses married an Ethiopian, and Ethiopian people in her family became counselors and advisers to Moses.”

“Almost 1,000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Queen of Sheba – also known as Kush or Ethiopia – visited King Solomon. She came from Africa with many camels, spices, gold, and precious stones. Her nation and her culture had obviously existed long before that time.”

“The Ethiopian Piankhi established the 24th Egyptian Dynasty. And at least four Egyptian Kings ruled over Egypt from 730 BC until 66 BC…great nations, great civilizations, great cultures existed in Africa centuries before Jesus Christ was born.”

“One of the greatest generals of all time was a man by the name of Hannibal from the city of Carthage in Northern Africa. Hannibal frequently defied and defeated Rome between 219 and 203 BC.”

“In 1498 AD, Portuguese explorers wrote that they found along the east African coast tall stone towns of comfort and of wealth. They found people who were highly civilized and skilled in the use of the compass, and in reading charts.”

“Timbuktu was a magnificent city where merchants made greater profit from the sale of books than from the sale of any other commodity.”

“In the areas of science, art, medicine, government, law and culture, many of the nations of Africa were competitive with, and in many cases, more advanced than the other nations of the world in Europe and Asia during that period. All of this was devastated by the slave trade; by slavery, and by Colonialism.”

“William Banks gives us the report in his book, The Black Church in the U.S., that nearly 20 million Negroes were made captive over the span of some 300 years, from 1517 until 1840. They were crammed …into ships like sardines in a can, and brought across the Atlantic from the Gulf of Guinea to the New World. The trip that they made was called ‘The Middle Passage.’ It’s estimated that perhaps 12 million blacks landed in South America and Latin America, and about 2 million of them were brought into the U.S.”

“What happened to the millions that were taken away from Africa? Some died resisting capture. Some died in captivity. While waiting in Africa to be shipped out, some committed suicide, not willing to be captured. Others, beaten and too weak to continue the trek, were abandoned to die.”

“After all we went through, God blessed us to be productive; to rise above our oppression and attain excellence.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“Most of the loss of life came during the Middle Passage, that journey across the ocean from Africa to the New World. Perhaps not more than half of the slaves which were shipped out from Africa ever became effective workers in the New World.”

“What was the impact of the loss of 20 million of its inhabitants on the culture and the nations of Africa? How many died trying to defend their families in the violence associated with the slave trade?”

“After the slave trade came the horrible period of Colonialism, in which horrible invaders did to Africa’s resources what those before them did to Africa’s people. What was the value of the people and of the resources that were taken from the continent of Africa?”

“After all we went through, we still produced a Benjamin Banneker, maker of the first American clock; Sojourner Truth; George Washington Carver; Charles Drew… Benjamin O Davis; Ralph Bunche; Booker T. Washington; Marion Anderson; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Malcolm X; Colin Powell; Barack Obama!”

“During the dark day of the Crucifixion, the Jews were condemning [Jesus] and calling for His death. Europe, represented by the Roman Centurions, drove nails into the hands of feet of Jesus. But Africa, represented by Simon of Cyrene, a black man from Northwest Africa, stepped in when everybody else was stepping back…Simon of Cyrene shared history’s most significant moment with the Christ: he bore the Cross of Christ up Calvary’s Hill.”

“Jesus will not allow you to bear your cross by yourself. If anybody out there needs help with your cross, give praise to the Lord, and He will help you to bear your cross!”

“God chose black hands and woolly hair to perform an act that all the truly wise and all the truly great…Godly men of the earth would have been overjoyed to perform: bearing the Cross of Jesus Christ.”

“If Joseph were here, he would say, ‘Don’t ever give up on your dream.'”  – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“The Ethiopian secretary of the treasury was to pass in his chariot…this Ethiopian nobleman heard and believed the gospel, and after being baptized, this nobleman went back to Ethiopia to form the Abyssinian Church that exists until this day. He was the first Gentile of record to be saved…a Black man.”

“Historian Dean (Henry Hart) Milman has said, “It was Africa, not Rome, which gave birth to Latin Christianity. Africa gave three of the greatest scholars of the church to the church. Augustine, Tertullian, Cyprian, were all born in Northern Africa.”

“Anyone who says that Christianity is a white man’s religion and not a black man’s religion really doesn’t know anything about Christianity.”

“Christianity is not a white man’s religion it’s not a black man’s religion…it’s just man’s religion! Halleluiah!”

“Black men have the privilege of being among the first leaders and participants in the Pentecostal and Charismatic revival that swept across the church in the early 1900s.”

“Historian and author Dr. H. Vinson Synan says that) Charles F. Parham, a white man, and William J. Seymour, a black man, share roughly equal positions as founders of modern Pentecostalism.”

“A key man in that contagious spread (of Pentecostalism) was a man by the name of Charles Harrison Mason, a black man and the father of founder of the Church of God In Christ. In 1907, Elder Mason went to Los Angeles and participated in the Azuza Revival and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.”

“Scores of white ministers obtained ministerial credentials from Elder Mason from the Church of God In Christ. One group in Alabama and Texas received permission to use the name of the church in 1912, and this continued until 1914, when they organized and called their predominantly white organization the Assemblies of God.”

“When Bishop Mason passed in 1961, he left behind him one of the largest Pentecostal bodies in the world.”

“Christianity is not a white man’s religion. It’s not a black man’s religion…it’s just man’s religion.” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

“There are many parallels between [African Americans] and the experience of Joseph. In jail, Joseph held on to the dream. Black people held on to the dream in slavery. We believed that God was going to deliver us, and praise God; God did deliver us. We held onto the dream!”

“Somebody in here is going through something evil, but I want you to know God meant it for good! God is going to turn it around!”

“We need to reach back to our homeland; reach back to Africa.”

“If you pursue the purpose of God, God is going to work everything out for your good.”

“God worked it out for it us, and God is gonna work it out for you…but you’ve got to hold on to the dream!”

“Does anybody have a dream in here? Anybody have a vision? Do you have something you’re reaching for? Listen: God is going to bring it to pass!”

“If you hold on to God, if you trust God: ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of god and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.”

“Child of God, I just came by to tell you that God has great miracles in store for you!”

“If Joseph were here, and if he could testify, he would say to you, ‘Don’t ever give up on your dream. Don’t ever give up on your vision.”

“God has Blessed us, but I don’t believe God is through with us yet.”

“The story of Joseph can be your story. The story of your people can be your story…Praise God for your future!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: Genesis 37-50, Numbers 10:29, Numbers 12:1-9, Isaiah 40:31, Romans 8:28; Romans 8:31-39, Matthew 6:33.

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Bishop Blake on Faith, Power, and Being Born Again

Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. presents a Biblical lesson in worship,  faith, and what it really means to be born again, in his February 7, 2016 sermon, “What Nicodemus Did Not Know.”

Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. delivered an insightful sermon based on John 3, which tells the story of Jesus’ instruction of Nicodemus, a Pharisee and member of the Jewish ruling council.

“Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and said, ‘Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with Him,’” read Bishop Blake. “Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless they are born again.’”

Before the sermon, Bishop Blake prayed, “Nothing is beyond His power. Nothing is beyond His wisdom. Turn it over to Jesus; He’s going to handle it on your behalf. Halleluiah! Halleluiah!”

Presiding Bishop Blake’s full sermon, “What Nicodemus Did Not Know” is available HERE on West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“All of those who wrote in the Old and New Testaments were Jewish people. Even Jesus himself, according to His earthly nature, was a Jew, as was Paul and all of the disciples.”

“Especially the Pharisees among the Jews were known as the most devout individuals in that nation. Animal sacrifices and blood atonement had been the very foundation of the Jewish faith.”

“The Old Testament contained very strict instructions and guidelines, not only regarding their sacrifices, but also the nature in which the sacrifices were presented, and also where the sacrifices could be offered up and where Israel was to worship before the Lord.”

“The Greeks ruled over Jerusalem and Judea, then Romans ruled over Jerusalem and Judea…The ability of the Jews to really practice their faith was frequently disrupted, and finally they gave up on temple worship and sacrifices all together…This explains the obsession of the Jews with Jerusalem and the spot where the temple was formerly located.”

“Nicodemus…represents not only himself individually, but he represents all of the Pharisees, and his Jewish bretheren, and he even represents all of us.”

“God judged them, and rejected any human effort they might make to…be in the favor of almighty God.  Isaiah reflects this in chapter 1:11-15, and again in Psalm 14:2.”

“To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to Me?”
Says the Lord.
When you spread out your hands,
I will hide My eyes from you;
Even though you make many prayers,
I will not hear.
Your hands are full of blood” – Isaiah 1:11&15

“Is there anybody here who has seen a human relationship totally devastated?…Is there anybody who knows what it means to be through? God was through!”

“All the books of the New Testament were written after the crucifixion, after the burial, and after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.  Each of the New Testament writers wrote with a vision of the crucified and ascended Lord before their eyes.”

“Many of the things which Jesus spoke of …would be understood and realized only after His resurrection.”

“Resurrection bodies are designed to be ascended and caught up into the presence of God.”

“His resurrection body was affected by time and place… Jesus is now available to everyone at the same time.”

“Unless He left them physically, He could not come to them spiritually.”

“We walk by faith and not by sight.”

“Are there any worshipers in the house?”

“I know you’d get more excited if you saw Jesus walking up and down these aisles; I know you’d clap your hands and shout if you could touch Him and see Him physically, but listen: we walk by faith! In faith God is pleased!”

“Nicodemus didn’t know that Jesus was going to die for the sins of the world.” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“God said, ‘I’m taking this thing over now!’”

“Without faith, the Bible says it is impossible to please God.”

“Nicodemus didn’t know that Jesus was going to die for the sins of the world; he did know that Jesus was going to rise up from the dead.”

“We know that Jesus is alive. His spirit is at work in the earth.”

“The resurrection of Jesus is the key event informing us that Jesus is the Son of God.”

“Jesus is unique among all men in that He died and arose, never to die again.”

“Jesus performed other miracles that affirmed His divinity, but His resurrection was a definitive statement regarding His Lordship over everything.”

“If Jesus can defeat death, then Jesus can defeat anything.”

“If He’s got power over death, then He has power over everything; power over sickness, power over infirmities, power over the devil, over any force that may come against us.”

“Because He lives, we shall live also.”

 “The more you read the Bible, the more you know about God.” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“If you hear of my home-going, don’t worry…Go ahead, roll me down the aisle. Go ahead, take me to the burial place. Go ahead, eat the fried chicken! Have a good time! Don’t worry about me! I shall rise again!”

“No other religion can make that claim. We can point to the grave of Mohamed, of Buddha, and they’re still occupied. But [Jesus’] grave is empty! My savior is alive!”

“Through Jesus we have peace with God. Because of Jesus we have life.”

“Jesus was not just instructing Nicodemus. When you accept Jesus, you become a new creature.”

“You’re old but you can still be born again.”

“If you feed the flesh, the flesh will grow. If you feed the spirit the spirit will grow.”

“You feed the spirit man when you read the Word of God.”

“The more you read the Bible, the more you know about God.”

“I am what the Word says I can do! I am everything the Bible says I am!”

“The Word says it and I believe it! Come on and praise Him!”

“Whatever the problem is, take it to Jesus!”

“Jesus is unique among all men in that He died and arose, never to die again.” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

“You feed the spirit man when you receive the Holy Ghost.”

“Raise your hands and say, ‘Lord, fill me with the Holy Ghost! Lord, I need your power!  I want your presence! I want your blessing!”

“When you feed the spirit man you feed Him by worship and with praise.  When you praise Him, you’re fueling up; you’re building up the spirit man.”

“When you praise him, God shows up in a special way. He said, ‘I am enthroned in the praises in My people. When they praise Me, I show up in power; I show up in might. I bring miracles, I bring blessings, I bring deliverance into their lives.’”

“Child of God will you throw up your hands, open up your mouth and praise Him?”

“Nicodemus didn’t know all of this, but we know it!

“Tell two people, ‘I know what God can do; I know there’s power in the name of Jesus! I know I can be healed! I know I can be set free! I know!’”

“God is moving! Halleluiah!”


SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – John 3:1-16, Joshua 1:8, Leviticus 1&2, 17:11; Deuteronomy 12:13, Isaiah 1:11-15, Psalm14:2, Romans 3:23, 6:23, John 7:37-39, 20:17, 16:7, 14:23, John 4:23, 3:16, 1 Corinthians 15:20-22, 50; 1 John 5:10, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 1 Thessalonians 4:16, Psalm 119:105, Acts 1:8.


Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake’s full sermon, “What Nicodemus Did Not Know” is available on CD and DVD at the West Angeles Emporium.

Address: 3021 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

SERMON: Bishop Pate Prophesies “Timeless Testimony”

Bishop Dwight Pate’s prophetic sermon brought the West Angeles congregation to their feet in thunderous applause on Sunday, January 31, 2016. He began with a vision he received over 40 years ago in which Black men and women in inner city America rise up to “set the moral standard for the end of time.”

The sermon began with scripture from the book of Mark in which a woman honors Jesus by pouring valuable oil over him. “It’s time to break the box!” said Bishop Pate, who prophesied that Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. and West Angeles Church of God In Christ are “going to play the paramount role in what God is about to do in America” and throughout the rest of the world.

This complete sermon is available on West Angeles Gospel On Demand. Highlights from the sermon follow:

“If you’re going to have a timeless testimony, you’re going to have to be willing to break the customs and traditions of men.”

“Every one of you in here has a place where God wants you to be.”

“You are the message that will echo through eternity.”

“An echo becomes louder as it leaves you.”

“God told me today He’s going to create miracles in this house.”

“People are going to get saved by your life.”

“You cannot let what other folks stop you…from finding your place with God.”

“You cannot let the generation before you stop you from being all that God called you to be.”

“I prophesy that all your seed after you is going to be saved.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“It’s time to interrupt religious meetings…when men honor the customs and traditions over the will of God.”

“She broke the box!”

“It’s time to break through and find your place in God.”

“I want a testimony that’s going to save my children, and save my grandchildren.”

“I prophesy to all of you who aren’t afraid to get wild. I prophesy that all your seed after you is going to be saved and meet you in heaven, because they’re going to read about your life and how you served God and how you didn’t compromise. And they’re going to get saved because your testimony’s going to be like an echo. It’s going to be just as real to them 100 years from now as it is to you today.”

“You cannot allow other folks to define who you are.”

“You cannot allow people to put labels on you, and put limits on you.”

“I am who God says I am.”

“Sometimes the generation before you doesn’t want you to go further than them.”

“Whoever controls definition controls destiny.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“The power to define is the battle of the ages.”

“Whoever controls definition controls destiny.”

“There are some folks in this room…you’re going have the power to define a generation.”

“You’re going to have the power to redefine your community.  You’re going to have the power to redefine your business. You’re going to have the power to redefine the anointing that’s on your life.”

“Tradition keeps you full of fear. Why? Tradition has judgement in it.”

“To come out of debt, you cannot fear taking chances.”

“That meeting isn’t for women but the meeting is for purpose. I’m going in this room and fulfill my purpose.”

“Tradition creates a spirit of condemnation.”

“Have you ever been around folks who all they’ve got to speak is what you can’t do?”

“It’s time to break away from the crowd… You’re in a class all by yourself.”

“You are the message that’s passing from time to eternity.  You are the epistle that’s going to be read of men.”

“You cannot allow other folks to define who you are.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“When you show up, the answer just showed up… When you walk in the room, courage just walked in the room. When you walk in the room, a fearless spirit just walked in the room. When you walk in the room, the power of God just walked in the room. Hallelujah!”

“I prophesy you will be the testimony talked about at the end of time.”

“If Jesus tarries, they’re going to say that these are the days of Bishop Charles Blake; there was a church called West Angeles, and that man and that assembly changed the course of the 21st century.”

“If God can do it for Bishop Blake, He can do it for you!”

“When you understand that God has a plan for your life and a purpose for your life, you can’t let anyone else think for you.”

“God gave you life, but your living comes from your mind.”

“Stop blaming your mess on the devil!”

“If you want it right now, God’s getting ready to ‘ploomp’ you!”

“You are the message that will echo through eternity.” – Bishop Dwight Pate

“You’ve got to seek to be controlled by the Holy Ghost.”

“When you get saved, the power of God moves in your spirit. Everything you’ll ever need is going to come from the inside, because God doesn’t trust anyone else with your destiny but you and Him.”

“I wish there was somebody in here that wasn’t afraid to stand all by yourself. I wish there was somebody in here not afraid to be first!”

“I think somebody’s getting a breakthrough!”

“You’re about to go places where other folks never thought you’d be.”

“It’s time to break the bank and send this ministry around the world.”

“Treasures and hearts end up in the same place.”

“It’s time for God’s people to have the best.”

“Faith gives what it doesn’t have.”

“When you start sowing seed right, God will make the devil leave you for a season.”

“I prophesy that God has saved the best for last: and you’re the best up in here!”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Mark 14:1-9, Revelation 12:11, Daniel 3:28-29, Mark 16:17-18, Proverbs 21:7, Philippians 1:7, 2:5.

Bishop Dwight Pate of Baton Rouge, LA is an anointed man of God and a preacher for 37 years. He is Pastor of Church Point Ministries, which now includes on its campus a theater for Christian plays. Bishop Pate has been distributing over 13 million bottles of anointed oil which has been a blessing to many. Over the years he has conducted revivals at West Angeles Church of God In Christ, where he also met his wife, Sandra.


SERMON: Bishop Roderick L. Hennings – “Don’t Be Conned by My Coat”

Guest speaker Bishop Roderick L. Hennings’ Sunday, January 24 2016 sermon titled, “Don’t be Conned By My Coat” begins with a poignant lesson on the power of praise.

“I am a public praiser and a private praiser,” began Bishop Roderick Hemmings. “Ephesians says, ‘The enemy is prince and power of the air.’ There are two theological thoughts: that Satan’s the prince and power of nothing, or that he’s the prince and power of the atmosphere. Contrary to popular belief, the devil isn’t omnipresent or ubiquitous that’s why he has demons and devils…going up and down and to and fro.

“The devil uses the airwaves to transmit things to our ministries, to our homes, to our marriages and to our children. So if he uses the airwaves, but you decide to give God praise, your praise gets in the atmosphere, and messes up his transmission. So if you open your mouth and clap your hands and give God praise, give Him a shout, you interrupt the atmosphere and mess up the transmission! Praise interrupts things! And I will praise the Lord at all times!”

Bishop Roderick L. Hennings sermon, “Don’t Be Conned by My Coat” is available HERE, on West Angeles Gospel on Demand.

“When blessed people connect with you, they bless you.”

“The Hebrews teach us that the woman is ishshah; she is the appropriate partner. That means there can be many for you, but only one who fits you.”

“[The woman] is the help mete, or, the help meter. She brings balance.”

“The word of God is everything.”

“There is a propensity to look at the text and go after the son as the focus; we even call him ‘The prodigal son.’ However…The son is not the center focus…The focus is on the father.”

“The son makes arrangements to be lost, in his immaturity.”

“You know you’re immature when you’re always asking, ‘Give me.’”

“You know you’re not on your own when you leave home to join someone else to take care of you.”

“You know you’re immature when you’re always saying, ‘Give me’” – Bishop Roderick L. Hennings

“According to Leviticus, you cannot touch the swine as a Jewish boy. But when you have to deal with people who don’t know who you are, they’ll have you doing things that you should not do.”

“According to Genesis 2, the bible says, ‘God gave to every man herb fruit meat. Every time you eat something with a seed, it has a future.’”

“He left home before time, and he’s eating something that has no value. How many of you are eating something that has no value?”

“He left home saying, ‘Give me.’ Now he’s saying, ‘Make me.’”

“The Holy Spirit didn’t make him go home…he was hungry. Hunger made him get up.”

“Maybe we don’t have to drive or ambition to get up and do anything because we’re not hungry enough.”

“He left home saying, ‘Give me.’ Now he’s saying, ‘Make me.’ – Bishop Roderick L. Hennings

“Sometimes you can’t make it all the way, but if you can just get up, the father can see you a great way off.”

“There’s a concept in science called ‘abiogenesis’ – that’s the theory that if you leave something alone, it will change.”

“The young man had to make up in his mind. ‘I’m sick of being sick, and tired of being tired, and I have to get back to who I really am.’”

“People make choices based on what they value.”

“Favor doesn’t fit…If it fits you, it’s not favor! Favor is always too big, too long, over-sized. But it’s been given to you by somebody greater than you.”

“When people are struggling with you, they’re not struggling with you, they’re struggling with your favor – because they don’t believe you deserve it.”

“You can’t work for favor…it’s put on you.”

“Favor doesn’t fit…If it fits you, it’s not favor!” Bishop Roderick L. Hennings

“When God gives you favor, and if it’s big on you, it means you’re going to grow into what God has put on you.”

“So many times, God will give you things before time so you can practice for what you’ve got coming.”

“Stewardship is based on the premise of taking care of that which is another’s. He said, ‘If you’re faithful over a few things, I’ll make you ruler over many.”

“Love will make you do some things you said you’d never do.”

“You can’t see wheat he’s been through because his coat is covering his transgressions.”

“God will cover you publicly, and wash you privately.”

“The Hebrews teach us that the woman…is the appropriate partner. There can be many for you, but only one who fits you.” – Bishop Roderick L. Hennings

“Never become jealous of somebody’s comeback party, because you didn’t have to go through what they had to go through.”

“You see the finish – but you didn’t see the journey!”

“When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3, the scripture says that God killed an animal…Anytime there’s sin, something has to pay.”

“What’s the difference between a raisin and a grape? Exposure to the sun! Are there any raisins here today?”

“There are some people who, if you told them your journey, they’d view you differently. But I’ve learned that the Blood is a coat.”

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – Luke 15:11-15, 22; Ephesians 2:2, Job 2:2, Luke 15:1-10, Leviticus 11:7-8, Matthew 25:21-23, Genesis 3, Genesis 37.


Speaker, preacher, teacher, apologist, Bishop Roderick L. Hennings is Senior Pastor of Zion Dominion Global Ministries which he founded 1993. The church grew from 20 to 4000 members, moving to 14-acre campus in Buffalo, NY. Bishop Hennings is also the COGIC International Director of Church Growth and Development, and Administrative Assistant District Superintendent to Bishop Glenwood Young of the NY Western Jurisdiction #2. He is married to First Lady Pamela D. Hennings; together they have two daughters, Ariane and Chloé.

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Presiding Bishop Blake Shares The Bread of Life

In this lesson on Biblical history, Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. explains the  metaphors which represent the life-giving power of Jesus in our lives.

32 Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, Moses did not give you the bread from heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread from heaven. 33 For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” 35 And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst – John 6:32-35

In this passage from John 6, Jesus presents to us metaphors to describe His person and to describe His mission. He said, “I am the Light of the world; I am the Good Shepherd, I am the Vine.”

If you really want to have a good, spiritual, Holy Ghost good time, study some of the metaphors that describe Jesus Christ; see how they apply to Him, and then understand what they mean to you. Such is the case when we observe Jesus as the “Bread of Life.”

Bread was the foundation of the diet of men in Biblical days. Sometimes, an entire meal would be comprised of just bread. The bulk of their diet was farinaceous, or made from flour or from [grains]. They very seldom ate flesh or meat. the word which we interpret to be meat meant “food” in general, rather than flesh in particular; the word which we interpret as corn really means, in most cases, “wheat” or “barley.”

The use of bread was so prevalent that “bread” was synonymous with “food,” and “food” was synonymous with “bread”. So when we say “bread,” we’re not talking about the anemic, mushy stuff that we eat today. We’re talking about a hearty, vitamin-rich natural staple that ancient men called “the staff of life.”

Jesus says, “I am to your soul what bread is to your body; I stand in the same relationship in your spirit and in your soul that bread and food stands in relationship to your physical life on earth.” In all that Jesus is, and all that He does, He is the bread of Life, but as with natural bread, you are never blessed by it until you consume it and receive it into your body. You are what you eat, and the more you partake of Jesus the more like Jesus you become.

“You can never get enough of Jesus” – Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr.

Not only is He the life-giving bread, but He’s totally wholesome! There are some foods that we eat that are not good for us, even if it’s vitamin-enriched. There are some things you can eat and get too much of and get indigestion from, but you can never get too much of Jesus. The Bible says that He is Good Bread (John 6:35-40). Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! How many of you know that God is good? God is good, and you can never get enough of Jesus!

If you’re hungry and your spirit is famished, Jesus is available. Oh Bless the Name of God! If you come unto Him believe in Him Praise the Lord. He must be received by faith. There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus; all you have to do is lift up your hands and say,

“Lord I’m hungry! Lord I’m thirsty! My soul needs a blessing from on high. Every day I want more; every day I want to be closer; every day I want to feel the manifestation of his power, come on the inside of my life. Every day I want to know more about Jesus because you can never get enough of Jesus!”

Jesus is the Bread of Life. Lift up your hands and say, “Lord fill me again!” Hallelujah!

SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES – John 6:32-40, John 8:12, John 10:11, John 15:5, Psalm 34:8, Romans 8:1.

Adapted from the sermon, “The Bread Of Life”; Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. October 5, 2014 at West Angeles Church of God In Christ.


JANUARY IS CONSECRATION MONTH AT WEST ANGELES! Join us as we purify ourselves for the Lord, and pray for our world to be Blessed. Please CLICK HERE for your copy of the January Consecration and Prayer Calendar, where you’ll find daily prayers, eating instructions, and fasting guidelines.