“Baptism In The Holy Spirit”- Bishop Charles E. Blake

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Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake gives an inspirational message on Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

“Why Adultery and Fornication are Wrong” Bishop Charles E. Blake

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“Why Adultery and Fornication are Wrong” Bishop Charles E. Blake

No one dies and no one gets sick from sexual deprivation. You can live all your life
or a great part of your life without sex.

We are designed physically for sexual involvement and reproduction however, some
people act like that is the only thing we are designed for. Bishop Charles E. Blake
promises, “there is infinity more to life than just our sexual nature.”

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“I’m Too Tired To Quit” Pastor Benjamin Stephens III


Many stewards working in the vineyard of the Lord may feel tired, overwhelmed
and asking God, “why me?”
When you ask God, “why me?”
God says, “Why not you?”
God is showing us simply if we are not ready for the burden, we are not ready for
the blessing; if we cannot handle the test, we cannot candle the testimony.
Whether you are a worship leader, Elder, president of a ministry or a volunteer,
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“Jesus Wants To Be Very Close To You” Bishop Charles E. Blake

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It is important that we understand the family gathering behind the Lord’s supper
and how God eloquently displays his love and concern for us through the sharing
of the cup and bread. We are ONE CHURCH comprised of one God, one Lord, one
Jesus wants to be closer than you could even imagine, closer than your brother or
best friend. Romans tells us in 5:1, Therefore being justified by faith we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. And Bishop Blake sings, I need you, you need
me, we are all apart of God’s body.
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Black History Month

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In this sermon for Black History Month, Bishop Charles E. Blake examines, illustrates, and makes plain the historical and important roles African American’s have played to develop this nation.


The Way That I Take- Bishop Charles E. Blake

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Which way will you take to serve God.  Bishop speaks on the message The way that I take.  This inspiring message  will give you direction in life.