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Children’s Ministry: Spending Time With God

Westa.org welcomes a new contributor: The Children’s Ministry!  Join us as we share inspiration for you and your little ones to help keep them fortified in the Lord.

Before you go to school each day, remember to keep Jesus first! Start each day with a “Good Morning Jesus!” and remember to spend time with God. Also, read your Bible every day! Reading God’s Word will help you to grow into a strong Christian full of power, strength, joy, and peace.

Jesus, Our Example

Throughout Scripture, we see that Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer with the Father. Regularly, after He

Spend time with God daily.

Spend time with God daily.

performed miracles and healings, Jesus would separate Himself from the crowd and spend time with God in prayer.

Jesus knew that His purpose was:

  1. To glorify God
  2. To destroy the works of the devil
  3. To bring good news to the people

And guess what? You have the same purpose! God created you to glorify Him, to spend time with Him, and to share the good news of salvation with others. Although everyone has the same task, God has a special way for each of us to fulfill the task.

To God, In Prayer

Do you know how God wants to use you in His Kingdom? To answer this question, you must spend time with Him to know what He desires. Spend time with God by praying, reading the Bible, and singing praise and worship songs to His glory. As you spend time with Him, He will let you know what it is He has planned for you. Pray to ask God to help you to spend time with Him.

Let us pray:

 “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me. Thank You for being with me every day. Please give me a greater desire to fellowship with You by reading Your Word and spending time in prayer. I want to fulfill the purpose You have for my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Jesus loves you and you are very special to Him. Make sure you spend time with God  every day, and ask that He reveal to you His purpose for your life!

West Angeles Church of God In Christ wishes you a great school year!


REGISTER NOW: 2016 Summer Enrichment Program

It’s that time again! Register now for the 2016 Youth Summer Enrichment Program! Mandatory orientation for the 2016 West Angeles Youth Summer Enrichment Program is:

Thursday, June 30 at 6:30 p.m.

For registration package, please see the bottom of this page.



Education Enrichment 2016 Summer Program

Education Enrichment 2016 Summer Program

To download the Summer Enrichment Program Registration Package, please 



Youth Ministry Releases A Call to Action For Parents


Youth Ministry Director, Minister Donnie Briggs, writes an astounding call to action for Parents hoping to see a change in the lives of their children. Here’s a short excerpt with a link to the article below!

I see it every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night, parent’s gathered on the playground, huddled in the multi-purpose room, or arriving and departing in vehicles like a N.A.S.C.A.R. driver entering and exiting “Pit Row”—all to retrieve their youth from service. Each time I find myself asking: “Why don’t they come in,
introduce themselves, or get involved?” While some parents may think parental involvement or influence in their child’s “youth church” is not a matter of great importance, the truth is parents have the most influence on and in the lives of their child….


 CLICK BELOW to view the complete story!

Title Shot

In an environment where work schedules, and student activities attempt
to dominate the home life, Youth Director, Donnie Briggs explains the
importance of parental involvement in teen spiritual development, and
having an active role in Youth Ministry.


Teens Summer Program



We offer a 6 (six) week evening academic prep course beginning June 17th until July 26th for grade levels 6-12th. Classes range from Pre-Algebra – AP Calculus, Chemistry – Physics and Writing classes (including a college admission preparation class).  College and enrichment tours are also a part of the curriculum. There are special discounts for multiple students or classes taken, and all who apply before June 7th will have the registration fee waived. Classes fill up quickly! So don’t delay, apply today!! For more information please call The Church Office to speak to a representative. (323) 733-8300.


Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From?


Ever wonder why we wear new clothes on Resurrection Sunday, where eggs and the Easter bunny came from?  In this video the Children’s Department offer a interactive historical view on these questions with their puppet ministry!


Relationships: The Blake’s


During the month of February, West Angeles Church will be doing a special series on Love in the Church called, “What’s Love Got to do With It?” We sat down with married couple Elder Lawrence Blake and his wife of ten years Jeanine Blake. The couple give advice on how they have maintained a healthy marriage, why God brought them closer and how influential Bishop Blake and Lady Mae have been in their lives. Stay tuned for more profiles of West Angeles couples!

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Relationships: The Briggs’


During the month of February, West Angeles Church will be doing a special series on Love in the Church called, “What’s Love Got to do With It?” We sat down with married couple Minister Donnie Briggs and his wife of seven years Kimberly Briggs. The couple give advice on how to maintain a healthy marriage, why God is so important in a relationship and much more.