Christian education

Christian Education

west angeles christian educationWest Angeles’ Christian Education (WACE) classes are for anyone interested in using the principles of the Christian faith more effectively. The courses offered provide all levels of biblical study and are designed not only to serve those who are called to careers in ministry, but also to empower any Christian who wants to:

  • Live with purpose through the Word
  • Understand the Bible more thoroughly and how it relates to the times we live in
  • Improve their lives, their families’ lives, and the lives of others.

Classes offered through WACE are designed to help students create a deeper relationship with God, the church, and the Christian faith.


Taught in both the traditional classroom setting and online, courses offered through WACE are designed to help students to serve the church and the world through responsible imparting of biblical knowledge.

Sunday School – West Angeles’ Sunday School has introductory-level courses for children, youth and adults which are designed to provide a deeper knowledge of the Christian faith. Geared to help students overcome life’s obstacles and daily issues, we offer a variety of classes for children ages 5-12 years of age, and for youth ages 12-16 years of age.

For adults 17 and older, West Angeles offers classes such as TruthSeekers Sunday School class taught by Elder U.C. Henderson, which meets each Sunday at 9 a.m.  Truth Seekers does an extensive book-by-book study of the bible, discussing practical applications of God’s word in our lives, while encouraging conversations and questions of the subject being taught.

West Angeles TruthSeekers is looking for young adults who are seeking to empower their relationship with Jesus Christ, and who want to be built up in their knowledge of the gospel.

Practical Christian Living – Now that you are saved, where do you learn how to be a better Christian worker, parent, wife, or husband? The Practical Christian Living program is your answer.  Designed for those who desire to become more effective as a parent, spouse, or worker for Christ, the School of Practical Christian Living is a mid-level study program which introduces systematic Bible study and foundational biblical knowledge. 

Everyone tells us to study God’s word more often, but how does one go about studying the Bible? Practical Christian Living’s mission is to present a systematic, disciplined study of God’s Word and principles of Christian life on a non-technical level. PCL offers you an opportunity to study Bible subjects that you have always wondered about. Here, education is offered in a way that you can understand giving you the opportunity to quickly learn some values of Christian living.

Before getting started in the technical study of the Bible, it’s important to obtain a foundation of Biblical knowledge. Practical Christian Living offers several certificate courses of study to help you accomplish this goal. There is a harmony and consistency of the scriptures that give us an understanding of the character of the Word. To learn more, please visit our PCL page HERE.

West Angeles Bible College provides college-level study in biblical, historical, and theological foundations of the Christian faith. This comprehensive training provides an academic understanding of the Bible to equip individuals to competently serve and apply the teachings of the gospel to the spiritual needs of those around them.

All adult Christian Education classes are at 3045 Crenshaw Boulevard (unless otherwise specified); children and youth classes are held at 3010 Crenshaw Boulevard at the West Angeles Youth Center.

For information regarding schedules, Bible College fees, certificates offered and more, please call West Angeles Church of God in Christ at 323/733-8300, extension 2345, and please visit our Bible College page HERE. 


Students and teachers of West Angeles’ Children’s Sunday School classes.

Christian Education

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