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POLL: Where Do You Stand on Climate Change?

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old Swedish climate activist, lit up the stage at the UN Climate Summit on Monday. In the process, she reignited a global conversation about the effects of climate change.

Thunberg – who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2011 – graced the cover of TIME Magazine in May of this year, and her activism has been recognized on a worldwide scale.

At Monday’s summit, Thunberg delivered an impassioned and poignant message to the world leaders on-hand: if we don’t get serious about protecting the environment, the next generation will be unable to reverse the catastrophic damage caused by today’s generation.

Have a look at Thunberg’s speech below:

There has long existed a debate between those who believe in global warming and climate change, and those who do not. And in the United States, quite often it has become a partisan issue.

In recent years – and especially in recent months – a shift towards protecting the environment has swept the globe. Just last week, the largest climate rally ever took place across the globe. In New York, 250,000 people turned out to draw attention to the climate crisis.

So…where do you stand on the climate change revolution?

What are your thoughts regarding climate change?

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Interested in protecting the environment?

If you are of the population that is eager to protect the environment, below are a few easy ways in which you can add to the global effort to address climate change on a daily basis:

  • Recycle.

    Quite easy, right? Try buying a second trash can for your kitchen. Split your regular trash and recyclables that way.

  • Don’t print.

    Avoid printing as much as possible, at school and at work. If it can live on your computer, let it live on your computer. And if you are still receiving monthly bills or notices in the mail, try going paperless.

  • Reusable bags and bottles.

    Purchase a few reusable bags next time you go to the local market and put them in your shopping rotation. Also, visit Target and invest in a reusable cup for your cold and warm drinks.

  • Conserve water.

    When brushing your teeth, turn the faucet off. Don’t turn on the shower until you are ready to get in. Don’t leave the water running when washing dishes.

  • Change your transportation.

    Can you carpool to work or school? Ever thought of buying an electric car? Can you bike or take the metro? Can you work from home one day a week and not drive on that day? Can you schedule your classes for 2-3 days a week and not drive on your off days? The less cars on the road, the better.