The College Decision Day: To Make the Right Choice, Remember These 3 Things

May 1 is right around the corner: which means that if you’re applying for college, it’s time to make your choice! Deacon John Wilson of West Angeles’ Education & Enrichment Program shares 3 details we need to know regarding College Decision Day, and changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you may know, the National Decision Day for selecting a college or university is May 1st , 2020  Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, many colleges have extended their “Decision Day” deadline to May 15th or June 1st.   However, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

  1.  Decision Day Deadlines may now vary by college.  Let’s say that your student has been admitted to a college which still retains the traditional May 1st Decision Day deadline.  Then, another college that they’re interested in has a later decision date.  This only gives your student more time to make the decision to attend that particular college. The point is this:  If one school changes their due date to later than May 1st, then it does not mean that that other schools in which a student is interested must change their due date as well.  For this reason, one college changing their date to later is probably irrelevant – especially if the “extended deadline” institution is not an affordable choice for you, or if you have not even visited that college or university.
  2.  Acceptance deposits must be on time. It’s very important to understand that students MUST BE ON TIME with the full Admissions Acceptance Deposit to the college or university of their choice.  This deposit is not covered by Institutional or Federal Financial Aid, but many California State Universities (CSUs) will lower or waive the deposit for low-income applicants.  If the student does not make the deposit on time, many schools will withdraw their admission offer immediately  (or shortly thereafter).  If a student cannot make the deposit  to the college or university of their choice, then he or she must contact that institution prior to May 1st , 2020 to negotiate a reduced payment or a later deposit deadline.
  3.  Make the decision.  Make the right choice.  Many parents will make admissions acceptance deposits to more than one college or university when their youth cannot decide on a college, or in hope that one of the colleges will provide more financial aid than another.  The question is: How far will parents go with deposits which fall due after May 1st?  Typically, these deposits are for housing, for parent and youth orientations, and/or for  class registration.  Will parents make these deposits also to each one of the additional colleges or universities?  In other words, if you cannot or will not make these additional deposits for each college, then what’s the point of multiple admissions deposits?  It is unethical and unwise to make a deposit to attend more than one college or university. 

Please consider the above when you and your youth are making the decision of where your youth will attend college. 


For questions and more information, please contact:

Deacon John Wilson, III

Education & Enrichment Program Director

West Angeles Church of God in Christ

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