COVID-19 Community Assistance graphic

COVID-19 Community Assistance

– The West Angeles Community Development Corporation –

During these unprecedented times, the West Angeles Community Development Corporation – which is the outreach of West Angeles Church – continues to provide affordable housing to over 400 families in our community, which allows them to retain shelter at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our emergency services includes:

  • Transportation assistance, including tap cards and taxi vouchers
  • Utility payment assistance
  • Emergency housing services
  • Supportive services to families impacted by the child welfare system

In addition, West Angeles Church is providing the following services:

  • Hot meal delivery to seniors
  • Food & hygiene packages for families, seniors, churches and homeless individuals
  • Online home buyer education
  • Entrepreneurial and financial literacy workshops
  • Virtual one-on-one credit and housing counseling
  • Ongoing counseling program to assist with referral sources for individuals in need of assistance

CDC COVID-19 Community Outreach

If anyone has access to toilet paper, hand sanitizer and/or other essential needs, please call West Angeles Church office at 323-733-8300 ext. 2272 or 2370.

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