Denzel gives guidance to aspiring actors

A video of actor and West Angeles Church of God and Christ frequenter Denzel Washington giving a group of young actors some career–and life–advice surfaced this week.

Washington, who won Best Actor at the 2001 Academy Awards for his performance in Training Day, shares a message that revolves around the idea of God having a plan for each of us, a message that our very own Bishop Blake has spoke of at length.

What is most impressive about Washington’s soliloquy, in my opinion, is him stressing the fact that he was given a path, by God, and followed it, rather than promoting the idea of creating our own path, as if we were our own creators.

Also, in the video, Washington speaks about that itch that we have inside–that desire. And he advises the actors to realize that that itch is not only a desire, it’s a reminder, from God, that you were meant to do exactly what it is your heart desires so passionately.

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  1. Dee R.
    Dee R. says:

    He is the man, very down to earth, humble and real, his GOLD-his wife, his black partner in life, he knows a good thing when he sees it and recognizes a blessing too! Like Obama and Bishop Blake, now those are smart men, other brothers need to learn from them, but you know, they being led straight down to hell, following the white man, like Ice Cube says, “Who are THEY to be equal too?” Now that’s real! Sistah “D”

    • SuperLogical Evan
      SuperLogical Evan says:

      Galatians 3:28
      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man,
      there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” were all one and all has fallen short of the glory of God, Thank God for Brother Washington


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