Dr. Judith Christie McAllister Sounds the Trumpet

As the opening night to one of the year’s most anticipated events, Sound The Trumpet-Celebrating the year of the Jubilee, draws closer, it becomes more apparent that this conference is more than a Music and Worship conference, but an in-depth look into reverent worship, the duties of who function in the ministry of music and worship arts leaders and what it means to accept the call!

West Angeles’ Web Team got a chance to sit down with the International Minister of Music for the Church of God in Christ, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister and Facilitator of the conference. Always working in the vineyard, we were honored to have an interview with Dr. McAllister, as she was in preparation to attend yet another planning session in Memphis, TN.

Dr. McAllister, thank you for taking the time to let us have this interview. Many of us are wondering, where did the title “Sound the Trumpet” begin?

In 2008 I recorded a project called, Sound the Trumpet and in preparation, as I began to study the word for the meaning of what the Lord would say through this particular project, He led me to 1 Corinthians 14:8 …..for if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?  The project and in particular, the title song is a clarion call to the body of Christ to wake up and take on the responsibility to be what the Father had called us to be.  

Is there a difference of expectation between musicians and worship leaders?

When taking careful note of the scriptures, we will observe that the responsibility of those who ministered before the Lord, unto the Lord or to the temple of the Lord, was one and the same.  No matter what their specific function, all priests were required to be sanctified, hence qualified as priests first.  Ministers of Music, Musicians, Choir directors and members, Worship Team leaders and members, Liturgical dancers, all involved in any aspect of Music & Worship Arts should approach their responsibilities as priests first.

As I fulfill my responsibility as International Minister of Music for the Church of God in Christ, I have the opportunity to observe first hand that there are many who have forgotten the aspect of priestly duties.  As opposed to possessing the servant mentality, in many instances we have allowed the spirit of “celebrity” to enter our hearts, therefore breeding the aspect “performance” rather than ministry in the house of the Lord.

Please don’t misunderstand me – I do believe that we live in a sight and sound generation so must not only be anointed, we must be skillful and utilize all of the tools available to “Make His Praise Glorious”, but we should strive to have a perfect balance in our presentation.  However, when the entertainment supersedes holiness then we have a problem.

Dr. Judith McAllister at West AngelesThat’s an interesting understanding.  What do you believe the intersection of entertainment and holiness looks like?  How can an up-and-coming worship leader find a balance?

Through the study of the word of God, through prayer and consecration and attending conferences like the “Sound The Trumpet” Conference.  Through the teaching of the Word, we discover that we have to allow the Word to be hidden in our hearts and at the time appointed God will bring us forth for our purpose to be made manifest.

What is the most important thing to know before you minister?

Know who you are, understand the assignment. Walk in the fullness of what God has called you to by following the leading of the Holy Spirit while being submitted to the leadership who are directly responsibility to in that ministry setting.

How would you combat Fear or Nervousness?

Once again, understand who you are and who God has commissioned you to be.  When one understands the assignment, then God mantle’s us to complete the assignment.

Besides your own music, what are songs you cannot live without?
Oh, I can live without my music (smile), but I absolutely love classical music and listen to it daily and when I work and study!  Besides that genre, one of my favorite songwriters and musical ministers is Kurt Carr–I’m so godly proud of him and celebrate the gift God has given him to encourage others and speak the sentiment of the heart of so many through song.  My favorite singer of all time is Walter Hawkins.

Is there anything you would like to add about the “Sound The Trumpet” -Celebrating the year of the Jubilee?

This conference is primarily for those who have a desire to be a instrument in the hand of the Lord to herald his word, will and purpose in these last days. While it has been formulated with the Music Minister and Worship Arts Minister in mind, the concepts and training modules provided are for all who consider ministry their Kingdom assignment.

I will specifically deal with the as aspects of the Shofar  (The Old Testament Trumpet) – the process it must go through to be authenticated and qualified to be utilized in the hands of the priest.  In many ways, the Christian is likened unto the Shofar in that we must be processed to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord.

Amen! How can people register for the conference?

STTCONFERENCE.ORG  The Day class sessions will be held at The Gateway Sheraton Hotel, (6101 West Century Blvd).  The Evening Worship Celebration services will be held at West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

During the evening services, which are free and open to the general public, we will have two of the most prolific preachers to minister the word of the Lord.

On Friday evening, we will have an extended time of worship into the wee hours of the morning, somewhat reminiscent of the Worship-A-Thons we had at West Angeles.  All are invited to come and enjoy the in depth teaching and the vibrant Worship we will experience.

Thank you so much for your time today.  We are certainly praying for your safe travels and can’t wait to see you back here at West Angeles for the Jubilee!!

It was my pleasure and I appreciate it. See you soon and may God bless you.
Dr. Judith McAllister

“SOUND THE TRUMPET”  – More than a song, it’s a Movement!

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