6 Family Activities to help you Unplug

With so much going on in this day and age, family time is becoming more rare.

We get so caught up in binge watching on Netflix or endlessly scrolling on our cellphones, that we forget the importance of quality time. Family time is important because it creates memories and keeps traditions alive. Time with family allows teens will be more grounded, children to get the attention they need, and help parents become more involved. Growing tighter family bonds will improve the well-being of your whole family.

Here are a few activities that will help unplug and connect with your family:

Visit Museums

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Museums can be fun, entertaining, and educational for every member of the family. Museums are inspiring and invoke creativity within each and every one of us. Here are a few popular museums in Los Angeles.

Home Garden

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Starting a home garden can not only bring the family together, but it’ll also encourage a healthy lifestyle. Gardening with your children can teach them where food comes from, and they will also be encouraged to be nurturing and have patience. There are also many health benefits of growing your own food. You can use natural and organic compounds to increase the vitamin and mineral content. Also, you can avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your first bud sprout.

Cook together

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Cooking with your family is a great way to unplug and connect with each other. It can be a developmental activity for children by introducing them to colors, scents, tastes, and how to measure. It teaches kids nutrition and gives them an appreciation for healthier foods. Plus, it’s a lot less work when you have help. It’ll give your dinning experience a since of accomplishment and togetherness. 

Family Game Night

Family Game night is a great way to create traditions and bond with one another. Game night can promote problem solving skills as well as social and academic skills with every member of your family. A great incentive to playing could be, whoever loses has to wash the dishes!

Rooftop Cinemas

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Who doesn’t like to watch movies on a rooftop? Rooftop cinema events are always on top of an iconic building with amazing panoramic views of the city. They give you wireless headphones to ensure you aren’t disturbed by the outside world. They offer bottomless popcorn and classic movie snacks. Each movie starts during the sunset to ensure a magical experience.


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First, let me say this…cycling is absolutely FREE. It’s a great way to keep the family active and healthy. On average, you burn 600 calories an hour from cycling. From baby bike carriers to training wheels, the best thing about cycling is your entire family can join. Bike riding is a great way to relieve stress and be present in the moment. There’s nothing like listening to your favorite tunes, while allowing the breeze to kiss your face.

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