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Father’s Day: Enter the ‘My WestA Dad’ Contest!

Every day should be spent celebrating our parents. They are the people that have fed us, clothed us, protected us and cared for us. They are the moms and dads who sacrifice to keep food on the table. They are the adoptive parents who welcomed a child that was not their own into their home. They are the grandmothers and grandfathers who once again assumed the responsibility of raising a child. They are the young couple, just figuring out how to get some sleep on a nightly basis.

On June 19, the nation will celebrate fatherhood. Here at West Angeles Church, fathers mean the world to us. We feel blessed to say that our very own Bishop Charles E. Blake is an outstanding example of what it means to be a father. And now, we want to hear about your dad!

WESTADAD Fathers Day Comp RULE (1)


On June 18, 2016, the day before Father’s Day, five (5) winners will be picked at random and can claim their gift baskets at West Angeles Church of God In Christ on Sunday, June 19 (Winners will receive a notification Facebook message or Twitter direct message. Winners can arrange another date to pick up their prize).


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