Giving is Good For You

Women Hugging in the Philippines

Photo: West Angeles World Missions Organization in the Philippines

What if someone told you that giving is as important to your physical and emotional health as eating healthy and not smoking cigarettes?

Well, “someone” doesn’t have to tell you because the research speaks for itself. 

In recent years, medical researchers have found overwhelming evidence that giving – often in the form of providing a gift, volunteering your time, or donating to a charity – greatly reduces the risks of stress or depression.

In fact, not only does giving reduce stress and depression, it helps to lower blood pressure, leads to a longer life, and also increases happiness and self-esteem.

Ever heard of the “warm-glow” effect?

West Angeles World Missions Organization: Philippines

In 1990, economics professor James Andreoni published Impure Altruism and Donations to Public Goods: A Theory of Warm-Glow Giving, introducing the concept of warm-glow giving. 

Altruism is defined as “unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.” And what comes along with that is the “warm-glow,” that fuzzy, joyous feeling that an individual experiences when they give selflessly.

“The premise of the study is that generosity is not necessarily an intuitive choice, as any selfless act comes at a personal cost. When we do something for someone else, we typically give away some of our personal resources, such as time, energy, or money.

Still, people choose to act generously despite these costs, and that choice is probably explained, as the researchers suggest, by the motivation provided by the anticipation of the “warm glow.”

Medical News Today

From a personal standpoint, I work full-time at a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles. My nonprofit provides programming for low-income students and families, and like with any nonprofit, we rely heavily on our donors to readily sacrifice their time and resources in order to help us achieve our mission.

It was here that I first learned of the notion that an individual can be addicted to giving.

Our donor base is so loyal and committed, that they literally cannot give enough to our organization. They believe in our mission and they believe in our leadership.

The same is true for me as a member of West Angeles Church: I believe in the mission and I believe in the leadership from Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake.

West Angeles Missions Organization photographed in the Dominican Republic

Give Wtih West Angeles

West Angeles continues to be a pillar of strength in our community, a model of God’s excellence, and an example of how the Lord’s work is done. On December 1, we are asking everyone to give a small donation of $3 (or more) to assist us in our mission to provide resources within our community.

Let’s make West Angeles the focus of our giving this year! Click HERE to dontate.

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