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CHRISTMAS NEWS: Christian Assembly Church Eliminates $5.3Million Medical Debt for the Poor

LOS ANGELES – Medical debt has been found to be one of the leading causes of homelessness in our nation.   But a Christmas Blessing is coming in the mail for thousands of people throughout the Los Angeles area who are unable to pay their medical bills.
Christian Assembly Church in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock is wiping out $5.3 million of debt for the poor in 28 local communities. “This gift is going to impact 5,555 households in our area,” said Christian Assembly’s Co-Pastor Tom Hughes. “We are able to give a Christmas gift to the people of Los Angeles: no strings attached.” California has the highest rates of homelessness in the nation.
The church is partnering with the medical nonprofit, RIP Medical Debt, to purchase the debt for one penny on the dollar.  They will also work with the credit bureaus to mend the credit of the impacted families.
Said Pastor Tom, “To the people of the greater Los Angeles area, Merry Christmas. This is being done in Jesus’ name…Jesus loves you, and so do we.”West Angeles LOGO