Bishop Blake Reflects Upon God’s Goodness in Thanksgiving Message

As we enter into the Holiday Season, Bishop Blake reminds us that “it’s appropriate to give thanks” to God for all He’s done.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, Bishop Charles E. Blake, in his sermon on Sunday, reflected upon some of the ways God has blessed His people, and inspired the congregation to join him in giving thanks. With grace and humility, he first thanked the congregation for all they’ve meant to him, his family, and the life of the church. “God bringing us together has enabled us to accomplish what we have together. Every corner of this world of ours has been touched by our coming together for the glory of God,” he said.

Entitled, “To Whom and For What Are You Thankful?” the sermon reminded us of the recent story of a young man who ran onto West Angeles’ property, fired a gunshot, then was supernaturally stricken to the ground and rendered unconscious for 30-40 minutes. After paramedics examined him, they found no bullet wound or other injury, and he was taken into custody, unaware of what had happened to him. Miraculously, no churchgoers were hurt.

“Who ever heard of a man about to do damage [being] knocked unconscious by the power of God?” Bishop said. “That was a great thing”.

“Every week ought to be Thanksgiving Week,” he added, “because the believer, more than anyone else, knows just how good the Lord has been to him or her.”


Some of our favorite quotes from Sunday’s sermon:

“It’s appropriate to give thanks. There just might be someone here who feels that they’ve got nothing to be thankful for, and nobody to thank.”

“You may not be where you’d like to be, but at least you’re not where you once were.”

“Every day above the ground is a good day.”

“Where there is life, there’s hope.”

“Focusing on the good, focusing on the positive, is physically and mentally uplifting and healthy. It’s motivating and it’s energizing.”

“If you’ve risen even an inch above your lowest level, then you’ve got something to thank God for.”

“God is good. Progress is being made.”

“You’ve got something to be thankful for because God made the universe just for you.” – Bishop Charles E. Blake

“To be thankful is to be conscious of a benefit received.”

“Have you ever had an itch that you could not reach, and you had to ask someone to scratch your back? When you thank a person, you scratch the itch they cannot reach.”

“We have established the fact that everybody has a reason to be thankful: are there any thankful people in the house today?”

“We came into this world naked, a little ugly, and helpless. Everything we are, everything we have, somebody gave it to us.”

“Stop saying, ‘Folk make me sick!’ Stop saying, ‘I’m tired of people!’ The person who annoys you most just might be the very person you’re gonna need in a crunch.”

“Most of the things that people have done for you were not done because you were so beautiful. They were not done because you were so valuable or intelligent, but rather because of the kindness that resides in the human spirit.”

“You’re wrapped up in cars, wrapped up in clothes, wrapped up in nonessential things, wrapped up in what people are doing on television. But listen: don’t get wrapped up in that. Realize that you need to be wrapped up in, and be thankful to, Almighty God!”

“’The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness; the world and those that dwell therein; for He has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.’ You’ve got something to be thankful for because God made the universe just for you.”

“Acts 17:21 says, ‘In him we live; in him we move; in him we have our being.’ You can’t make it without Him.”

“Here’s a PhD. Here’s a billionaire. Here’s a president. Here’s a king – but God walked by all of them… and He picked me out. If you’re glad that the Lord picked you out, come on and give God praise!”

“We ought to give thanks to God. We ought to give praise to God. He’s displeased when we’re ungrateful. He’s displeased when we fail to recognize our obligation unto God. This is why worship is so important. This is why prayer is so important.”

“God wants our praise, not because of what it does for Him, but because of what it does for us and the climate it internally creates for our lives.”

“All you have to do is look around you and see that there’s a God.”

“Only God can create us like He created us.”

“When you thank Him, you focus on the positive, and not on the negative. It lifts your spirit and your soul.”

“When you thank Him, you increase your faith…You open the door for miracles, and the door for blessings.”

“It’s time to give thanks unto the Lord.”

Scriptural references:
Psalm 126:1, Psalm 107:1 & 8, Romans 1:18, Psalm 121:2 , Psalm 8:3, Psalm 126:3, Psalm 24:1, Psalm 100:4, Jeremiah 9:24, Acts 17:21.

Please join us for Thanksgiving service at West Angeles, on November 27 at 10a.m.  

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